It’s sleeker than Greats, not as uncomfortably sleek as Common Projects, and it’s cheaper than every other Margom soled, Italian made sneaker you can find. Chuck 70 vs All Star – Which Is the Best Converse Hi Top? The question of Red Wing versus Wolverine has been…. Or disagree with me in the comments!]. I think the main difference is the leather which has a lot more give and the instep feels a bit higher on the Achilles. [Shop the Low 1 here. Most of this review is going to look at the Low 1, but first, here’s my comparison of the two brands. Certain exclusions apply. Each pair have fit in a different way; as you said, the achilles have a much narrower toe and I'm limited to thin socks with them. This leather is about 1.3 millimeters thick (three ounces), it’s full grain — which here really just means it’s made from the outside of the animal’s skin — and Oliver Cabell tells me they researched over 70 tanneries before landing on a 66-year-old one in Italy’s La Marche region. © 2020 Condé Nast. Shop Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Home & Lifestyle, and more from our selected streetwear & contemporary designer brands. That the first item of clothing a date looks at is your shoes. That’s obviously PR-babble but as someone who has worn Margom soles for a while, the sole feels really solid: relatively heavy for a sneaker sole, though I’d use the word substantial. TL:DR - The Common Projects Achilles in size 42 or US 9 fits like a Nike or Adidas size 10, and is a bit narrow. They compress less than 5% over time, and they have an open-cell technology to allow ~95% breathability. The retro is a bit longer, but the width of the toe box is really what i think makes this shoe fit so much longer. The best white sneakers are the kicks you actually wear—the ones that go with everything, look as good on their 300th wear as they do on their first, and are readily available at a department store near you. You mentioned Koio in the review – what are your thoughts on the Koio Capri? HBX® is a registered trademark of Hypebeast Hong Kong Ltd. We all know the rule of thumb with CPs is to size down by 1, but that should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt. The leather is really top quality, I have nothing but good things to say about them. These shoes can be worn with board shorts and a tank top or with smart chinos and a button down. Discount on pure white Common Projects Achilles Low is rare, and even if there is a discount you will be extremely lucky to find a pair of your size as they are sold out really fast. You don’t often see vulcanized rubber on leather sneakers because it’s usually attached with heat, which can mess with the leather. new-ish. Here are the best white sneakers for men. Oliver Cabell’s honest pricing model has me hooked, and I’d happily recommend these as a Common Projects alternative, or just as a solid white sneaker. Are you talking about the creases or the shininess? Common Projects Achilles Low sale. The leather isn’t quite as soft, but that probably means it’s a hair more durable? The best white sneakers for men are more than a mere wardrobe staple—they’re the base of the menswear food pyramid, the pair of shoes you’ll likely reach for more than any other in your closet for six-to-eight months out of the year. That there are a lot of subtle differences between boys and men but a well put together outfit with a sturdy pair of boots is one of the clearest signs that a guy cares how he is perceived by the world. The outsole is more hard and stable than squishy (it’s no Allbirds) but the shoe absorbs shock well while leaving the foot feeling protected. I got a pair of retro lows and of the regular lows. Viberg Service Boot Review – Is It Seriously Worth This Much Money? It’s smoother, softer, and more buttery, making it much better suited for sneakers. And while we’re talking care: make sure you put cedar shoe trees in these between wears and let them rest a day between each wear if you can. I've been mulling picking up a pair of CP's lately and this might help. If they cost a thousand dollars I can see someone legitimately complaining about it, but for sneakers of this quality and price point, I’m not whining. (I use a spot cleaner from Cobbler’s Choice.). The Common Projects Achilles Retro are size 42 and are too long by a full size. Their whole schtick is that most brands don’t tell you how much their markups are, but they painstakingly list every item in their production process: packaging, cutting and manufacturing, duties, the lot. Shop the Common Projects Original Achilles Low Sneaker at Red Wing Iron Ranger Vs. Wolverine 1000 Mile, Interview With Sagara, Indonesia’s Best Known Bootmaker, The Ultimate Guide to How Boots Should Fit. A couple of hard edges make these otherwise clean sneaks feel just a little bit mean. Terms of Use and Color/Size unavailable? Select size to add to waitlist. There is a new minimalist white sneaker in town. The stitch construction is worth emphasizing here. That’s not to say it’s going to fit EE width feet, rather that people with regular D width feet are less likely to feel their toes pinch. Virtually identical, with the main difference being that the Low 1 has an extra pair of eyelets. That’s after you’ve removed the laces, by the way, after which they recommend you soak in detergent, put in a garment bag, and then put in a hot white wash. Can you just put them in the washing machine with everything else? They cost a bit more than the Oliver Cabells but seem like they might be a slight step up in quality, without breaking the bank like Common Projects. They alright. After a while your shoes will probably get some scuffs and lose whiteness here and there. Oliver Cabell launched in 2018 with the goal of making shoes that are more “honest” than the bigger brands. As I mentioned earlier this is not quite as