They are one of a kind people who need to be cherished and appreciated. I feel like I can actually do this because, I’ve been doing alot of research on my cusp and my birthday and all that. The struggle is real! Astrology cusp and the things you need to know! If you’re with someone you can’t just get up and do whatever you feel like, you have to keep in mind the preferences of the other person. What does it mean to be born on the cusp? The guy she falls in love with is cheated on her but she didn’t know. Saturn, the planet of limits and lessons, is the ruling planet of Capricorn, encouraging you to take care of your real-world responsibilities and have a practical outlook on life. Capricorn and Aquarius are very different signs, yet this combination gives you the ability to view the world in a new and unparalleled way. The Aquarian creativity and impatience against Capricorn restraint is unbearable, yet I am also annoyed when the beauty of the old is washed away without a bye your leave. You over analyze things and are not afraid to voice your opinions. My message: NEVER accept anyone’s opinion of you! It will ruin their relationships with friends, family, even lovers. We went from Colorado medium with good jobs to Washington to a abusive drunken failure of a father lmao and a mother who I need to guide into her full potential because that’s what we’re for. 19.01.87 I agree with a lot of this. But remember, even the greatest ideas require support from those around you, so put extra effort into connecting with and appreciating the people in your life! When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology. Spooky af here. If it weren’t for their imagination, they would lead boring and mundane lives. We’re all into success but in very different ways. It can be said that they are not very pragmatic because they measure the reality against the imagination in their mind, two things that can never be compared or put on the same pedestal. I’m getting closer, but fear has been my guide instead of inspiration. While a Capricorn may feel ambitious about achieving success, the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp derives its motivation from the thought of changing the world around them. When it comes to talking to loved ones, they’re also strong communicators, and rather than letting things build up over time and eventually explode in a fight, they talk about problems they have. People born within these dates are born on the cusp of both zodiac signs, meaning their personality is normally not defined as being inline with either Capricorn or Aquarius. I don’t know how to tell her this though. People in this cusp want to be successful in terms of finances, and they want to better the world at the same time. Those on this cusp are both creative and academic, they’re good at communicating, have a sense of mystery and imagination, they’re strong-willed and successful. Learn all about this date's Zodiac and more! If you have, you know what we’re talking about. Although this may hold the cusp back from time to time, most of the time, every idea is perfect, runs smoothly, and with hard work, gives the individual success. I internalize these conflicts so it has resulted in years of depression and anxiety. Saturn, the planet of limits and lessons, Learn so much more about yourself with FREE insight into your unique Astrology, your Tarot, Numerology number, and more », Learn so much more about your personal Astrology and its impact on your life with your complete Essential Birth Report ». So, if you’re born on the cusp of one of your loved ones is, get ready to be intrigued and excited by what you find out. In life, Capricorns are known for being hardworking, having big ambitions, being practical, having discipline, being stubborn, and following the rules. Whatever works is the game-plan. As with all cusp people the Capricorn/Aquarius is of two elements-Earth and Air They can use their active fantasy to express themselves through many types of art forms. First, the key to success lies in hard work and consistency. My mom basically always being. I also have felt or do feel like a door mat in my friendships when people can not respond to me as i do with them i feel resentful . I’m not very sociable, but when I am I go crazy and I love it. I can relate to every single comment here. Capricorn Aquarius cusp personality is such that they will always speak their mind. Then you can read about the qualities you have or the talents you hide. She was a definite worker. I am spiritual I like to learn new things and have conversations about anything as long as it has depth . They’ll be able to keep up with your constant flow of conversation, and be understanding of your not-so-emotional personality. A team of a Capricorn-Aquarian cusp and a Gemini has all the potential to be the best entertainers in a social gathering. Capricorn and Aquarius are considered an OK love match - they’re not the most compatible, but not the least. (27+ Embarrassing Secrets), How To Get Someone Out Of Your Head (17 Effective Ways), How Does A Gemini Man Act When He’s Hurt? I will be the last to leave a group outing because i love interacting with people and learning from them. In this article, we’re going to take a look at exactly why the Capricorn Aquarius cusp is so special, what the characteristics of a cusp person are and what strengths and weaknesses they can expect to face. The combination of Saturn, which rules Capricorn, and Uranus, which rules Aquarius, makes for a sense of both logic and mystery that lead you down a path of intrigue. var rnd = window.rnd || Math.floor(Math.random()*10e6);var pid371242 = window.pid371242 || rnd;var plc371242 = window.plc371242 || 0;var abkw = window.abkw || '';var absrc = ';ID=176695;size=0x0;setID=371242;type=js;sw='+screen.width+';sh='+screen.height+';spr='+window.devicePixelRatio+';kw='+abkw+';pid='+pid371242+';place='+(plc371242++)+';rnd='+rnd+';click=CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER';document.write(''); While the idea of a “cusp sign” is somewhat controversial in astrology, the fact remains that many people born near the cusp of two signs experience a connection to both signs. While this makes you an intriguing conversationalist, it can be intimidating and isolating when it comes to catching up with your friends and family. When these two energies come together, you’ll find an individual with grand ideas and the pragmatic skills to bring them to life. Nothing can get their attention, at least not a sufficient level. It’s a noble thing to strive for the future, but don’t forget to take a break every now and then to check in on the world that’s right in front of you. However, there are a few. Wanna let no one in my heart I don’t trust ? BTW I do believe our egos are bloody enormous. Will they prefer to stay cooped up in their homes, read a book, or go out with friends, attend a party and go all out? Uranus, on the other hand, is a spontaneous, exciting planet that brings surprises and mystery into our lives. You want to understand the world, and you want to make it better. I’m learning beats day by day but I’ve been taking a break, my inspiration kinds for success is. I just wish my Aquarius side had prevailed because I see how happy they are together. It’s a lonely life that’s for sure. I am outgoing and social but also need my space to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. They learn from their mistakes and keep improving themselves. Freedom and independence are terribly important to them, but they also want to be safe, to have a stable financial situation and a sense of belonging in a relationship. Working hard is important but only a days’ worth of work won’t get you far. The Practical Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp Woman: Her Personality Uncovered, The Confident Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp Man: His Characteristics Revealed, Capricorn Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits, Aquarius Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits. After all, their inner worlds are so much richer and interesting than this. Communication is the key to healthy interaction. Are they introverted or extroverted individuals? You may also be interested in: 3 Easy Ways to Find Out If He's Cheating On You. Again, a stark contradiction appears. Saying that I’ve had a very happy upbringing, am very happily married with two children and have feel incredibly alive. The reason for this is because you were born during the few days a month that are thought by some astrologers to include the cusp of two signs. As the Capricorn Aquarius cusp is a mix of the earth and air elements, they will have lasting … My personality is INFJ and boy do I let the J lose at times, but when I’m around my friends I’m quite a non-judgy extrovert. I am born January 19th and in my early 30s. These are the people whose birthdays fall on between 16th Jan – 22nd Jan where the Capricorn sign is ending, and the Aquarius sign is starting. =/ Great to see all of my fellow cusps out there!!!! Can easily see through people’s bullshit! She was an endless abyss of unhappiness and need. I care so deeply, but with a distance. I’m with a cancer/leo cusp and after “breaking up” literally almost every day for the last 3 weeks I think we’ve finally realized that we’re both just terrified of letting our guard down and hurting again.. and he’s sooo dramatic lol but I think it actually helps me not be so aloof. Although Capricorns typically only want success if it has money involved, people born on this cusp want to make the world a better place and therefore they strive for success for not only themselves but everyone around them too, regardless of money. Let them be your guide. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can also make good partners for you. Caps are only two away from Scorpio, and two away is supposed to be ideal, but I’ve never gotten along with Scorpios. Capricorn Aquarius cusp personality is such that they will always speak their mind. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links. In addition, it takes them a long time to actually open up to others and they only allow others to see their vulnerable side once they fully trust them. Here is some advice for people born on the cusp! You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness! im a very passionate and caring individual, when im depressed im very angry, quiet, and really like to be by myself, which i like to pretty much be all the time. Stay strong! Capricorn Aquarius Cusp – Meaning, Compatibility, and Personality. I am January 18 and I absolutely fall in love and people fall in love with me! We all figure it out sooner or later Blessings and happiness to all. They will try and help with balancing their partner’s love for freedom and creativity and rule-keeping and determination for success. Instead of doing something so ‘out there’ that it’s not allowed or it’s disregarded by others, this cusp actually brings the creativity into areas in which the rules are followed. You were born on the Cusp of Mystery and Imagination, and you are a hardworking idealist. Don’t let anyone put that on you. It won’t be easy…like shooting a ball into a hoop, you may not get it right away, but eventually you’ll ‘score.’ You can score more feelings where the numbness used to be. That’s my past present and kinda future. Some qualities of people born on the Capricorn Aquarius cusp! Falling for a person is harsh for me because if I have feelings for them and they fail me, I fall hard. Continuing using this site we assume that you are happy with it. In fact I was from extremely humble means, a NYC Hispanic kid, a product of the welfare system. This is why they find flaws around them because they are disappointed with how the real world is. My creativity, drive, calculating, extreme perception and endless optimism got me to whatever my imagination delighted me with. Pisces, known for being sensitive and adhering to the needs of their partners, can be a great match for the cusp Aquarius Capricorn. Psychic Reading Special: 13 Minutes for $10 ( click here now), Pre Paid Minutes, No Suprises, Satisfaction Guarantee, Like all cusps, the Capricorn/Aquarius is attracted to other cusps, especially Cancer/Leo(July 19-25) and Scorpio/Sagittarius (November 19-24). Due to the fact they’re both creative and they have the intellect to bring ideas and visions to life, they get things done.