and Chester told them that Timmy is not here and ask them of what happened. After a very bad day, he wishes that the world was like a comic book. No questions asked. Timmy is curious to what Cosmo meant though, so Cosmo tells Timmy about a story called "The Wands and the Wings" where he holds up a green sock puppet and a pink sock puppet, but Wanda tells Cosmo it's the wrong kind of speech and explains to Timmy that Fairy Godparents are only assigned to kids who need them most to which Timmy agrees with such as his parents are always busy and Vicky is evil, but Wanda goes on to explain the real reason about what Cosmo has said. *does her janpuu dance*, "If you make the outcome of the match about passion, then you might as well be saying that the loser just didn't want it enough." They take the hint, and poof up Timmy a television so Timmy can watch television again. This time, Timmy manages to corner the masked man in the Birdcage (a parody of The Batcave). He was sent after Adult Chester and A.J. Images from the Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Jurassic Park parody dreams. An episode where the gang gets sucked into a. Fanon creates his own TV show to catch the CC cast. No Signal: The gang find themselves in a blank channel and have to figure out a way to get out. SpongeBob and friends find themselves in the worst shows on Nick Junior. Timmy zaps himself, Cosmo and Wanda to the TV Universe so Timmy can stay as a kid forever and keep his fairies. Timmy is happy that the adults in that program will allow a 10 year old boy like him to go on dangerous missions, but not without giving him a dangerous weapon first. Timmy wants to find a Dad that will go to the Squirrly Scout Camp, because his own Dad is unavailable. As mentioned above, some elements of the movie contradict Channel Chasers, such as exactly when Timmy lost his fairies, but the website of the movie itself indicated that Tootie wants to name her first child Tammy or Tommy, a direct reference to the ending of Channel Chasers. even the chest was on that same side with the TV as well! (even Smashing one of the Hidden Cameras.) They manage to escape Vicky, and Timmy shakes hands with his future self, agreeing to put a stop to Vicky and prevent her from destroying the future. They are completely terrified of their daughter, and push Mr. and Mrs. Turner out of the house the moment they realize they might suspect something of her. An angry face of the Wrestler from this episode. Hank,SpongeBob and Barb team up to save the world. The scene where the Sphinx is being taken control of Cosmo and Wanda's magic. Two images of the Fairy Scrambling scene appears on three of the TV Cubes. Restaurants Are Easy! Timmy returns to the real world and shows Cosmo and Wanda the rocket launcher he got from television. It's nearly always a add break. It is up to Timmy to get the bandits captured and his parents freed. : The gang think about there endless future of endless channels. There were shorts that aired on Oh Yeah Cartoons, those are the ones that had Cosmo's old voice. [Shows everyone fighting over the remote]. Dark Time's Are Ahead! There are pictures of the show's production staff in one of the TVs in the Dimmsdale TV universe, including, If Tammy and Tommy are 10 in the future scene, that means they were. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Somewhere In The Middle of Good Cartoons: Still at Nick, an episode of Backyardigans airs. To make matters worse a mysterious masked man is chasing him. Cosmo disguises himself as Timmy and does a bad job at hiding the fact that Timmy is trying to sneak in and watch television again in his room. Timmy has finally won the battle as he, Cosmo and Wanda leave the program. Mr. and Mrs. Turner meet with "Deep Toot" in a secluded area, where she reveals information to Timmy's parents about Vicky. : The gang try to get a award in any way possible. Cosmo tries to impress his classmates at a high school reunion by telling them that he is a self-billionaire and married to pop singer, Britney Britney.