As soon as you enter, you'll be confronted by a boss Skelliger who'll ask you to leave. As with the previous area we had to search, make sure that the ‘Gangs of Novigrad' quest is set as your active task and find and speak to the dwarves by the entrance to the final area of interest. When you arrive, one of two things can happen, which will be determined by whether or not you helped the two other mages or not: No matter what happens, once you are in the Inn a conversation will take place. After defeating Stjepan in Oxenfurt, he'll update your objectives with another pair of innkeepers to beat – Olivier at the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad and the innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads. When you arrive at the marker, use Witcher Sense to find the dead body by the water that is indicated by the red glow. Obtain a flawless victory in all the competitions during the knights' tourney. As such, when you are ready open the lid. Burn both of them and carry on your investigation, which will lead you to the large room in the sewers to deal with more drowners. Continue to follow the tracks until you reach a small camp. He also has ranged capabilities with and will also shoot out a wave of fire in a line directly in front of him as well as tossing fireballs that can explode on impact causing a little splash damage if you are too close to them. Note: It is possible to fail this quest by asking Zoltan to join you in Kaer Morhen before completing it. Loot the fellow's body here for a Note and a Bloodstained Key – this will activate the side-quest ‘Blood Gold'. Exit the hidden area and follow the path until you reach a purple magic barrier. As such, I recommend you do it early on! With a well-constructed Northern Realms deck featuring Heroes, some Tight Bond Units (Blue Stripes Commando + Catapults), Decoys and Spy/Medic cards, you should have no trouble outlasting him. Drowners During the conversation you'll have a few options: Once you have either AXII'd or bribed him, you'll get the information you were after. When we're back in control of Geralt, swim out to the search area in the water ahead. Knock him out at the end of the conversation if you like or let him go (the choice doesn't seem to make any difference). You'll want to find and speak with Rautlec here – he's a dwarf standing by the stands. We can either leave the Witch Hunters to their business or help the mage. This is especially effective in narrow segments of track.Be sure to stay on the racing line! Activate Witcher Sense and scan the room. Approach the guards at the gate for a conversation. Return to Dijkstra when you're ready to help him. He'll usually try to link together some unit cards with Tight Bond and try to overpower you with lots of Siege weapons. Question Reuven about Dandelion's disappearance without raising any suspicions. At this point, you'll want to meditate as there is a boss fight in the next room. Afterwards, we'll need to wait a little while so our old mate Hattori (now a Master Swordsmith) will have sufficient time to craft our reward. 4 Don't miss the Dandelion Gwent card. He'll also use Scorch at least once in the match and additionally has in his possession a ‘Villentretenmerth' card – so as per usual keep an eye on your front row strength values (and keep the total under 10) until he plays it. Cup on the bench to the right of the door. Either way you'll be attacked. When you arrive at the marker, walk up and interact with the large arched wooden doors to initiate another conversation. After a brief conversation, he'll send you off to Madame Irena at the Mummer's area (where we did the play earlier in the game). Dandelion is a neutral close combat gwent card in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Roll away straight afterwards and do it again. Note: for completing the quest, you'll earn 50XP and 300 Crowns. It's also a wise move to switch your leader variant to Foltest with the ability to cast clear weather to help out if you get in a bind in the later rounds. Remnants of eyes on the workbench to the left as you enter.A tipped over chair.The scent of formaldehyde in the corner to the right of the entrance. As you enter the room, the Witch Hunters become hostile. The quests require that you best a series of challengers in horse races over a number of different courses. This will trigger a new side-quest ‘The Soldier Statuette'. The side-quest requires that you track down a series of challengers and best them in hand-to-hand combat. Alchemist Greetings! As soon as you finish this quest, you'll not be able to attempt it again. Note: If Ves dies, you will fail this quest and will also be unable to recruit Roche and Ves (obviously) for Kaer Morhen and will be subsequently unable to complete ‘Brothers in Arms: Novigrad' AND miss out on the 'Full Crew' Achievement/trophy. Charred notes on the left side of the room.The megascope on the right side of the room.The Polished Crystal on the floor by the megascope. Loot the fellow's body here for an Unsent Letter and a Slightly Bent Key – looting these will activate the side-quest ‘Dowry'. As always for those who like to rely on Weather cards, it's also a wise move to switch your leader variant to Foltest with the ability to cast clear weather to help out if you get in a bind in the later rounds. She'll also use Spy and Medic cards on occasion but fortunately she doesn't seem to have too many of those. Fast travel to the Vegelbud Residence signpost and make your way over to the racing area. Triss also finds a key to give to Dijkstra. u/PlutoniumRooster. You can find the Gwent players associated with this side-quest in the following locations: Location: Is located in the bank in Hierarch's Square in central Novigrad. Search the hidden room using your Witcher Senses. Following the conversation, make your way over to the building nearby indicated by the objective marker. The former option however is a little trickier. 1 year ago. Whichever way you choose, you'll be able to leave the cave. Prepare yourself and then meditate until sundown (6:00PM). