Johnny must persuade a tournament committee to reverse its lifetime ban on Cobra Kai — but Daniel's a member. Hawk taunts Miguel on his feelings for Sam, and they eventually fight with Miguel emerging victorious. Johnny's efforts to reform Cobra Kai are threatened by the unexpected reappearance of Kreese, who hopes to bring the dojo back to its originally ruthless form. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. This becomes the talk of the town, which makes Daniel the butt of the jokes in online forums and gives rival auto dealer Tom Cole an opportunity to mock the LaRusso Auto Group. Daniel, meanwhile, opens Miyagi-Do Karate, a competing dojo with Robby and Sam as his first students — which sounds nice, but is also a continuation of the now decades-old rivalry between Daniel and Johnny. Mr. Miyagi intervenes, and after tricking Kreese into punching two car windows and making both of his hands bleed, Miyagi pulls him down and appears to be preparing a killing blow. Daniel begins training Robby with the same methods that Mr. Miyagi had taught him decades earlier, such as "wax on, wax off.". When he sneeringly tells Daniel “my condolences” regarding Mr. Miyagi, it really comes from the pit of what might be considered his heart. Daniel "Daniel-san" "Danny" LaRusso is one of the main protagonists of The Karate Kid series. Daniel agrees to do so. Robby flees, Miguel is put on life support and Sam is also treated at hospital. In the meantime, Danny's teen daughter Samantha (Mary Mouser) gets back into karate herself. The Ali Mills cliffhanger is all about redemption and mutual understanding. Daniel tells everyone about what happened, with Kreese and Hawk not saying anything. Meanwhile, two of Hawk's bullies who were friends with Kyler want to join Cobra Kai. He even once said in the finale "I know this might be wrong to you Johnny, but you will thank me later for this." After Barnes viciously assaults Daniel, Miyagi intervenes and finally agrees to train him. He then chokes Johnny and hits students Bobby and Tommy when they try to stop him, thus further proving to everyone how cruel and vicious he really is. Kreese finds Hawk punching a punching bag, and convinces him to vandalize Daniel's dojo. Now, he has a chance to finally get his revenge against Daniel LaRusso for putting the Cobra Kai out of business, this time without Mr. Miyagi to stand in his way. He wants to fight to the death and Daniel accepts in order to save Kumiko. And we also know that Ali is the only woman Johnny ever really opened up to. Bobby savagely hurts Daniel with an illegal kick to the knee. Miguel exploits Robby's injured shoulder to win the match, and Johnny realizes that his methods have corrupted Miguel. Ali is saddened that the Cobras will win and get to jeer Daniel, and Miyagi thinks Daniel should follow the doctor's recommendation, as there is nothing to prove and he did his best up until now. Demetri goes to Cobra Kai, where he meets Kreese and annoys him until being beaten and thrown out by Kreese. As Daniel hobbles to the ring, the ring announcer surprisingly speaks into his microphone "Daniel LaRusso is going to fight?" On the first day of school, the grudge between Tory and Sam explodes into a brawl between karate factions in the halls of West Valley High. The ending of Cobra Kai season 2 explained. (He mentions in the episode The Moment of Truth that he was denied re-enlistment to the military due to a psychological profile he was subjected to, indicating mental illness.) In the third film, Lucille expresses pride that Daniel will be starting college; when Daniel again misdirects the money, this time on a lease so Miyagi can start his bonsai tree shop, Mr. Miyagi expresses disapproval that Daniel has forgone higher education. The developing story revolves around these primary relationships, which lead to conflicts that are ultimately the product of Daniel and Johnny's inability to move away from the past. Johnny, admittedly, has never recovered fro… Bolstered by Terry Silver's financial clout, Kreese becomes as arrogant as he did prior to the 1984 tournament. Martin Kove. Chozen responds, "Die. However, he eventually finds the resolve to overcome this fear and panic. They vote 3–2 in Johnny's favor to lift the ban and declare his dojo eligible for the forthcoming tournament, which infuriates Daniel. However, when Daniel was 8 years old, Mr. Larusso died of an unnamed terminal illness. A perfect soldier but a horrible human being, Kreese is a cruel, brutal, stone-hearted man who is a strong believer in social Darwinism and that mercy is for the weak. Aisha texts Miguel that people want Cobra Kai to make a performance, and Johnny sees an opportunity and agrees. After Johnny and Carmen say goodnight to each other, he gets an unexpected visit from Robby and a drunk Sam. One strength and weakness of Daniel's is his loyalty to his family, a trait that was later revealed to have been due to Daniel's mother. He derides Miyagi's kata forms and pressures Daniel to destroy a wooden practice dummy, causing him several injuries in the process. Sam asks Robby to go on a date to the skate mall, where the theme will be the 1980s. Miyagi then requests Kreese to tell his students to leave Daniel alone until the tournament, which Kreese obliges to. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sam's heavy-set classmate Aisha Robinson joins Cobra Kai, despite Johnny's initial misgivings about training girls. Kreese tries to convince Johnny to allow him to rejoin Cobra Kai, but he refuses. Six months later, Daniel angrily comes to Mr. Miyagi's house with his car, steamily stating that Ali did something to the car. Johnny tries to patch things up with Robby, who believes Johnny had his students fight dirty against him. In the infirmary, the doctor thinks Daniel should sit it out, but disappointedly says how well Daniel did out there. During his fights with Johnny, Chozen and Mike, Daniel struggled when all three fought more aggressively, and when the former and latter fought underhandedly. In June 2020, Netflix acquired the series,[3][4] and the third season is scheduled for a release on January 8, 2021. Johnny builds a new Cobra Kai dojo for kids like Miguel who feel alienated at school and at home. At the tournament, Barnes reaches the final round to challenge Daniel. Silver, however, tells him to forget about his financial problems. After Amanda calls Daniel out on his recent actions, Daniel goes to Mr. Miyagi's grave, admitting that ever since his mentor's death, he has lost his way, letting his anger take control of him. Johnny drinks too much, struggles to hold down work, and frequently finds himself the victim of his own impotent rage. He also tells him that Ali has fallen in love with a football player as well. When necessary, Daniel demonstrates an ability to overcome fear or difficult odds to do what is right or stand up for himself. He tries to stand up for Ali at the beach, rescues several people during a fierce storm and (perhaps zealously) takes it upon himself to protect people from the negative influences of the Cobra Kai Dojo. Daniel also has to battle his own dark forces as he mentors Johnny's son Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan).