They are sometimes used to give light to the deceased or to attract good energies in rituals of white magic. Corresponding with the season of winter, they can be linked with the Earth, the North, and material items. The absolute worst sign, especially if you are working with a glass candle and you are sitting near to the exploding candle! For suggested weekly times for burning yellow candles, please refer back to orange candles, as both yellow and orange candles follow the same schedule. Black candles are often associated with the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Libra, and Virgo, as well as the planet Saturn. 7 is a number of the unseen, the philosophical and the spiritual. Yellow candles are associated with the season of spring, which corresponds to the element of air, the east, and mental pursuits. Herbs and plants commonly associated with white candles include Cedar, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Thyme. The south is action. You can send us an email if you have any queries. you are in the presence of a larger entity or guardian spirit, most likely benevolent. You’re absolutely right! 4 is earthly (4 points of the compass) and is also used for the progress of material things. A disaster report? Which Zodiac Signs Match? A detached candle puddles around the wick, leaving tall wax sides. One good thing to keep in mind is that you can always, use a white candle as a substitution for any color, Blue candles correspond with the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, and Sagittarius, as well as the planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and. The chapters of this grimoire are below. The associated meaning of blue candles varies according to the shade of blue. Here are some basic rules, shapes, and combinations and their meanings to help you read your spellwork results. If it blows to the right you will need to use your head rather than your emotions to pursue the situation.”. 1 candle is a direct question! BWC will not comment on candles we do not burn. TIP: Refocus your intention, find a better candle and try the process again for better results. Here we collect some of th most common meanings of candle flames. Unauthorized reproduction without prior permission is a violation of copyright law. A coming disappointment. Pay attention to the speed, direction, and shape of the smoke to determine if your magick is on track. it means there is a lot of power behind the spell and little resistance. Level smooth wax puddles implies the spell functioned admirably. Skull Candles: These candles are used for healing, and are usually used concurrently with an astral candle to direct the healing. Ruled by the planet of Jupiter and Saturn, the days of the week that indigo candles correspond to are Wednesday and Saturday. Psychic, Tarot, Astrologer, Palmist, and Dream Interpreter. A Weak Flame This can […] If you choose to do so, now would be the right time to cleanse the space and tools you are about to use. The use of candles is closely linked to all kinds of beliefs and religions. The candle smoke wafts towards you it means that your prayer is more than likely to be answered. The colors of the candle wax often correspond to general meanings, uses, chakras, days of the week, and more. Now he is calm, but he is not affectionate as before the discussion, I notice him quiet, a little distant and thoughtful, I do not know what can be done in this regard. Thank you for supporting us and respecting our community. If the small flame falters or drowns in the melted wax, that is a sure sign that your petition will not be granted at this time. Pillar Candles: Also known as seven-day candles, these candles are often used as deity or altar candles, and it is recommended that one candle per deity is used, and that there are only one or two candles on your altar. A pile of wax drippings is always an invitation to ceromancy (divination by wax). They are associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, as well as the moon and the planet Venus. TIP: Smudge yourself and the room you are focusing in with purification herbs, like white sage or mugwort, to cleanse yourself of negative energies. What does it mean when your left palm itches? Below you will see some common flame correspondences, but please keep in mind that these should only be taken seriously if there is no external air source that could be manipulating the flame (, If you are conducting a multiple-day spell (, You are now ready to begin experimenting with candle magick! When you are ready, light the candle while focusing your energy and intention on the candle. Analyze the solidified wax with a receptive outlook, checking whether any shapes or message rise. They can also be used to attract money, financial success, concentration, balance, intuition, study, and fulfillment of basic material needs. Commonly associated crystals include Aquamarine, Aventurine, Moonstone, Obsidian, Pyrite, Quartz, Red Jasper, Sodalite, and Sunstone. TIP: Let the spirit complete its work, something important may be in the works that you do not want to interrupt. Two or more flames on a single candle could indicate that someone is either working alongside you or against you. SOUTH: in love matters, you can expect a steamy love affair that doesn’t last too long. TIP: Be warned and check the spell is not reversed back to you. 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Watch the flame closely to see if the shape or motion reveals anything to you. If you are going to stop the candle burning, it is recommended that you do not blow out the candle, but rather use a candle snuffer as this will seal the energy of the spell instead of dissipating it. Sometimes it is very useful to know which color belongs to which day. If we do not have information on your candles condition, we may update the page , Pingback: Candle Work: Why you need to set a series of candles, and not just one! The presence of a ghost is detected if the flame turns blue. Cross/Crucifix Candles: These candles can be useful for protection and banishing, and they can also be burned as an offering. Also about 3 weeks ago I told him to go on a trip (my intention is to have a honeymoon, because we got married more than a year ago but there was no such honeymoon ‍♀️) and he put me many butts ahead  I don’t know if anything can be done! They can also protect against psychic attacks and overcome fear or laziness. Yellow candles are associated with the days Sunday and Wednesday.