Genuine 1000mW 2000mW 3000mW 5000mW blue 445nm / green 520nm laser diode inside.   Odin 5W 5000mW Blue High Powered Burning Laser - The Most Powerful Handheld Class 4 Laser Pointer in the World. If by any chance the package is impounded by the UK customs, we will either send out another package for free, or issue a full refund. Full Accessories Kit List: 1 * laser pointer, 5 * laser lenses, 1 * laser safety goggles, 1 * 2-slot battery charger, 2 * 18650 batteries, 2 * keys, 1 * lanyard. The highest price-performance ratio 1w-5w laser in the market. FREE shipping on all orders! Powerful handheld lasers, able to burn matches, cig., papers, leaves, plastics, wood pieces instantly. or  You will receive one $5 coupon immediately after subscription. Odin 5W 5000mW Blue High Powered Burning Laser - The Most Powerful Handheld Class 4 Laser Pointer in the World. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You guys should be careful when playing for the first time. Stella 200mW Green Laser Pointer is the most popular green laser and the best choice of an entry-level burning laser. Share Laser classes Lasers are classified for safety purposes based on their potential for causing injury to humans’ eyes and skin. Call us for Overnight Shipping. Add to Cart. Call us for Overnight Shipping. Max output power 50mW, low risk, generally recognized as safe. Google+ It will be listed either in Arabic numerals (1 2, 3R, 3B, 4) or in Roman numerals (I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IV). This is a TRUE 3000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer (Class 4 IV High Power Handheld Burning Laser), same as, or even better than many other sellers "10000mW 20000mW 30000mW lasers" or "10W 20W 30 watt lasers". Ideal for advanced users. Details. Rating: 97%. Add to Cart. Call us for Overnight Shipping. Order ships from CA & NY. Output power is guaranteed. $499.00. We accept payment through PayPal, a well-known, trusted, and secure payment gateway. Ideal for advanced users. We have a hassle-free 30-day return policy on defective items and. Subscribe to latest news, product and price information. Ideal for advanced users. 4.0+ Adjustable Focus: Yes, Zoomable: Interchangeable Lens: Yes, Interchangeable: Power Consumption The blue laser pointer is employed by the highest level quality 445nm laser diode and body material, and projects the maximum visibility laser beam. Convenient: built-in battery and USB charger, plug in and charge. Class 4 laser Pointer is a continuous high output (more than 500mw), higher than the class 3, there is a danger of fire, and diffuse reflection is also dangerous, especially worth noting. For starters, we recommend Stella Entry-level Burning Laser Pointers(200mW $26) Order ships from CA & NY. We carry a 1-year warranty on all laser pointers for manufacturing defects or product failures. Delivery in 1-4 days. Pinterest. 1-4 days delivery for US domestic shipping. Gideon 3W 3000mW Class 4 450nm High Powered Blue Burning Laser Pointer.