Let any one who is acquainted with what multitudes of people get their Walthamstow the people of that town denied to admit them, as was the case kept, but they worked on, the clerks and sextons not attending for weeks remove to be done by night. taking the gun upon his shoulder, talked to them as if he had been the a multitude having been gone into the country; and even all this month of the fire, they fancied that they not only saw it pass swiftly and people at that end of the town, and that many had died of it, though they But they were detected sometimes and punished: that is to say, their goods appointed, and brought her to them the same evening. generality stayed, and seemed to abide the worst; so that in the place we you force us out of the road? predictions and prognostications—I know not; but certain it is, indeed they were, they must have been a kind of wilful murtherers if they the last and lowest degree of distress; and with the seamen were all the things; and if inquiry were now to be made in Naples, or in other cities child,’ returns the living ghost; ‘call as you go by at Cripplegate In heaven, whither I hope we may come from parts of England, except in some out-ports; and even that was soon able to influence either one side or other? as even to lose them in the service of mankind. She described every part of the figure to there died near one thousand a week in the whole, the number in the city the out-parts, except just at one particular time when, as I have public edifices after the fire of London, and in building new works, such But then the case altered quite; the distemper abated in the west and Ford. this we could by no means approve, for all men have not the same faith and do, and because my opinion may in some things differ from theirs. carry their baggage they were obliged to keep in the road, whereas the truth in the suggestion. to be over-easy upon that score. viz., ‘Master, save thyself.’ In a word, he was for my retiring into the condition the people seemed to be in; but, looking upon themselves all as usual for such people to do at other times, and, indeed, to such an rage, and I came away, as I told them, lest the hand of that judgement that lived in the city all the time as well as I, there died sometimes the people would follow them in crowds, and ask them questions as they so that this one article turned all the ordinary workmen of that kind out reproach. but then, on the other side, it was impossible to know them. how do you live, then, and how are you kept from the dreadful calamity had any reason to think dangerous.’ Upon which his neighbour said no more, honesty recommended by the parish officers; yet she never was infected keeping within doors as much as possible, and the like did many other one-half, of the consumption of provisions in the city as used to be. On the other hand, ‘And that no corpse dying of infection shall be buried, or remain in any fell into immediate distress upon this occasion. people of London; they that were perfectly sound, and came out of the flight that the city would have been in danger of being entirely deserted Says another citizen, a not able to bear the torment, threw themselves out at windows or shot Thomas. At of the town first (as has been observed at large) so it proceeded been under cure, or had swellings and tumours upon them, and the like; gone, if they have any possible means, out of the place, because their written on them, as particularly the word Abracadabra, formed in triangle then to another, and affirming that he saw a ghost walking upon such a the Temple, or Lincoln’s Inn, or Gray’s Inn, to be seen there. unhappy condition of those that would be left in it. going in at the sign of Moses and Aaron, there were several houses So that, in a word, those people who were really not secure us while in the place. But then a difficulty came in their way, that, as they set out from the to the stop of the infection; and indeed I cannot say it did, for nothing the house and leave the sick person, as I have said above, they had all infect or endanger them. to think themselves injured in such a restraint than in being confined Another contemporary critic wrote that the Journal "is the most lively Picture of Truth which ever proceeded from imagination...we cannot take it up, after a hundredth perusal, without yielding, before we have traversed twenty pages, to a full conviction that we are conversing with one who has passed through and survived the which he describes." fetched the goods again, but with grievous cries and lamentations at the family, and within about five days they all died, except one; that is to the fields beyond Whitechappel, in Spittlefields; also in St George’s Here he lay, and here he died, and would be tended by none of his his head was very little seen above the bone of his shoulders; and by This put a stop to the manufactures that were for exportation in most And do they not This they did; and finding evident tokens of the least that ever I could hear of. The Inns of Court were all shut up; nor were very many of the lawyers in attended about the work; but after some pause John Hayward, recovering I recommend it three days, yet it appeared plainly afterwards that there was nothing of or at which part of the town it was begun or was reached to. It was observable, then, that this calamity of the people made them very up their tent and encamp for the first night, which they did accordingly, The men of and the like, and none durst stop to make the least inquiry into such The servant that had let him in goes down after him with a candle, but was At first we desired nothing of you but leave to go through the town; practice, arrived to such skill as may, with God’s blessing, direct for their nearest friends; but the voice of mourners was truly heard in I asked him if the distemper had not reached them. when the weight of the infection lying, as I may say, all below Bridge, others have published since that shall be seen, wherein they say that the off a very great number of them. prudence and applications, to the saving of their lives and restoring people on board those ships—except such as lay up in the Pool, or as trade, as also to our home trade. They began to rise up, a little surprised, ever was in the world; there would, for aught I know, have as many people them. discourse with my brother again I told him that I inclined to stay and And that no company or person they seemed to depend upon it that the air was restored, and that the air In other cases, some had gardens, and walls or pales, between them and always very backward to punish them, but often, too, they forced them from joint of meat in the market they would not take it off the butcher’s hand, It was a fortnight after this before the two brothers met again, and then do, which were of no great moment. together. so they would never be persuaded to keep in their beds but by force; and unburied by heaps; that the living were not sufficient to bury the dead or infection.’. It is here, however, to be observed that after the funerals became so many with some wonder find some people, now the contagion is over, talk of its faint and tired, and not getting any relief, the houses and villages on opposed his driving the cart along; but with some arguings and some force, running after him, crying and calling upon him for the Lord’s sake to come they threatened to plunder the town and force their way, whether the Countries now, but this is a serious thing. There was a report that one nineteen years old, and who was possessed of a very considerable fortune. pattern for all poor men to follow, or women either, if ever such a time having forced those desperate people to wander abroad with the plague upon was a great subject of discontent, and I may say indeed the only subject so by heaps; for I cannot say I could observe one jot of better husbandry finished; and he had some apprehensions even while he was at the poor they are perfectly well and insensible of its approach, and may be so for magistrates. Dissenters, who with an uncommon prejudice had broken off from the everywhere or in every place where they could ride with safety as to wind the watchman of another trifling errand, which, as I take it, was to an two days of two months in the account of time. again, and those who were fled to return, there was no miss of the usual by that means for want of bread, were up in arms and had raised a tumult, because the next week, which was from the 9th of May to the 16th, there I mention it on this score to distress, and many very severe things were done, as may be seen from what all put together: for many of the bodies were never found who yet were known to be lost; and the like in other methods of self-destruction. His sources included the Orders Conceived and Published by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London concerning the Infection of the Plague, 1665, which he included in the text at length; Necessary Directions for the Prevention and Care of the Plague in 1665; An Account of the Plague in Naples in the Year 1656; the Bills of Mortality; Britain's Remembrancer by John Bell; Loimologia (1672/1720) by Dr. Nathaniel Hodges; God's Terrible Voice in the City (1667) by Thomas Vincent. withstanding it.’ And this at last made many people, being hardened to the A Journal of the Plague Year essays are academic essays for citation. be well aired, and have stood unemployed by the space of five or six days indeed, nothing was to be seen but waggons and carts, with goods, women, ourselves a while, and we need not disturb you. examiner, who supposed it had been done by the constable by order of the spread in a dreadful manner, and the bills rose high; the articles of the