$98.99 $ 98. What is more, you can also opt for dashboard customisation/refurbishment. add to order. Custom dashboards for cars are a great way of making any car feel more like your own rather than being just another unit pumped out by a factory. It took a lot of time until we settled on a particular supplier. You contact us and we agree on a custom dashboard design. There is a ton of room for improvisation. It can also be an excellent gift for a fellow car enthusiast, loved boat owner, etc. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. You get in touch with us with your idea of a repair, restoration, rewrap or possibly something entirely different. Once you and we settle on the terms, you can ship the original carcass of the steering wheel or a licensed unit from a different manufacturer for customisation. Drop us a line if you are looking for high-quality tannery for steering wheels or steering wheel customisation of any kind! Before shipping, however, get in touch with us to discuss your project. Pre-built handmade steering wheels in our catalogues have fixed prices. From refurbishment and customisation, up to varnishing and the choice of materials, GAAA does it all!Let that not discourage the fact that for an additional price we can make things your way! FREE Shipping. Custom Steering wheels  affords a  quality alternative method to replace repair and restore   steering wheels  back to  original equipment and not detract from the resale value of the car itself. When it comes to customising steering wheels, there are no exceptions. We are a new player in the international market. Join Our Mailing List . If you are in the Automotive trade  please contact us as we supply many independent businesses, We strive to be the best quality for your fine auto or truck, President-  Custom Restoration Leather Steering wheels,Inc. Additionally, we would like to emphasise that our online store has a broad range of pre-built, hand made steering wheels for sale. There are a lot of details, nuances and variables that go into play. Custom Steering wheels affords a quality alternative method to replace repair and restore steering wheels back to original equipment and not detract from the resale value of the car itself. When building a custom dashboard, we implement the same techniques used in steering wheel refurbishment. The only thing that we need for our work is the original steering wheel carcass. There's a problem loading this menu right now. You do not need to google ‘best custom steering wheels near me’, you can contact us! As of today, we only lack customers in Antarctica (conquering that market is a plan for the future), and have all other continents covered. Wooden customised dashboards, plastic, leather upholstery and a variety of other products can be made just for you! As we make a name for ourselves with the global public, our products will only go up in price because of the current price:quality ratio makes all purchases a steal! Put together; our experience spans over a century. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or Woodensteeringwheels.com) is located in Northern Europe. Our custom carbon fiber steering wheels far surpass the standard stock performance steering wheel in delivering the experience you desire. By itself, leather is a premium-class material which requires subtle skill and delicate attentiveness of the craftsman.