Alternately, you can send a message through its website. Consolidated assets: $17.8 billion. To begin the application process with this Los Angeles company (once the page is up again), go here. Consolidated assets: $750 million. This Connecticut bank emailed us that they are accepting PPP loan applications from non-customers nationally. Ask Ilkley, Consolidated assets: $46.6 billion. With its emphasis on serving the communities in Lawrenceville, Duluth, Suwanee and Norcross, Georgia, Embassy National Bank has minority depository institution status. At this time, Citizens Bank is accepting PPP loan applications from existing business customers. It was accepting PPP loan applications from non-customers, though it was giving priority to its existing business customers. Consolidated assets: $1.3 billion. For more info, here is its website. For more information, go to the Defiance, Ohio-headquartered bank’s site here. Or you can email or call a loan officer found here. Consolidated assets: $18.1  billion. Ck2 Lunatic, To apply, go here. The Things They Carried Characters, Consolidated assets: $3.6 billion. Citing the limitations of funding and ability to process applications, the bank is recommending that applicants apply elsewhere. Utilizing PPP funds 32) Can I use PPP funds to reimburse expenses paid through my personal account? Headquartered in Utah, this credit union is taking PPP loan applications from business account holders. Among Chemical's largest international exposure was to Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. For updates, go here. If you’d like to inquire, you can find contact information for the Aberdeen, South Dakota-based bank here. For updates, go here. (It says “clients and borrowers” on its site.) Cadence Bank is a regional bank with eight branches in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Click here to sign in or get access. Abby Anderson Last Of Us 2, For updates, go here. This SBA-Preferred Lender primarily serves Western and Central Pennsylvania and Canton and Columbus, Ohio. It has not updated its site since the second round of funding, but it was accepting PPP loan applications only from existing customers. Non-bank lender Pursuit emailed us to tell us that they are accepting PPP loan applications for up to $350,000 from new customers. It is accepting PPP loan applications and may not be restricting borrowers to current customers (the site doesn’t mention any restrictions). This local independent community bank primarily operates branches in New Mexico. Honda Cbr 150, The bank has branches in Southeast Georgia and one in Northeast Florida (Jacksonville). In fact, its application portal appears to have been taken off line. The major bank is still processing and accepting PPP loan applications in anticipation of the SBA program receiving more funding. According to its website, it is no longer accepting PPP loan applications. The New Jersey commercial bank is accepting PPP loan applications only from existing customers. Consolidated assets: $5.3 billion. Sunflower Bank, which goes by First National 1870 in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, operates in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Kansas. You can find the application and directions here. Police Vulnerable Sector Check Locations, THE Loan Originator’s Resource. First Western SBLC (whose parent company is PMC Investment Corp.) is a non-bank SBA lender that is accepting PPP loan applications from new and old customers. Snowbomb Pass, Lake Geneva Jaycees, Consolidated assets: $4.2 billion. To inquire, here is its contact page. Though this Lafayette, Louisiana-headquartered bank is an approved SBA lender, it does not mention the PPP on its website. For more information, go here. Consolidated assets: $793 million. This community bank operates throughout Arkansas. 33) Can I pay back part or all of my loan sooner than the note maturity? Swiss Parliament, To apply, you’ll need online banking credentials. Live Oak Bank was taking PPP applications from existing loan customers but is no longer accepting new applications. With headquarters in Garden Grove, California, US Metro Bank primarily operates in Southern California. If you want to ask, here is the company’s contact page. That said, the bank operates in South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, Texas and Arizona. If you wish to inquire, you can find contact information here. To start the application process, go here. Consolidated assets: $5.5 billion. Though the community bank is an SBA Preferred Lender, it does not provide details on its site about its PPP application process or whether it is requiring applicants to be existing customers. With branches throughout Montana, Stockman Bank is the state’s largest agricultural bank and an SBA Preferred Lender. The largest regional bank with headquarters in Massachusetts, Berkshire Bank operates in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. For updates, this is their PPP website page. Though this Arkansas bank is an SBA Preferred Lender, it does not mention the PPP on its site. If you already contacted your banker, you will receive an email with application instructions from The New York company is taking applications from existing and new customers. Though First Chatham Bank is an SBA lender, it does not mention the PPP on its website. It is accepting PPP loan applications, but appears to be giving priority to current business customers. With headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Regions Bank serves the South, Midwest and Texas. The enormity of the $349 billion available in PPP loans from the SBA and the massive need in the pandemic, combined with how fast the government put the program in place, it was likely that bottlenecks would occur, said Eric Seifert, the owner of Muskegon-based Left Coast Capital Resources LLC. Check for updates here. Consolidated assets: $32.8 billion. Below are the PPP program details, according to the latest information we have available. You can find more information here. To apply, sign up here, and BB&T (Truist) will email you a link to its application portal. The Fargo-headquartered bank is accepting applications from new and existing customers, though it is giving priority to its current business customers – and warns that non-customers will experience a significantly delayed response to inquires. At this time, it is advancing the applications it has received and is not accepting new ones. Consolidated assets: $1.16 billion. Barney Robert, You’ll also be given directions about certain forms and documents. Pinnacle Bank started in Nebraska and now serves a total seven states with 151 locations. It is currently accepting applications. [43][44], Also in 1986, Chemical agreed to a merger with New Jersey-based Horizon Bancorp, although the merger was not completed until 1989, due again to interstate banking rules. The bank has branches in Southeast Georgia and one in Northeast Florida (Jacksonville). It’s not clear, though, whether it is still accepting new ones. With headquarters in Doraville, Georgia, First IC Bank primarily serves the Korean community in the Metro Atlanta area – plus Texas, New Jersey and New York. Its site says it will resume if there is a third round of funding. To inquire, you can find Stone Bank branch information here and officers in its SBA division here (scroll to the bottom).Consolidated assets: $474 million. Consolidated assets: $3.5 billion. Speak with a financial advisor today. If you are an existing Regions customer but don’t have an online account, you can enroll here. As of April 28, Comerica Bank has accepted more than 10,000 applications. In fact, if you are a non-customer and have submitted an application, it highly recommends that you resubmit your application to another lender. Customers Bank is accepting PPP loan applications from both existing customers and non-customers nationally. Get Excited Lor, Luv Acronym, Consolidated assets: $344 million. The Grey Jedi Code, Consolidated assets: $977 million. News coverage in the finance section of MiBiz is made possible by advertising support from TCF Bank. Cloud, Minnesota, and branches in Foley, Ham Lake, Isanti and Richmond. Consolidated assets: $1.1 billion. It does not say whether or how it will impose any restrictions on applicants. How To Test Ph Of Water, Consolidated assets: $2.5 billion. It is no longer accepting new PPP loan applications. With its parent company based in Pittsburgh, PNC Bank operates in 19 states and the District of Columbia with 2,459 branches. TCF National Bank, which recently merged with Chemical Bank, is accepting PPP loan applications. For more information about this New England bank and  how to apply, go here. This community bank with locations in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky is accepting PPP loan applications both from existing and new customers. Senior writer, covers health care, finance and life sciences. It is currently accepting new applications. Check here for updates. Consolidated assets: $34.5 billion. The major bank is processing the PPP loan applications it has received, but is not accepting new ones. The Minneapolis-based bank is not requiring applicants to be existing customers. It is currently processing applications and accepting new ones, but only from existing business customers.