Charmed Reborn Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Cole first strikes against the sisters when he gets word that Piper and Leo are planning to marry, despite the Elders' vehement opposition to allowing the wedding. Andras is watching, and threatens to rat him out to the Triad. Piper vanquishes the evil witch, reversing the spell. Cole pretends to be the perfect husband by sending Leo and Piper on honeymoon to Hawaii and buying expensive gifts such as a new car in "The Fifth Halliwheel". Rather than renew the previous Source's war against the Charmed Ones, Cole planned to use Phoebe's love for him to turn her evil and permanently shatter the Power of Three. [17], By this time, virtually the only thing remaining of Cole's humanity is his love for Phoebe. While at Prue's funeral, Cole is attacked by two demon bounty hunters but he quickly kills them. [11] Determined to rid himself of his demonic nature forever, he asks Phoebe to make a potion that will permanently strip his demonic powers, leaving only his mortal side. [28], After many months of loneliness, Cole goes insane due to the weight of the powers he has absorbed and Phoebe's constant rejection of him. Cole then went to Alexi, a Seer and an old friend of his. However, after Cole saves Phoebe from being permanently turned into a Banshee, Phoebe believes there's still good left in Cole after all. Under this influence, he tries to strangle Phoebe to death before the Siren is ultimately vanquished, and Phoebe nearly dies. When Cole has to embrace his demon side in order to defeat another demon, a potion is used on him to strip him of his demon side, leaving him merely human. It is revealed that the Seer tricked Cole into absorbing the old Source's power, eventually causing him to become the new Source of Evil in "The Three Faces of Phoebe". Phoebe is heartbroken, but when Cole kills Krell before he can kill Phoebe, Phoebe fakes Cole's death and tells him to run. Paige begins to suspect that Cole is a demon again especially when she catches Cole using powers on an innocent but is not sure of what she has seen. Phoebe doesn't believe him at first, but grows more suspicious while searching Cole's apartment. Skin color A few months into his search, however, Cole began to interfere in the lives of Phoebe and her husband, Coop. Cole's appearance hadn't changed as much as the sisters', or even Leo's. He would look worn out, and his eyes were bloodshot due to what would be a losing battle to keep the Source from taking him over. An insane Cole begins using shapeshifting strippers to turn into Phoebe for him. Shortly after the wedding, Paige sees Cole using demonic powers.