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the bottom she'll hide behind the corner for a few moments. Follow this along the road a short distance and up a small flight of stairs and it will lead you to a crate on the ground. I found that the best strategy against him, as with the second opponent, is to throw the first round, but do so whilst trying to get him to use as many Musters as possible early on – use your high strength units, heroes and Decoys (if possible) to get him to overcommit in the first round. Unfortunately, you won't get far and you'll need to fight some guards. Return to Zoltan with the Card and the Ledger. He'll also use Scorch at least once in the match. After a brief conversation (both options will end the same way) you'll find yourself in a fight. Fight off any Wolves in the area at this point. Type You'll be thrust into a conversation with Pricilla at this point and have to make a decision about the building's décor. If the player insults the guards or says anything threatening to try and protect Triss the guards will attack, losing the chance to talk to Menge about Dandelion or the treasure. Do NOT mention the treasure unless you want to help Dijkstra as it will cause Menge to attack when you next ask about Dandelion. Turn on your Witcher Sense to find a glowing square on the wall nearby. This fight makes way for one last scene in which you have a timed decision to make, you can say one of the following: If Triss returns you'll get a bonus sexy time scene. The third opponent plays with a Monsters faction deck and he focuses on the Muster ability. Exit the morgue and fast travel over to the Vegelbud Residence to the east of Novigrad. After the chat, enter the nearby door to the warehouse. Buy the Ofieri blinders, Ofieri saddlebags and either the Ofieri decorated saber or the Diagram: Ofieri saber (has to be crafted) from the Ofieri merchant at Upper Mill. Is it possible to use a commanders horn on top of this card? Either way you choose to approach the situation, once the Skelligers have left the establishment, you can return outside and speak to the Strumpet again to complete the side-quest. Activate Geralt's Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following: Once we have examined the Rope, a scent trail will appear whilst in Witcher Sense mode. Triss will set the place on fire regardless of how it went inside and teleport out. marker on the map directly over it. Note: For beating Djikstra you'll earn 25XP. They shouldn't put up too much resistance. Head just around the corner and speak to the man behind the corpse wagon. After the conversation, you'll receive 50 . DO NOT choose any conversation options that indicate you might not help or this will end the conversation. Use your AARD to open it up. With the ‘Gangs of Novigrad' quest as your active task, seek out the yellow investigation circle close to the southern of the two remaining objective markers. Do not ask Triss about the crystal, avoid the objective, If you chose to let Keira parlay with Radovid: Talk to Triss and do, Meet Ciri at the Chameleon and tell her to go by herself into the room with Phillipa (event spawned after finishing Ciri's, Yennefer's, and Triss' quests), Guess the correct Van Rogh (Portrait of a Merchant) for Yaromir. If you choose the aggressive option off the bat, you'll need to kill the fellow in Crippled Kate's immediately which will end the quest. This will update our objectives. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . He'll most likely use a Spy Card at some point and will also use a Medic card or two to revive either Spy cards or high value strength cards – so be ready for that! Afterwards continue through the gate. Here you'll find an open sewer grating with some guards outside. Note: For beating Zoltan you'll earn 25XP. He'll focus on amassing siege units in the back line before using a Commander's Horn (with both his Leader Ability and Card) to greatly boost damage. Examine the water to note there's oil on the surface, then move to the back of the pool to find a silver lid similar to the bomb. Turn on Geralt's Witcher Sense and locate the footprints nearby. Start Location: To the east of Novigrad. Note: For beating Thaler you'll earn 25XP. As soon as you leave the house, the side-quest will be completed. Once you have found the body of interest, have the doctor examine all of its body parts. To complete this, we simply need to revisit the King of Beggars in the Putrid Grove. Compared to the first round, with a Northern Realms deck, the second round was much easier. Read the Unsent Letter in the Key Items section of the inventory. Entering the portal will trigger a conversation with a lost Witch Hunter. To begin this side-quest you'll need to head to the Passiflora brothel in central Novigrad and speak to the Scribe on the ground floor. When you are ready to go, speak with Count Tybalt to begin. You'll be able to inspect the following: Document – ‘Concerened Citizen's Sermon' nailed to the back wall.A blood stain on the ground by the dirt path.Tipped over Brazier on the ground by the dirt path.A footprint on the ground by the blood stain.The scent of formaldehyde by the entrance to the alley. Head on through to continue. No matter what option you choose during the ensuing conversation you'll end up in a fist fight. E'er y gloir! Approach her for a conversation. The former spy will then task you to head to Henckel's house to check for any clues. Winning each round will net you some rare cards that are found nowhere else in the game, so if you are trying to collect them all you need to take part! The trail ends here. The only way to get those three cards is by playing in that tournament at the masquerade ball during the quest. Once you have finished up in the bathhouse during the ‘Get Junior' quest, we'll need to search three areas of interest. Return to the bathhouse and summarize with Dijkstra. Dijkstra will then leave and you can begin investigating the mess Dandelion got himself into. Start Location: This side-quest is very hard to find as it is in the sewers. When we are back in control, return to Hattori's dumpling shop and approach the door. For choosing to help the Mage, you'll also get a Lesser Perun Runestone, Veles Runestone and a Chernobog Runestone.