The materials used by the worker is three times that of a standard car wash. There is no reference as to whether there was any predictable way to respond by non-experts in Moffat’s study. Handsaw blades take \(15\) minutes on the sharpening machine and have a contribution margin per blade of \(\$15\). Answer A and B are ruled out because there is no comparison on any aesthetic power between computer or human art and the line does not say anywhere that computer art may overtake or supersede human art. Moesha needs her basement painted. Based on this information, what would be the profit if Jansen accepts the special order? Rough Stuff makes \(2\) products: khaki shorts and khaki pants for men. Register now! Assume that if the embroidery segment is dropped, apparel sales will increase \(10\%\). Here, candidates have to complete sentences with a list of ideas. Within this article, we’ll first give an overview of the main machine-learning-as-a-service platforms by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, and will follow it by comparing machine learning APIs that these vendors support. 3. Dimitri Designs has capacity to produce \(30,000\) desk chairs per year and is currently selling all \(30,000\) for \(\$240\) each. Take a close look at lines 7-8, where the author says, “….. Colton agrees that such reactions arise from, In lines 12-14 of paragraph no. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Last year, this segment generated a contribution margin of \(\$65,000\) and incurred \(\$70,000\) in fixed costs. He also does some part-time tuition online. But the answer cannot be it because the answer is in future form (..will lead..), while the lines in the text are in present form. Last year, the company sold \(40,000\) lb. Which answer choice BEST characterizes Bradbury's reaction to being asked to help with the 1964 World's Fair? Finished teddy bears could be sold for \(\$18.00\) each. Flying would require you to rent a car for \(\$29\) per day, and you would have an airport parking fee of \(\$20\) for the day. Seda Sarkisian makes wedding cakes from her home. Question 39: The non-experts in Moffat’s study all responded in a predictable way. So, quick reading or skimming technique might come handy here. Blake completed a cost estimate for his service as shown. Variable manufacturing overhead is applied at \(\$1.00\) per unit. On the other hand, another manufacturer is interested in purchasing the partially completed units for \(\$104\) each and converting them into Z Plus models. 1 0 obj What is the total amount of expenses Bridget would include on her expense report if she drives? All of the company’s direct fixed costs can be avoided if a segment is dropped. The lines say, “…. How can technology be developed responsibly, and who would be accountable for this type of responsible development? Here, the author mentions some amazing and interesting features of the computer program named the Painting Fool – such as “only need minimal direction”, “can come up with its own concepts”, “runs its own web searches”, “trawls through social media sites”, “beginning to display a kind of imagination”, “creating pictures from scratch”. Which sentence from the story best helps the reader establish the setting? The invention of the man was the flying machine whereas the Emperor invented a natural world of the wind-up box containing murmuring trees, singing birds, and miniature humans. The company is considering hiring an extra worker, whose salary will be \(\$67,000\) per year, to ease the problem. The juice could be processed further into energy drinks, and the preserve mix could be processed further into ice cream flavoring. Identify alternative courses of action to achieve a goal or solve a problem. The cost per unit currently is \(\$11.85\) as shown: Sports Specialists makes baseballs and softballs in a three-step process. The following information is available to make the decision. Each product passes through the sharpening machine area, which is the chief constraint during production. That’s all. If Gent accepts the offer, all of the variable costs and \(\$1,200\) of the fixed costs will be avoided. So, answer B is also wrong. This information is available for the segments. Felipe’s Restaurant and Pie Shop needs help defining the costs for his business. The participants weren’t told beforehand whether the tunes were composed by humans or computers”. The government has put a recall on a particular part in the X Plus model, so each base model must now be reworked to accommodate the style of the new part. The information shown is available for Party Zone’s business segments. Meanwhile, Douglas Hofstadter of Indiana University said EMI created, (producing work entirely dependent on the imagination of its creator), The answer lies in lines 13-14 of paragraph 5. In the decision by a grocery company that is trying to decide whether to keep or drop the bakery department in its grocery stores, what would the bakery manager’s salary be in relationship to the decision if the manager will be laid off? We rarely hear of the invention process being stopped because of negative externalities. But the answer cannot be it because the answer is in, For this question, answer A is ruled out because there is no reference to anything childish and simplistic. Determine the cost and the amount that will remain even if Title X is dropped? Uber fees for his time in Philadelphia will cost \(\$68\). The cost of the rental car including gas is \(\$57\) per day and the car will be needed for two full days. What other issue would you need to consider? %PDF-1.5 Daisy Hernandez sells girls christening dresses through the online store, Etsy. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. This is really helpful thanks to great effort for making study easy. The Flying Machine is a short story written by Ray Bradbury. They will then draw a cartoon to illustrate the moral of one of the fables they read. endobj If they process the camera further to enhance its functionality, it will require an additional \(\$45\) per unit of variable costs, plus an increase in fixed costs of \(\$1,000\) per month. A customer has requested two duplicate wedding cakes: one for the wedding and one to be frozen for their anniversary. Her customers have asked if she has necklaces that could be included with the dress. However, this would require one additional worker, and new packaging would be needed. Jamal Moore, the COO, is considering hiring an extra worker, whose salary will be \(\$55,000\) per year, to solve the problem. What is the total income if all colors were produced? Which of the following is one of the two approaches used to analyze data in the decision to keep or discontinue a segment? Keywords for this answer: key difference, Aaron, Painting Fool. There will be long answers for each question, so they may kill valuable time. an earthen wall. Employees are given two polo shirts to wear as their uniform. What is the differential cost of the two alternatives: The LibreTexts libraries are Powered by MindTouch® and are supported by the Department of Education Open Textbook Pilot Project, the UC Davis Office of the Provost, the UC Davis Library, the California State University Affordable Learning Solutions Program, and Merlot.