On a whim, the Joker commits his most devastating act by annihilating the People's Republic of China and then gobbling their piled-up skulls like Galactus (literally just to make a bad joke). That latter characteristic is due to his resistance to intense pain and quick recovery from injury - another side effect of his chemical transformation that greatly comes in handy when Batman is beating him to pulp. The trickster is a mythic character, present especially in the mythologies of Africa and the Native Americas. You can contact her at arcane@mcgilldaily.com. A hero is only as good as its villain, but some villains have even managed to surpass their own adversaries… in terms of popularity, that is. When Darkseid consults with the Quintessence (a super pact of the universe's most powerful celestial beings), the lord god of Apololips is horrified to discover that Joker has already infected the minds of the Wizard SHAZAM, Ganthet, Zeus, the Phantom Stranger, and All Father--with a 2000 Budweiser commercial reference (Wazzup!). Look at it from a comparative mythological perspective. He transforms the Justice League into insulting parodies of themselves, he turns Lois Lane into a version of Lex Luthor, and Lex Luthor into his personal court jester (who retains all his memories from the unaltered timeline). He mocks the established order, and even the idea that there could be an order at all, and introduces irony and absurdity where once existed truth and sacredness. He later toys with the Man of Steel as well, turning him into a super criminal imprisoned for the murder of Lex Luthor (who is in fact, not actually dead), forced to relive the same day over and over. Maybe if Loki were to make himself look like Batman, that would be enough to get the clown's blood boiling. Emperor Joker is so powerful, even other divine beings are forced to submit to his will. Loki Vs. Joker: Could Marvel's Trickster God Take On DC's Clown Prince Of Crime? X-Men: What Were Angel’s Most Powerful Wings? However, 5th Dimensional Imps are great at not causing permanent damage to the fabric of reality and usually clean up after themselves when they leave. Depending on which interpretation you accept as canon, the true origins of the Joker are widely unknown, even to himself, although he prefers to keep his life story “multiple choice.” However, behind that white face, green hair, and red, grinning smile, what is clear about him are his intentions to lead the world into chaos. And as is often the case in trickster myths, he achieves some sort of victory. As far as trickster gods go, Emperor Joker puts Loki to shame just on the sheer level of chaos he envokes. What do you think? He also turns Arkham Asylum into a giant flying saucer. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This is Elena Dugan’s first column about religion and myth in the modern world. Let’s call the Joker a ‘trickster,’ a pretty easy jump, based on his name. Does Joker deserve the crown or do you think I'm just pulling another Loki-style trick. Most people who are familiar with the 5th Dimensional Imp know him from Superman: the Animated Series, where he was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more comic book movie news and hypothetical character battles here on CinemaBlend. They are matched in emotional damage, dangerous mischief, and genius-level criminal mastery, but they are unmatched in fighting ability and training in the mystic arts, of which Loki has the best advantage. Of course, on the other side of that coin, you will rarely see the Joker best Batman in combat because fighting is not his strong suit, at least in an organized fashion. The Trickster is a member of the Rogues and enemy of The Flash who commits crimes using dangerous gadgets themed after practical joke elements. Batman was left so traumatized by the horrors inflicted upon him that the Spectre has to pluck out the memories of it just to keep him sane. The question is, which one of big baddies is the biggest and the baddest? Batman's Secret History With Ghost-Maker Finally Revealed, The JOKER Once Became DC's Trickster God (For Real), Batman And Captain America Once Teamed Up To Fight Joker And Red Skull, the Joker commits his most devastating act by annihilating the People's Republic of China, Joker's New Girlfriend Punchline Is The ANTI-Harley Quinn, Batman & Superman Just Resurrected A Kryptonian Nightmare. He has the power to warp reality, limited only by his sadistic imagination. Dorian Black is a writer for the comic book news section for Screen Rant. It would be unwise to let that clownish makeup distract you from how dangerous this man truly is for, despite his chemically induced mania, his criminal mastery is equivalent to the genius-level intellect of Batman. By Dorian Reyes Black Mar 28, 2020 When it comes to trickster gods, most think of Marvel's Loki. Now, you may think that Loki has the upper hand on a psychologically disturbed maniac in that realm, but if you recall, the Joker is the same man who tricked Superman into killing his own wife, so I would not underestimate this clown's brain power. Underestimating someone like the Joker is always a bad idea, and Mxy's arrogance cost him nearly all his 5th Dimensional abilities. After losing several battles, Mxy explains how reality-bending actually works--that the universe is just a network of collective consciousnesses that form an agreed upon reality. He is not driven by greed (“It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message”), by sex, nor by the desire for power. He tells the clown god that he's nothing without Batman, which eventually goads Joker into negating Batman's very existence--with no Batman there is no Joker, and with no Joker there is no Jokerverse. Jason Wiese Published: Mar. He also makes Bizarro Earth's number one hero and Jimmy Olsen his sidekick, Gravedigger Lad. Just as many a battle against humans have ended for him, Loki would be too distracted by his own hubris to predict (or even comprehend) how a mere mortal could defeat him, but Joker always has a plan (Joker Venom mixed with steroids to increase his strength or a quick read-up at Sanctum Santorum's library) to ensure he has the laugh. Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:00:28, © 1911-2020 The McGill Daily | WordPress theme based on Neve | Powered by WordPress. Did Star Wars' Darth Vader Inspire A Marvel Supervillain? ジョーカー(The Joker)は、DCコミックスの出版するアメリカンコミック『バットマン』に登場する架空のスーパーヴィラン。ビル・フィンガー、ボブ・ケイン、ジェリー・ロビンソンによって創造され、1940年4月の"Batman #1"で初登場した。 Emperor Joker was a miniseries that ran through all four of DC's Superman titles in 2000. Mythology is an attempt to capture truth, to express a construction of the cosmos, one that is necessarily culturally conditioned. He repeatedly kills characters, brings them back to life, and then kills them again. In fact, the Joker could be considered his arch nemesis' equal in other various ways that range from expertise in various types of gadgetry and weaponry, stealthiness, disguises, intimidation, and a tendency to dodge certain death. By thorough analysis of the characteristics that give them a leg up on their usual foes and the flaws that put them at a fatal disadvantage, I theorize which one of these two devilish evildoers will have the laugh. When Dorian is not on the clock, he is also a big fan of photography—behind the camera, in front of the camera, and photo editing on his tablet. Mxy gets his powers back, but Superman makes him promise never to return to Earth again. But one day Mxy got careless with his mischief and offered the Joker a sliver of his reality-warping powers. Why was the Joker such a big deal? His full name is James Montgomery Jesse, (his original alias in the comics) and has committed mass killings in various states according to his dossier. 2020 12:00 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to … He is a force of chaos not only in the world of Gotham, but also in our own conception of mythology and heroism. Even the Spectre (the embodiment of God's Old Testament wrath) and literal Satan eventually succumb to the Joker's vision. For instance, there was a time when Loki was one of the brightest highlights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there's no question why most of the best DC movies have the Joker in them. The Joker embodied and created chaos, and Gotham is forever affected. Effectively glitching out his own reality, Joker is transformed back into a mortal being and left babbling his own name backwards in a trance-like state. Think of how the Joker mocked not only Gotham, but also the audience’s approach to superheroes. However, his most crucial and debilitating flaw is easily his own ambition, which, paired with an unquenchable thirst for power and a general lack of human understanding, has sealed his downfall on numerous occasions. Joker was simply forcing everyone to experience his individual reality simultaneously, thus altering the fabric of the universe. Let us take a moment to imagine Joker finds a way to sneak through the Bifrost into Asgard, crossing paths with old Loki, and inciting a quarrel of bombastic proportions in which only one can be the ultimate victor. There is no negotiating with him, for there is nothing he wants. 22. To use a term from the Marvel Universe, Emperor Joker is an Omega Level threat. It effectively flipped the power dynamics of the two characters--the Joker, a mortal man who relies exclusively on his wits is granted godlike power, while Superman, a godlike man is forced to rely exclusively on his wits. Your best bet is to make the story so compelling that whether the facts align or not becomes immaterial. Maybe it's Tom Hiddleston's cheekbones that make Loki so enchanting in the eyes of so many nerds, but there was brief period in the year 2000 where Thor's little brother was only the second greatest trickster god in all of comics. And even though its antagonist was Batman's greatest nemesis, it's actually a pretty good Superman story. Who do you think would win: Loki or the Joker? In the episode "The Trickster", private investigator Megan Lockhart (played by Joyce Hyser) attempts to capture a wanted criminal psychopathnamed James Jesse. The McGill Daily is located on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory. There was a time in DC's history where the Joker became a full-fledged celestial being and rewrote the world in his own demented image. The Joker embodied and created chaos, and Gotham is forever affected. Let’s take a look at arguably the most infamous character in film over the last ten years, Heath Ledger’s Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. However, he and the Joker can punch, kick, or throw magic back and forth (the Clown Prince knows a few tricks) all they want, but it is not going to do any good because whatever physical damage they cause each will be nothing but a scratch by the next round thanks to their shared regenerative healing ability. (“Yeah, I’m Jerry Seinfeld’s cousin.