Democrats are counting on the state’s large retired population to support Biden this time because of concerns over the uncertain future of Medicare and Social Security. Dr. Keira Duvernoy, a Democratic membership coordinator in northwest Michigan, said Trump’s bullying of the governor has swelled support for Biden. Trump and Biden stepped up their visits there in recent weeks. You have permission to edit this article. It was the first time the Keystone State had favored a Republican presidential candidate since George H. W. Bush in 1988. The road to victory, if the past is prologue, runs through Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania – the swath of northern battlegrounds that lifted Republican Trump to an unexpected victory in the Electoral College four years ago. Republicans Stan Zellers, 73, of Lewisburg, and Bill Ragley, 78, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, are sticking with Trump. Winds light and variable. Ashtabula is a county in northeast Ohio that rejected Democratic tradition in 2016 by voting 56.6 % for Trump, helping him win Ohio’s 18 Electoral College votes. Dundon, who is white, expressed concern over bitter racial division. Frye said he wants to keep as many options open as he can for voters. Gretchen Whitmer. An unscientific CNHI online poll conducted in those same states from Sept. 28 to Oct. 12 resulted in more than 5,000 responses and concluded two issues are foremost on voter minds: economic recovery from the monthslong coronavirus pandemic and government management of the county’s worst deadly disease outbreak in a century. Texas and Georgia are two red states that could be in play on Election Day, according to pollsters. “I have confidence he would try to have a government of national unities, something that Donald Trump isn’t capable of. “I went to the grocery store the other day and I had a Steeler jacket on and a Trump hat. She said Trump’s acerbic rhetoric emboldened the group. She said Biden is preferable to Trump on every issue that’s important to her: racial equality, sexual orientation and gender identity as well as the economy and the pandemic. Burial will follow at Roselawn Memorial Gardens in Princeton. Biden’s best bet in the deep south is Georgia, though it would be a major upset if he wins the state. The reason: heavy preference for Trump in scores of rural communities offset Democratic majorities in Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. Winds light and variable. Stan Zellers is a Republican who plans on voting for Donald Trump in the presidential election. Pennsylvania, with its crucial 20 electoral votes, has emerged as one of the most competitive states in the last stages of the campaign. "So as of right now it's just fluid,” said Charlie Frye. But we're going to take every precaution. Charlie Frye, chairman of the Ashtabula County GOP, predicted a repeat outcome Nov. 3. He praised the president for building up the military, including Moody Air Force Base just outside Valdosta. Worth mentioning is oracle Vigo County in west-central Indiana. WARREN DILLAWAY | Star Beacon About 200 Ashtabula … "Right now, collectively, take a big breath and get ready for the next election cycle, which will start in August.". Photo by Amanda Usher | The Valdosta Daily Times, Dante Flowers said “Biden I think he’s the closest thing to Obama. High near 65F. Political experts say the state — Vice President Mike Pence is a former governor — remains solidly red. “It just goes back to the blue collar, conservative worker,” he said. Mystery of missing Tazewell hunter unsolved, Associated Press explains why it is still calling Virginia for Biden, even though Trump is ahead, Troopers investigating fatal two-vehicle crash in Tazewell County, Staff members test positive: Nursing home designated outbreak site again, Seven Mercer County residents netted on felony drug charges, Princeton nursing home where 24 died of COVID-19 is once again an active coronavirus outbreak site, Entering an agreement: Tazewell, Buchanan, Russell plan equal support of Project Jonah, Tazewell County votes overwhelmingly to keep Confederate statue, Mercer County man charged with DUI with death after crash, Section of Bluewell evacuated due to propane tank leak. Trump won Michigan by just 10,704 votes four years ago. In neighboring Michigan, the Trump-Biden outcome could rest on the popularity of Democrat Gov. It voted for the victorious candidate in every election since 1936. ASHTABULA, Ohio — Preparing for an election takes a lot of work. Paulino Gonzalez of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, sits on his front porch on Thursday. "Not worried that somebody's going to do anything but just worried - I want us to be positive that my vote counts is important,” she said.