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Seal Llynx Point Sphynx. and reflect red when a photo is taken with a flash. locket- small white spot on chest Approved breeders are sold for $3,000. Contact the Seller. HCM – Should I be concerned? Aries resides in Maine w/Colleen and family . £580. Lilac and White Sphynx. He fetches and doesn't purr, but "coos" instead. Email Seller. Nose leather and Paw pads: appropriate to coat color. Starting with the Ancient Egyptians and up to and including the present day. Picture copyrighted by author - May not be used without permission. seal can be anywhere from black to dark brown in the points with contrasting body colour. The mink pattern may be combined with ANY other ( except pointed ) Son of Daisy   Svendoogle "Doogie"  resides in Massachusetts. sphynx come in a range of colours and patters here we have the standard or full colour with no patterns or white. sire / dam-    point + point    mink + point          sepia + point           mink + mink             sepia + sepia        sepia + mink, kittens-              all point        point or mink             all mink              point, sepia, mink          all sepia             mink or sepia. These cats are loyal, dedicated pets who will love you endlessly. ... cream mink male. Blue Elf. Gorgeous Don Sphynx rare Brindled Bicolor, Dani, resides in Boston, Ma. the diagram below shows the degree of white patches and how they are formed. Posted by Cassandra | Apr 28, 2020 | Breed's Facts, Siamese Cat | 0 |. Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Cream Point, Blue Lynx Point, Fawn Tabby Point, Tortoiseshell Point & etc.. CLASSIC TABBY,  MACKEREL TABBY, SPOTTED TABBY& PATCH TABBY PATTERNS : markings clearly defined on legs. The colors we work with are Blue Point, Black Point, Seal Point, Tortie Point, Cream Point, and rare Chocolate Point and Lilac Points. Jamie camping with her baby girl, Pearl. Jack, a Red Mackerel Tabby at birth now solid Red Don Sphynx is our family pet . CAT SUN BATHING HELPS IN KEEPING DARK COLORS AND DARK MARKINGS IN THE SKIN OF THE HAIRLESS CAT, The home of the Don Sphynx & Peterbald feline. and i highly recommend you have your breeding sphynx tested so you can accurately determine kitten colours. © 2023 By Cairo Cats. Mask, ears and tail cool toned cream with a powdery look. Geona, a Don Sphynx (Cream Point), daughter of Zhaklin (Queen in California) Augustus, a Don Sphynx, son of Olivia resides in New York . only female sphynx can be torti or torbi, it is very rare to find a male torti or torbi cat as it is a sex linked gene and if a male torti is born it is usually sterile. Member since Nov 2012 n/a n/a. Salem (solid Black) son of Rocket Power & Doir Stud in Canada. My daughter adopted a Sphynx rescue and he is quite unusual, besides having no fur. the seal colour is often referred to as the natural colour of the cat. Ad placed 4/6/2018 Item location Tallahassee - Central. chocolate/ champaign            lilac/ frost/platinum, cinnamon/honey                      fawn Blaze on face very desirable. or a carrier of sepia. A Guide on Siamese Cat Colors and Characteristics. Carlise a Cream Point stud in Canada . Dna testing is the easiest and most accurate way of determining a cats colour genetics. This video is unavailable. OUR PRIMARY AIM IS TO FURTHER THESE BREEDS AND PRODUCE HEALTHY DISTINCTIVE ANIMALS ABLE TO PRODUCE THEIR YOUNG WITHOUT DIFFICULTY. They can be quite demanding, wanting to be loved by their owner every second of the day and are often very vocal. Eye color : aqua. Sphynx Cattery. this ad to: Thank-you for the report. Available Sphynx cats - Breeder based in Wisconsin with over 20 years of experience. No one can really know how they made it to the American lands during the 19th century. a sphynx can also come in torti patters, torti’s are 2 colours other than white, the main colours are black and red, chocolate and red, or cinnamon and red and the dilute of these colours if the dilute gene is present. seal tortie point and white female coated sphynx. Looks like a beautiful sculture with a old wise face. Kings; Queens; Calico Elf. Instantly recognizable, with their sapphire blue eyes and pointed coat pattern, the Siamese has been a popular cat for many years. tuxedo- Sometimes a cat with white paws, chest and belly is called “tuxedo”. Pattern tends to fade on Adult hairless body and are called "Ghost Markings". Barring and striping on mask, legs and tail is permissible. orivet.com do all of the testing and give breeder discounts, they also have a great tool you can find in the my account section once you have signed up which helps determine the colours from dna results. with Kristen x0x0, Lilac/Cinnamon in color pictured within minutes of birth, Java. buttons- white spots on belly Proving that our ancestors loved, appreciated and were as enthralled by these marvellous creatures as much as we their descendants are today. Point restricted colors show little or no color differentiation between body and points in the mature Sphynx. Your email address will not be published. Tinsley & Bennet reside in Salem, Ma. That book was made between the 14th and 18th centuries which suggests that Siamese cats are a very old breed. so only sepia or point can be recessive. if a torti female is bred with any colour male, kittens produced will not be torti they will be full colour or dilute if that gene is carried. Due to the amount of suspicious ads being posted through SuperAds Pet categories, we ask strongly that users exercise caution when dealing with buyers/sellers on the sites in these areas.View, View this page for more helpful information on how to avoid internet fraud. mink- or tonkinese is a hybrid of point and sepia meaning the cat has 1 point gene and one sepia gene making the cats eyes a beautiful aqua colour. http://animal.discovery.com/videos/cats-101-donskoy.html. the main way to determine point mink or sepia is by looking at eye colour. Those cats have cool cream colored points with white cream body color. Shelly . Merlin, her Sphynx, has to be bathed once a week and wiped off all the time because Sphynx's don't groom themselves. Raised in a family home and used to children, pets and all household noises. Holly at 11 wks of age http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iB2qiwFHdI, Maru Levi, solid Black, resides in Warwick, R.I. and her Albino brother, Ranger, Brandon at The Salem Hauted Happenings Halloween Pet Contest in Salem, Ma. colourpint sphynx can also come in tabby or torti where the points are replaced with tabbly banding or torti pattern. mitted- white paws Watch Queue Queue 10/2010. tabbys can also be dilute.