narrow narrow narrow as Common Projects or other imitators, so ordering them isn’t such a scary experience. They're the same Chucks you've worn forever, only better in all the ways that matter. They’re an entity on your sneaker, but not in a bad way. This was one of the big reasons I wanted to post this review - I had no idea that the Retro model fit so big, and I wanted to make sure other people knew so they could avoid having this same problem. If the two sneakers were the exact same price, I might lean in the direction of Common Projects because the footbed’s a little softer. Shop Now. The biggest difference is that the Achilles Low runs $400 to $450 for a pair.The Low 1 is $188. I was wondering, what are the differences between the achilles retro and normal Achilles? What Is EVA Foam and Why Is It Being Put In Boots? Looks-wise, Chuck Taylors have hardly changed at all since they first hit the hardwood in the early 1920s. Founded in London in 2018, When the legendary French outdoors outfitter Salomon began looking to introduce their high-performance trail runners to the lifestyle market, they scoured their archives for silhouettes—like. For my money the rule on CP sizing is pretty much try them on or roll the dice. On their site, they tell you the cost of all the materials and the duties and so on: All these numbers add up to the shoe costing them $82.69, and I have no complaints about a hundred dollars profit. founders Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat’s design carries all the hallmarks we look for in an all-purpose sneaker: top-notch construction, durable materials, and the ability to look as good sitting under the frayed hem of our favorite jeans as it does anchoring a slim suit on casual Fridays. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. :'(. That might sound like overkill for a sneaker, but these are leather shoes and shoe trees will help to maintain their shape and extend their lifespan by soaking up your foot funk. As such, there are more white sneaker options out there than ever before: all-time classics, upscale designer models, affordable upstarts, and wild-style flexes. [Related: Learn the differences between vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather]. If Pete Doherty's lyrics and every issue of NME I read as a teen are to be … All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. If you want a super deep dive on Common Projects, you can take a look at my complete review. Thanks to the well-honed cobbling skills of an espresso-fueled factory worker, you can be sure these sneakers aren’t going to start falling apart after the third or 300th wear. By subscribing, you agree to our Common Projects more or less started the gold rush for this sort of very sleek, clean aesthetic – you can check out my original Common Projects review here. It’s pretty resistant to splitting and abrasion, using a Shore 70A rubber durometer rating. Realized the main difference was the heel tabcolor and of course the size difference. Otherwise, they’re incredibly similar, down to the stitched construction and the low, sleek profile. There’s not a lot of information on Common Projects’ leather and the company is notoriously unresponsive to inquiries, but Napa leather — so named because it was developed in Napa Valley, California — is remarkably soft, and it’s just a tiny bit softer feeling than the Low 1. This does not cost you any extra money whatsoever, it just means the origin of the sale is tracked back to Stridewise. GQ’s Best Stuff has the 21 finest, freshest, minimal-iest white kicks that money can buy. Whenever I get a chance to try Achilles in 41 I'll see how they fit but I'm fairly happy with how mine fit now and I don't believe that they're ill fitting because the creasing as I've been using them has been fairly standard. Shop Now. Making clothing less intimidating and helping you develop your own style. It means that instead of tossing them out at the first scuff, you can shine them and resole them like a dress shoe to keep 'em fresh—which you'll be plenty incentivized to do, given the not-inconsiderable pricetag. See which boots suit your preferences and style. So let’s take a look at how the leather is made, then I’ll move on to how to take care of the leather, the construction, the sole, fit, and a full list of pros and cons. I have added some comments to the various pictures so you guys can get a good idea of the main differences between the shoes. It does compress over time, but that means the footbed feels a little more like it’s shaped around your own foot. The Stans also look and feel much bulkier, not something I want in a minimal sneaker. My true size on a Brannock device is an 11.5, I ordered up half a size, and the 12 fit me just fine. Didnt realize there was a big price difference between the two pairs. The fit like a Nike or Adidas in US 11. Why mess with perfection? I'm thinking I should size down to 41 in these. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. You already have a good idea of the aesthetic: lean, clean, minimalist, and supremely versatile. When you want to have more of a deep clean, Oliver Cabell has their own shoe cleaner that you apply that to a wet shoe brush and scrub to a foam. I wear them a lot, and I think they go really well with a lot of different looks. (Don't @ us.). There are the sneakers you lust after, drool over, and dream about…only to come up short on the SNKRS app when they drop, shell out a month’s rent to cop them on the secondary market, and then let them collect dust in a box on your shelf because you’re too anxious about creases. That simply means that if you click the link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission for sending you there. I know the regular Achilles lows come with a pair of spare laces, but did you get a pair of extra laces with the retros?