ft. (10×40=450). Images: Gensler, | J. David Odom and Richard Scott-AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Liberty Building Forensics Group and Norm Nelson, Jacobs Engineering. Not all PTAC hotels have moisture and mold problems, but many that do experience significant and even catastrophic problems. Over the past 30 years, building experts at Liberty Building Forensics Group (LBFG) have investigated hundreds of hotel moisture problems (involving thousands of guest rooms) and in the process, have observed three repetitive assumptions that appear to be completely ignored by the hospitality industry: 1. Frost build up can also limit airflow. When it is too hot outside, a portable air conditioner will struggle to cool a room quickly or be able to attain low temperatures. Inspect the window section of the portable AC unit and the hose to see if there is adequate ventilation. The problem: Your air conditioner is blowing hot air. For decades, the hotel industry has used PTAC or packaged terminal heat pump (PTHP) units (collectively referred to here as PTAC units). If you get rid of it, the smell will go away. Unfortunately, the opposite is true—each PTAC buyer is instead provided with a catalog of unproven expectations. Unless controlled by an energy optimizer such as Zero Energy Solutions OAK (zero.energy hyperlinked), PTAC systems have the weakness of each being manually controlled. PTAC Units - Common Problems. In response to concerns by designers and hotel operators, PTAC manufacturers have added additional outdoor air fans and coils to try to improve the outdoor air supply concerns. Unless controlled by an energy optimizer such as Zero Energy Solutions OAK (zero.energy hyperlinked),  PTAC systems have the weakness of each being manually controlled. ●      Be able to condition the intended outside ventilation air through the vent door during occupied modes. Determining the Right Sized Unit for a Space. If good temperature control and low initial costs were the only expectations for PTAC units, they would be the perfect option for many facilities. If the filter is washable (see the owner’s manual to find out), rinse it under running water and air dry it before reinstalling. How Does a Ventless (Evaporative) Air Cooler Work? Quite simply, for many people, the lower initial cost of using PTAC units without ducted fresh air systems offsets the increased risks of potential moisture, mold, and ventilation problems. We also have another guide with cheap portable air conditioner reviews for those of you who are budget conscious. Nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and homes are littered with outdated and inefficient PTAC systems which burn through energy much quicker than modern systems. Filter; One of the typical reasons air conditioners don’t work properly is a clogged or dirty filter. It is scheduled for completion next Spring. This can result in increased room humidity. He has also managed over 500 projects for the Walt Disney Corporation dating back to 1982 that have included technical issues related to corrosion, moisture, and design & construction defect-related problems. Unless your air conditioner has stopped working completely and it is not a result of a power failure or electrical connection problem, you don’t always have to call a technician to get it fixed. The single factor that may cause an HVAC marketplace transformation is increasingly stringent green building standards and energy codes that may no longer allow uncontrolled and unconditioned air flows through open holes (i.e., open PTAC vents) in every guest room. Low initial cost and simplicity, two of the most appealing features of PTAC units, are the primary reasons they are the standard choice for many hotels and dormitory-type facilities. If there is no problem in any of those components then there is something wrong with the portable air conditioner, which can be as simple as a blown internal fuse. Inset in upper left shows front view of unit in sleeve with cover removed. LBFG has provided mold and moisture diagnoses and solutions for buildings to owners, contractors, and developers worldwide. Check if doors or windows have been mistakenly left open and ensure the fan speed is high or at its highest. When the temperature in the room rises up too or is higher than the outside or ambient temperature, the system will work again. Mr. Nelson, a forensic mechanical engineer who investigates indoor air quality and moisture problems within buildings, specializes in energy efficiency retrofit of existing buildings, as well as commissioning and retro-commissioning of building mechanical systems. Certain measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of moisture and mold problems in PTAC hotels where installing a ducted makeup air system is not practical (e.g., existing facilities) or where the owner is not willing to accept the additional costs of a makeup air unit. The inability of PTAC units to meet these additional expectations has been the cause of many moisture and mold problems over the past several decades. If all of those things check out, the solution may be one or two other things: Portable cooling systems are designed and meant to cool small to medium sized areas.