Designed with input from leading tech industry advisors, the Master of Engineering in Computer Science at Cornell Tech offers a flexible course of study with rigorous technical courses in both fundamental … There a lot of really smart kids at Cornell in these programs so be prepared to accept a B in some tougher classes. For more information about this program, see the Engineering Co-Op Program's web page and/or reach out to Engineering Career Center at or via phone at 607-255-3512. 10.20.20. Cornell has its own private job-hunting site, where many companies will post jobs/internships, and quite a number of them are for software developers. Hello everyone! Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve visited UT on numerous occasions. To elaborate on a few: Cornell CS is better than the other Ivies, usually ranked in the top 5 or so with MIT, Stanford, CMU, Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’m very, very lucky to get these acceptances. I heard Cornell CS (Engineering) was more focused on theory. Department of Computer Science Will you have a chance to visit campuses? English Language and Literature A 7 3 credits and placement out of one first-year writing seminar. I visited Cornell once 2 years ago, but will be visiting next weekend for their Admit Day. 10.26.20 . Both Cornell and Ithaca offer a wide range of cultural activities, sports, and outdoor activities with the pleasures of both city and country close at hand. Cornell has its own private job-hunting site, where many companies will post jobs/internships, and quite a number of them are for software developers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. How hard is it, how are the opportunities Cornell offers? As a lot of seniors are currently doing right now, I’m trying to decide between two colleges. Therefore, it is necessary to impress upon students the gravity of violations of the Code. I know that Penn's graduate CS is only ranked 19th. Information on Visiting Cornell is available from the main Cornell website. Some TAs, peers, and professors make CS a difficult community for newcomers (mostly by accident/ignorance). Job placement in Silicon Valley seems to be really similar at both schools though. When I was deciding whether or not to major in CS, I too was worried that the curriculum here was "too theoretical.” Having been in the major for a couple years, I’ve come to appreciate theory classes as important, useful, and enjoyable. I believe the median salary last year for people who found jobs was around 90-95k. I am also interested in math and computer science and maybe other things outside of business, so I'm wondering which is best for flexibility and strength in … David Williamson Wins the 2020 James M. and Marsha D. McCormick Advising Award. But once you go through all of that, you will realize that the theoretical foundations Cornell CS gave you will set you apart from every one else in the work force because you will be capable of more complex work and advanced work -- even in "project-oriented" kind of work. I haven't researched intensively, but I'd be surprised if we weren't near the top. However, after learning the basics of programming with python and more rigorously with java, functional programming is an introduction many of the more exotic styles being played around with in less mainstream languages. I've been accepted to and Cornell's Master of Engineering Program in Computer Science (MECS) and UIUC's Master of Computer Science program. 10.26.20. ), Competing with super achieved students for grades, research, and clubs/groups/research teams, Ithaca is small (but I don’t know how much I care about that), Financial aid might decrease slightly (parents’ income rising), More time spent on classes = less time on side projects/research for grad school admissions, Thank you for taking the time to read this!