It remained for Jeremy Cross to combine the two degrees under one system, which occurred about 1818, and this pattern was adopted in most jurisdictions as the degrees became dispersed beyond the eastern seaboard. The various positions in the lodge are modeled directly after Craft Masonry and though the names are often different the duties are largely the same. In such a capacity he approaches the king to find out when he may be rewarded with the secrets of a Master Mason. W. Bruce Miller With thanks to Western Grand Council of Cryptic Rite. It is a spectacular presentation, usually conferred by two or more Councils assisting one another as it requires a large cast. The degree relates to the legend of the Great Flood and the principal officers represent Noah and his sons. be consigned to one grave. what immense good could be accomplished. The York Rite is one of many organizations around the world that falls under the umbrella of Freemasonry. Category: York Rite. The Voice of Masonry - 1880 To Royal and Select Masters are given the keystone in Masonry, more precious than is known by the vast workers of the quarries; and it has been truthfully proclaimed that to preserve … Most happily, too, they combine within the With attaining the cryptic degrees, a Master Mason comes full circle and fully completes his quest at attaining the Master Mason's word as well as learning the means in which it was preserved over the ages. enforce and teach Ancient Craft Masonry; but in this country and perfect ashlars, marked and numbered for the building." The fount of inspiration, said to be a chasm from which issued The chief personages therein are our three Ancient Grand Masters and a Fellowcraft in search of and making his demand for that reward which was to elevate him to the rank of a Master Mason. The Grand Council of Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada, Royal & Select Masters is comprised of 18 Cryptic Rite Councils, scattered from Winnipeg to Vancouver Island. In the Cryptic Masonry Education Course to the Degrees of the Cryptic Rite, we welcome each Royal and Select Master to engage his mind and heart in the great journey of discovery that represents the Royal Arch or Secret Vault Tradition in Freemasonry. Grand Captain of the GuardGrand Council of Cryptic Masons of Idaho. The York Rite is composed three main organizations who each operate with their own hierarchy and enjoy their own autonomy. Thus, in fact, the duties, the powers, the In the second, a day after Hiram Abif’s death, King Solomon and Hiram King of Tyre cannot communicate the Master’s Word without him – not as agreed. Home Page     If our Masonic Order were merely a thing of yesterday; if it erected thereon. who seeks more light in Masonry – further enlightenment towards Truth – may know his enthusiasm will be welcomed and matched by Companions who wish to share with him something very special. In this degree the council chamber represents the private apartment of King Solomon where legend has it he met with the two principal assistants in the building of the temple. The historical setting of this degree and its symbolism are intimately connected with the Royal Arch degree. These three bodies are known as the Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry, the Council of Cryptic Masonry, and the Commandery of Knights Templar. Fine Print. The records of St. Andrews Chapter in Boston indicate that a degree of this name was conferred during the latter part of the eighteenth century. All Rights Reserved. The dramas illuminate both the Master Mason and Royal Arch degrees. It is conferred as one of the regular Cryptic Rite degrees in some jurisdictions, whereas the others confer it as an honorary degree only; in some instances, separate Grand Councils of Super Excellent Masters have been formed. The focus of the Royal Master and Select Master degrees is a secret vault beneath the Temple of Solomon. The soul grows as truly as the Mason grows - as HUGH M'CURDY, OF MICHIGAN. Symbolic Freemasonry, in the Lodge, begins the powerful story of how the Word was lost, and another substituted.