50 Fun-Filled Thanksgiving Activities for Kids That’ll Make Turkey Day Even More Exciting, Plucking Beautiful! Keep the nerdiness going with some more of our favorite science jokes. Carbon! They are both on the periodic table! AJokeADay pays cash prizes to the top 10 most popular clean jokes each week! These element jokes are so dead, we should barium. Are you made out of beryllium, ununtrium, and titanium ? Chemistry jokes are funny. Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Still Together? What is a chemist’s favorite holiday song? The bartender says, “We don’t serve noble gasses here.” Helium doesn’t react. Student: HIJKLMNO Teacher: No, that's wrong. Argon doesn't react. OH SNaP! We've all sulfured enough. One says, “I’ll have an ‎H2O.” The other says, “I’ll have an ‎H2O, too.” The second chemist dies. Chemist 2: NaBrO. Cause you're a BeUTi ( beauty). Are you feeling under the weather today? 45. In the zinc. Want me to tell a potassium joke? 18. You wanna hear a joke about sodium? ", First person: Do I have a joke on sodium?? What do chemists call a benzene ring where the carbon atoms are replaced with iron atoms? ... NO You wanna hear a joke about tungsten? What is the element's favorite carnival ride? They were standing in their yards. I'd pay a nickel to hear another joke. For more good laughs, check out these 101 funny quotes and knock-knock jokes. In spring 2017, her creative nonfiction piece "Anticipation" was published in Angles literary magazine. You barium. Zinc Element Joke: Where do you put dirty dishes? A ferrous wheel. More jokes about: kids, knock-knock The song Santa Claus is Coming To Town was originaly called Chuck Norris is Coming To Town. They were standing in their yards. He put his neon (knee on) a table to bandage it up. Yeah, it went OK. (O is the symbol for oxygen, while K is the symbol for, Did you hear that Oxygen and Magnesium hooked up last night? Helium walks into a bar. To neutralize the enemy’s base! Whoops! Teacher: Are you made of copper and tellurium?? One tells the bartender, “I’ll have an H2O.” The other says, “I’ll have an H2O too!” The second chemist dies. 24. You're gonna get fat!" Billy was a chemist's son but now he is no more. Whether you're a chemistry expert or just have a vague memory of your high school class, you're sure to get a laugh from our favorite chemistry jokes. What did the man say when his girlfriend threw sodium and chloride at him? HAHAHAHA. Come on guys, these chemistry jokes are getting a … Sorry, comments are currently closed. Slow down. Why Do Citizens of the United States Call Themselves 'Americans'? We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), our favorite jokes about people and things walking into bars, crazy, often funny things that happen when scientists experiment on themselves, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. 42. Obama is giving his speech. When my wealthy old aunt passed away I got all the antimony! Anyone know any jokes about sodium? What did silver say to gold at the bar? 50. 20. The proton replies "I'm positive. (NaH), Did you hear Oxygen and Potassium went on a date? Do not sell my personal information. --Helium, What's the best formula for breakfast? 13. ", So one guy says to another 'Wanna hear a potassium joke?' 31. “Au, get outta here!”. ", A neutron walks into a bar and says "How much for a beer?" What do you get when you mix helium with steel?