Agassou - Haitian loa which guards the Dahomean traditions. The problem runs much deeper, there needs to be a positive solution across the entire industry. Aido Quedo Cambridge, MA: University Press, 1903. Dinclinsin - Haitian voodoo deity feared for his severity. Bugid Y Aiba Mayan Mythology-=*=- U Petro Mounanchou - Haitian voodoo deity. D N Look at the origin of your coconut products. Sobo - Haitian god of thunder. Polynesian Mythology-=*=- Haitian Mythology-=*=- The owner of a coco macaque can send it on errands. Thought to have insatiable hunger and eats people, even his own followers. Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. *Boum'ba Maza - Haitian family loa. Diejuste - Haitian voodoo deity. Finnish Mythology-=*=- Ti Jean Quinto - A mean Haitian spirit which lives under bridges and assumes the form of a policeman. *Mait' Carrefour - Haitian god of magicians and lord of the crossroads, also called Kalfu. *Ghede - family of spirits related to death and fertility*Guinee - Haitian afterlife. So if you have purchased a coconut product then there is a high chance that it was picked by a monkey. Dan Wédo - Haitian loa of the king of France. It's so nice to have you around. Everyone is going COCO NUTS  for Coconuts. Boli Shah - Haitian family loa. Ti Malice Married to Damballa, Agwe and Ogoun. Abrahams, Roger D. The ManofWords in the West Indies: Performance and the Emergence of Creole Culture. Damballa Obatala Ogoun L'inglesou - Haitian loa which lives amoung rocks and in ravines. C It is a syncretic mixture of Roman Catholic rituals introduced during the French colonial period, African beliefs, with roots in the Yoruba, Kongo and Dahomey mythology, and folkloric influence from the indigenous Taino Amerindians that once populated the island. Shango Simbi Boli Shah Grand Bois - Haitian loa of creation. *Ayida-Weddo - Haitian goddess, where she is also known as Rainbow Snake. ****************************************************************, Rise strong and become the change you wish to see in the world, Sign up to our weekly newsletter and get a free audio with over 70 inspirational affirmations to keep your vibration high. Maîtresse Hounon'gon - Haitian loa which chants the canzo or ordeal by fire in voodoo tradition. They lead the peoples in dancing, drumming and singing to invoke the loa. *Marinette - Haitian loa, violent and powerful. Q Petro Personally I avoid all South East Asia and stick to Pacific Island Coconut products from Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Grand Bois At the time of European contact in the late fifteenth century, they were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and the northern Lesser Antilles.The Taíno were the first New World peoples to be encountered by Christopher Columbus during his 1492 voyage.They spoke the … Dan Petro Steve ‘the cutter’ Cutter, the ex-boxer: about 6’, a fast … Badessy Health enthusiasts are touting its health benefits, vegans are buying it in bulk incase of a zombie invasion and out of curiosity the everyday middleman has purchased a bottle or two. Clermeil Coco macaque - Haitian Vodou implement. *Bacalou - Haitian vodou evil spirit depicted by the skull and crossbones. The mythology of the Dahomey includes an entire pantheon of thunder gods; for example, Xevioso (also Xewioso) is the god of thunder in the So region. Sousson-Pannan *Badessy - Haitian god of the sky. One study that recorded from early visual neurons in macaque monkeys found evidence that early visual neurons are sensitive to features. *Clermeil - Haitian god of flowing waters. *Baron Samedi - loa of the dead. * Lemba - Haitian vodou deity. The Island of Koh Samui website boasts about how tourists can see monkeys climbing ‘at great speed and flying from tree to tree in their hunt for the ripened coconuts’. Papa Legba Maman Brigitte *Mademoiselle Charlotte - Haitian loa who resembles Caucasian women. Avalou T Marassa - The twin gods of Haitian voodoo. Adjinakou *Azaka Medeh - loa of harvest. They lead the peoples in dancing, drumming and singing to invoke the loa. Loco Thought to be very dangerous. Ti Malice - Haitian trickster loa. Ask them about their coconut farms and let it be known that you won’t support this harvesting practice. "To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism, to "steal" ideas from many is research." *Mambo - Haitian priestess who, together with the Hungan, leads the vodou rituals and invokes the loa. *Avalou - Haitian vodou dance which means supplication. Where do these monkeys come from? The monkeys have returned in search of food. Australian Mythology-=*=- He is the muscle. As the demand continues to grow for coconuts, coconut oil and its various derivatives, so does the abuse of macaque monkeys who suffer ‘serious psychological damage’ as a result of being chained up 24-hours-a-day. *Maman Brigitte - Vodou death loa. *Erzulie - Haitian vodou goddess of beauty, dancing, flowers, jewels, love and luxury. Mait' Carrefour Adya Houn'tò According to the Bangkok Post, one training centre claims that using pig-tailed macaques is safer than using humans because they are ‘strong, enjoy climbing, do not complain, do not call for higher wages… and are not corrupt.’, It adds: ‘They do not require social security and accident insurance. Latvian Mythology-=*=- Papa Legba Maîtresse Délai - Haitian loa who is a patron of the hountor or tambourine player. Lutin *Adjassou-Linguetor - Haitian loa in the form of spring water (goddess) . We must make a stand by choosing not to buy coconut products that come from South East Asia. Aesop's Fables-=*=- * Hungan - Haitian … Agwe *Paket kongo - charms made of organic matter wrapped in cloth, intended to rouse the loa. Pie - Haitian god of floods. *Ti-Jean Petro - Haitian snake deity and the son of Dan Petro. *Petro - aggressive and warlike family of spirits*Rada - old, benefic family of spirits*Ville au Camp - The underwater capital of the loa. * [ List of Voodoo loa], Haitian Vodou — Vodou (Anglicized: Voodoo) or Vaudoo [ [ Vaudoo as other name for haitian voodoo] ] is a family of New World syncretistic religions primarily based on the faiths of the Fon, Ewe, and… …   Wikipedia, Mythology of Heroes — Main article: Heroes (TV series) Heroes includes a number of mysterious fictional elements that have been ascribed to science fiction or supernatural phenomena. *Papa Legba - intermediary between the loa and humanity. Agassou *Damballa - father of the loa and humankind. Pie Native American Mythology-=*=- Captain Debas - Haitian family loa. Simbi - Haitian water snake loa, which is one of the three voodoo cosmic serpents. Diable Tonnere - … I B Visual processing (1,994 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article 2014; Lee, 2002). *Oloddumare - youruba creator god. *Grand Bois - Haitian loa of creation. Sadly, these monkeys are tethered or caged 24/7, often with little to no … Oshun --Mythos-- Deadline: I Can't Believe It's Not Espionage. *Dan Wédo - Haitian loa of the king of France. *Agassou - Haitian loa which guards the Dahomean traditions. Haitian Vodou (also known as Voodoo in the United States) is a predominantly African derived belief system. Also called Mami Wata in African mythology. Bossou Ashadeh *Boli Shah - Haitian family loa. Voudoun *Adya Houn'tò - Haitian loa of the drums. The owner of a coco macaque can send it on errands. Clermeil - Haitian god of flowing waters. *Ti Malice - Haitian trickster loa. It is also where life began and the home of their gods.