(…) Watch Captain Tom Moore appear on Blankety Blank as a contestant . In 1970 McGowan married actor Hywel Bennett,. Cathy McGowan was born in 1943 and is 77 years old now. “Since her death I´ve been looking for Angela everywhere and I´ve found her in Michael,” she said. Quotes 1 She endorsed a portable make-up set known as "Cathy's Survival Kit". It had been Angela McGowan who had brought Cathy and the star of The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérable, and Aspects of Love, together. He sings to me all the time. L : Can´ t believe she is, a second! By way of illustration, The Sunday Times, previewing an exhibition of photographs by Patrick Lichfield who 40 years later described Queen's use of his shots in 1967: [Lichfield] was ... a great one for persuading people to join in, even if the outcome was not always the one they expected. He´ s funny and makes me laugh, and he ´s nice looking, which is a plus. Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. Just Ball, But Michael reveals he couldn´t go on if it wasn´t for the woman he lives with in South London, TV presenter Cathy McGowan. And at Christmas he found himself pursuing the cookery writer Nigelia Lawson through a London department store in an attempt to get her to autograph her book for him. [2], With its slogan, "the weekend starts here",[3] RSG was shown on Fridays from 6 to 7 pm. Cathy is alive and kicking and is currently 77 years old.Please ignore rumors and hoaxes.If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. [8] Julia Dykins, half-sister of John Lennon of the Beatles, recalled how, despite wearing black eye make-up, black polo necks and dyed black jeans "à la Cathy McGowan", she was unable to convince doormen at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles came to prominence, that she was over 18, the age for admission. In 1965 a decision that artists should perform live[17] gave it immediacy that its BBC rival, Top of the Pops (1964–2006), never acquired; indeed, the latter retained a Mancunian model, Samantha Juste – in television, McGowan's rival – as its "disc girl" until 1967. M : “ She rang in a terrible state on the day Cathy and I moved into our new house saying, ‘You ´re going to have to tell Cathy.’ It´ s the worst conversation I ever had in my life.”, “Cathy is very emotional and Angela [ her sister – in – law ] was more like a sister. It was Frankie McGowan – at 47 the baby sister of the McGowan family – who had delivered the news. (...), To all intents and purposes we are married. So what can you do when you love someone and you know that the next sentence you come out with is going to destroy them? I found it was great talking to Cathy 'cause her faith is so strong and she has such conviction and she drew such strength from it. We´re ecstatically happy and have a great way of life.”. “ We haven´t thought any more about marriage, because we don´t need to. Oppenheimer, Jerry;Front Row: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor In Chief, St. Martin's Press, New York, 2005, This was not an uncommon view: see, for example, Cathay Che (1999), Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Elkan Allan – Obituaries, News – Independent.co.uk", "The Mini Takes Off - Miniskirt - Icons of England", Ready Steady Go! Cathy 1 Gazette Interview The social historian Alwyn W. Turner has cited the band's "hymning" of McGowan as an example of punk's indebtedness to mod culture. BK: (laughing as well) I bet you have! M : She´ s a good girl. In this role, she found herself suddenly propelled to fame as the symbolic new-profile 1960s teenager, casual in speech and manner, but dressed in creative fashions that made her popular with male and female viewers alike. McGowan was an early patron of Biba, whose first store opened in September 1964, and had her own fashion range at British Home Stores. It's only with time that I've realised how lucky I am and how important it is to hold on to what you've got. McGowan continued in journalism and broadcasting. Ball is godfather to McGowan's grandson, Connor. You suspect that the PS was redundant, as Cathy's chances of getting anywhere near the Aga must be remote. 47 on the UK charts. [22] They had a daughter, Emma. M: I know , it makes you sick. Good-hearted and amusing. [19] She was also prominently seen in the video for the 1978 Elton John hit "Part-Time Love", having known John since the 1960s when, as Reg Dwight, he had been a member of Bluesology, the backing band for Long John Baldry. We´ ve had an addition to the family as well. Michael Ball: 'My dog is my best friend' SINGER, performer and radio presenter Michael, 55, lives in London with his partner, former Ready Steady Go! Anna Wintour, future editor of American Vogue, was, according to her biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, among teenagers whom the show introduced to fashion. Angela changed all that; she made them understand what they had together would last. ... Cathy McGowan's former brother in law is Alun Lewis Cathy McGowan's former father in law is Gordon Bennett Cathy McGowan's former mother in law is … [15] It has been claimed that the formation in 1966 of a British Society for the Preservation of the Miniskirt was prompted by McGowan's indicating that she would wear a long skirt on RSG. L : Talking about the people you love. Kelly talking about Brian Kennedy who is second guest on the show: He had one line. [4] Its original presenter Keith Fordyce (1928–2011), a stalwart of the BBC Light Programme and Radio Luxembourg, was joined in 1964 by Cathy McGowan and Michael Aldred. It was almost possible to feel a tremour of pubescent excitement from Land's End to John O'Groats".[10]. They met in 1989 when Cathy was an entertainment reporter for the BBC, and she interviewed him during rehearsals for the musical Aspects of Love. I used to be nervous about going into 'posh' shops because I felt intimidated, but Cathy got me past that because she knows so much about clothes and fashion. However, in 1978, McGowan was the subject of a tribute: the song "Ready Steady Go" by the English band Generation X contained the line "I'm in love with Cathy McGowan."