Andy smugly says to the camera that seeing Erin and Pete unhappy has made him feel better. In "The Sting", Andy gets jealous over hearing of a former Here Comes Treble member's musical success, and forms an underwhelming but enjoyable office band with Darryl and Kevin. Erin ultimately is revealed to have been watching from the back, Cece in tow, to Andy's delight and to Jim and Pam's chagrin. However, Andy later tells the camera that he does think Erin is great. Although he was initially going to be fired by David Wallace as Andy's pursuit of his career came at the expense of his job such as auditioning during the work day for student films, buying an expensive photo printer with company money for his head shots and asking David to pay for facial cheek implants during a teleconference. Andy and Kevin successfully team up in the season to take back lost parking spaces taken in the first place by renovators of another company in the business park in a meeting of the building tenants, referred to as the "The Five Families".He is rebuffed from clubbing in "Night Out" with Michael and Dwight in New York with the newly promoted Ryan by Dwight, who has a rekindled dislike for Andy considering his relationship with Angela. Television programs In "Work Bus", Andy continues to torment Nellie, especially when she needs an employer's signature to verify her employment to an adoption agency. Andy returns in "Couples Discount" in a rapidly different appearance as a result of being away from three months in the Bahamas. Andy admits this as he doesn't want to see the printer fire cause a catastrophe to a school or hospital, but finds himself harassed throughout the day by the sales staff when they all suspect he did it. In "The Duel", Michael informs him of Angela and Dwight's affair, and Andy responds to this by confronting Dwight and challenging him to a duel. Later, Andy finally manages to hire three warehouse workers. However, it's evident that Andy is also trying to prove himself to his parents, who were under the impression that he was CEO of the company until later. Round 4: Who is the funniest character? He then teams up with Jim, and they attempt to use the copier as a battering ram, against one of the locked doors. He goes to great lengths to try and impress them, even with a toast that gets progressively worse when Andy resents his father and brother performing a duet that Andy tried performing with his father. Michael wanted to be a fun manager instead of one that people feared. Over a year later, Erin, after breaking up with Gabe Lewis, asks Andy out on a date, but he dismisses her advances, because of his lingering issues with her leaving him for Gabe. Buying the office pizza on his first day was as close as he ever came to winning over the paper salesmen, and after his actions led Michael down the route of quitting, he became viewers’ most hated character on the show. Simsbury, Connecticut, USA He holds a meeting with the staff in order to catch up on what he missed, so to meet with David Wallace, who has been under the impression that Andy has been at the office the entire time via phone calls and e-mails.