Review that booklet and know the basics. 0000002635 00000 n Measurement questions focus on how well you can measure basic units (time, length, angles, perimeter, area, surface area, volume, weight/mass, temperature). You need to understand the process of literacy development and how to assess it. trailer Ancient civilizations also applies to the Medieval and Early Modern civilizations. The Writing Skills subtest contains two long-form essay questions. The first is known as “constructed-response,” which is very similar in format to a short essay question. The Social Studies portion of the Multiple Subjects: Subtest 1 can be divided into three main categories: Ancient Civilizations, United States History, and California History. So that means knowing things are made up of cells, and knowing how cells work. Physical Science questions focus on the structure and properties of matter, as well as the principles of motion and energy. For political science, this includes concepts like reading a map and a globe, geographic systems (like the water cycle), and cultural diffusion. They can also give you an idea of how you will perform on each subtest and which ones may need additional study time in order to get the best score possible. Big Concept Resource: Practice Questions below. You need to know equations can be different, but also the same, like how 2(x + 3) = 2x + 6. You will be given 13 multiple-choice questions and 1 constructed-response question. You must know about simple machines (levers and pulleys) and different energy forms (solar, wind, chemical, electrical, nuclear, etc.). Life Science is about the living and nonliving components in environments, as well as the life cycle, how reproduction works (get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a science test) and evolution. Depending upon their desired career path, teachers may also want to seek the Education Technology Requirement or the competence requirement for Bilingual Authorization. To take the CSET, you must present an original, government-issued, valid (non-expired) identification that has your photograph, full name, and signature. You can learn which sections take you longer and which ones take less time and plan accordingly. 134 Vintage Park Blvd. This means that if you have an easy set of questions that you, and everyone else, scores very high on- the test will “scale” your score so that the passing percentage is equal (or fair) for people who get hard test questions. The Writing Skills subtest contains two long-form essay questions. Videos Breakdown and Important Information Frequently Asked Questions. The cost for all three subtest taken together is $247. We hope that you’ve found our free practice test for the CSET® helpful as you prepare for the day of the test. United States history is not nearly as broad, but you need to know specific details. Taking timed practice tests before your exam day will give you an idea of how long you can devote to each question. Big Concept: The Mexican-American War – because it changed California immensely. Check out our CSET videos below and our free practice test above. Start studying CSET Multiple Subjects: Subtest 2 -Science. Physical education questions center on body movement skills, such as body awareness, space awareness, and movement exploration. Cognitive development questions focus on a student’s understanding of reasoning, symbolic manipulation, and problem-solving. For most test-takers, a valid driver’s license or United States Passport is a valid ID. The physical science questions test your understanding of the physical properties of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) – specifically about their mass, density, hardness, and conductivity. It is a great first step in preparing for the Multiple Subjects: Subtest 3 test. You also need to know about specific writing concepts such as principles of organization, transitions, point-of-view, word choice, task, purpose, and audience. This exam assesses applicants to ensure that they meet specific requirements for certification before they begin their teaching career in the state of California. Below is a set of multiple-choice questions and constructed-response questions that are similar to the questions you will see on Subtest II of CSET: Mathematics. Big Concept Resource: The probability and statistics questions focus on analyzing data for mean, median, mode, and range, expressing probabilities in a variety of ways, using ratios, proportions, decimals, and percentage, while assessing the probability of outcomes in terms of defined samples. As the U.S. expanded, the question of slavery became even more polarizing and important. The exam is timed, although you do not have to take it all at once. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AND, energy is passed between these levels to keep the energy in the ecosystem and food chain. An overview of the credentials and how they impact the test itself includes: Basic Skills Requirement: Needed to teach in a general classroom, this exam contains all three of the CSET Multiple Subjects tests and a Writing Skills test. Also, you should really understand the impact of Spanish exploration on California – such as the impact of the mission system. Questions from this section look at the influence of physical geography on the civilizations of the Chinese, Japanese, African, Arabian, Mesoamerican, Andean Highland, and European civilizations. There are individualized times for each subtest, although if you take all three of the subtests in the Multiple Subjects exam at once, you will have five hours total to complete the entire exam, although you can move through each subtest at your own pace. The test is graded on a scale. The CSET Multiple Subjects exam includes three subtests. Subtest I: Reading, Language, and Literature, Artistic perceptions—processing sensory information, Creative expression—producing works in the arts, Historical and cultural context—the time and place of creation of works of art, Aesthetic valuing—pursuing meaning of the arts. Reading comprehension and analysis is the last major area the Multiple Subjects: Subtest I English questions address. The CSET offers Computer-Based Testing (CBT). When taking the CSET via CBT, you can register at multiple locations throughout California during most weekdays. The Social Studies portion of the Multiple Subjects: Subtest 1 can be divided into three main categories: Ancient Civilizations, United States History, and California History. The life science questions focus on living organisms and life on Earth. Non-written communication questions address how the speaker best communicates their idea. startxref The testing center may or may not have secure storage space for your personal items. Remember these guidelines and follow them on your exam day. Also, you should understand that the earth’s processes impact the earth’s structure. Finally, you need to know about the key principles in California’s Constitution – such as progressive-era reforms of the referendum and recall – as well as the similarities and differences between California’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. Make sure you know the impact of the gold discovery on the culture, politics, social fabrics, and economy of California. 0000054313 00000 n Be sure to brush up on plate tectonics for the science test. Above are sample questions from our free online CSET Practice Test. Make sure to bring the ID with you on the day of the test to the testing center. Reconstruction eases into the industrialization of America – the second Industrial Revolution – and the immigration it encouraged. 0000002086 00000 n 0000002599 00000 n If you are taking the paper-based version of the exam, you will also be expected to bring a printed copy of your admission ticket (an electronic version will not be accepted) and several sharpened No.