Nevertheless, drill music continues to draw huge listener-ship to this day and it is easy to argue that drill music is bolder than ever. An alleged failed kidnapping in Lexington, Kentucky is making the rounds on Reddit recently after a video circulated showing a frantic young girl being assisted with removing tape from her hands and head in the middle of a street. The amount of talent that L’A had was incredible, and his life was taken so young. In 2016, a police stop for tailgating late Thursday ended in the drug arrest of the nationally known Chicago-based totally rapper Twista, while on the way to his own concert at Big Shots, a concert hall in is a South Haven. That man, 21 year old “051 Danny” survived the incident with little complication. Chance won three Grammys in 2017 (Best Rap Album for Coloring Book, Best Rap Song for No Problem, and Best New Artist). Marc Campbell was a rapper from Chicago’s South Side as well as a gang member from 051 Young Money, a Mickey Cobra set of the Gangster Disciples. Sadly Capo was shot and killed on Saturday, July 11, before being being rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds. “Big Moe picked a side so we gave him a store”. Durk Banks was born on October 19, 1992 in Chicago, IL. “Tooka” and “K.I.” were only teenagers at the time of their deaths. His three projects 10 Day, Acid Rap and Coloring Book, were generally very well received among critics and listeners all around. Record producer No I.D. Sadly, Fredo Santana struggled with his addiction to Promethazine, leading to his death in 2018. But I could. We post new content consistently, and always stay up to date on our social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said last year that the "drill" genre of rap music was partly to blame for rising crime. Fredo Santana, CEO of Savage Squad Records left the streets of Chicago, continuing to branch out into various business ventures. dives deep into the presence of “perc 30s” and fentanyl in rap music: Lean and pills are compared dose-to-dose, and we explore just how often “percs” are not Percocets at all (+ much more). As West became successful, many other rappers from other places like Drake and Kid Cudi realized that they could use alternative hip hop to gain mainstream success as well, and many rappers re-oriented their styles from a gangsta rap persona to an emphasis on other things. He broke into Chicago's music scene with a 12' single entitled 'The Chicago Way' in 1990 on Jackstreet Records, followed by the 1991 full album on Black Tie Records entitled "Highly Respected', which spawned local success with 3 of the nine songs breaking college radio silence with the albums title track 'Highly Respected', 'Vitamin pumps the juice', and Address the Midwest' thanks to Legendary Chicago Dj's like WKKC's Pink House, and WHPK's JP Chill. Unfortunately, many young and talented rappers from Chicago lose their lives due to senseless gun and gang-related violence. Not only is Chance a great entertainer, but also pledged to give $2 million in funding to Chicago public schools. A game known as Tally Up - in which players score "points" by stabbing certain areas of their victims' bodies - has been referenced in several drill songs. Under the guidelines, Aspen had no choice but to impose life sentences on the ring’s leader Dontay Banks, 25; his top lieutenant, Robert Shipp, 21; and Mario Dunlop and Alton Mills, both 25, because of the amount of crack distributed. We pay for your stories! Donate     •     Submit     •     Disclaimer     •     Contact Us, Stay Tuned to Michigan Rap ft. Rio Da Yung OG, White John is One of the Most Exciting Rising LA Rappers, WATCH: Sunlight Refracting in Glass Makes Amazing “Caustic” Display, A Look at 9 Rare & Interesting Pharmaceutical Drugs, Who is Squiidape? WGVM originally launched in 2019 with intentions to cover primarily drill related content. At the time, Chief Keef was on house arrest, performing the video directed by DGainz – in his grandmothers house. A new sound that has recently gotten very popular in Chicago is a new style of hip hop called drill music that formed on Chicago's South Side. Three people were said to be shot, including one young man shot in his head critically. "Champions of Righteous People', under the moniker "OG CUSH'. Drill music is a form of trap music that first originated in the South Side of Chicago. The genre is defined by it’s dark and violent yet simplistic Drill lyrics strongly contrast with the subject matter of earlier Chicago rappers and contemporary mainstream hip hop, which at the time of drill's emergence tended to glorify and celebrate a rise to wealth. Listen to Savage Squad Records, Fly Boy Gang, OTF (Only The Family), Team 600, Bricksquad 069, and GBE (Glory Boyz Entertainment). Throughout his childhood, Lil Durk’s father, Dontay Banks, had been serving 2 life sentences without the possibility of parole. With that being said, if you are tapped in to Chicago drill then you are bound to know about 051 Drilla. People that were “hood stars” in Keef’s time are now rising talents, and the confidence in their story telling is far from lacking. These artists are plagued heavily by legal troubles: Another talented Young Money rapper named Antonio “051 Montana” Brown recently got a seven year sentence after he was pulled over in a stolen car possessing a loaded pistol and two extended clips. Joseph Coleman, or Lil Jojo, started the BDK movement throughout Chicago. The rapping style came from the Woodlawn neighbourhood of Dro City. The lyrical themes and “lores” have morphed hugely over the years and the new era of Chicago drill rappers are hugely disconnected from their roots. Dozens of teenagers have been killed in Chicago this year—and often related to gangs. [9] Sharkula is known for his self-street marketing by copying tapes and CD's and selling them in public areas personally along with distributing flyers and leaflets promoting his shows.[10][11][12]. 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