poison ship parts in 1.0) will kill nearby plants and cause serious losses to pastures or crops. EMP mortar blasts are able to stun a large number of mechanoids caught in its blast. As with any tactic involving meat shields, this poses a great risk to colonists' lives. Despite their apparent role, their performance is actually better the closer you are to them, meaning that approaching them isn't a good option. After they scatter widely apart, divide and conquer, using large groups of soldiers to overcome them with ease, while others are busy demolishing other parts of your base. Warriors or berserkers don't use shields (unlike their pirate counterpart, the mercenary slasher), making them vulnerable to gunfire. A fast, long-range weapon is safest (e.g. You will move slowly and reload times will be very high but that offset is compensated with high damage of this weapon. They are vulnerable to flanking if they haven't finished their sandbags or left a side uncovered. Class: Machine Guns Move in a zigzag pattern in front of the enemy to draw their attention, and dodge the rockets when they are discharged. Nearly every bullet will connect, dealing heavy amounts of damage upfront. Like the StA-62, the StA-X3 can be dismounted and carried. Sights: Reflex Sight Can be used to take down annoying long-ranged snipers or small gunner groups. Their slow speed and weaker blunt armor make them excellent targets for high-explosive mortar attacks. All nearby centipedes with the minigun or heavy charge blaster must either be engaged in melee or disabled to prevent this from happening. talk about it in comments. Make sure to dodge the grenades if they do close in. Previously in 1.0, you can lure the mechanoids simply by triggering at range. Different strategies may be required, compared to pirate or outlander raids. This can be exploited to your advantage, as long as you're willing to have a few animals valiantly sacrifice themselves. Don't build too many or you will vaporize the mechanoid corpses, which can be deconstructed for resources. When faced with a siege, there are a few strategies you can use. They are vulnerable in melee combat, so melee rushing supported by close-range firepower can be used to take them down. Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms They will actively attack doors if a colonist hides behind them; as a precaution, build it out of a sturdier material such as plasteel so they don't get destroyed during a manhunter attack. Faction: Helghast/Visari Corp. They get distracted quite easily, wasting them on animals or lone colonists. You run faster while you have this equipped, very light gun making it ideal for situations in which you want to infiltrate into the enemy close quarters and do your objective. They can take more of a beating compared to other poorly armored enemies as some of the clothing items they wear gives them increased endurance against pain, but when compared with other decently armored enemies they are easier to kill individually as their clothing doesn't provide much protection overall. Faction: ISA This is a horribly effective way to defeat melee attacks. Although they do not home like missile launchers, they should be a part of almost any weapon set due to their long range and significant explosive power. Raiders will smash any player-built furniture left out in the open, such as tables or wooden stools. They can easily win in a 1v1 fight unless your fighters are heavily armored and have high DPS. Rocket launchers deal heavy damage while being reasonably accurate. Engaging your flankers also results in enemy fire being scattered, so focus fire won't take down anyone easily. Sights: Iron Sights Besides being caught in a blast, enemies can also take friendly fire if the rockets impact them instead of your colonists. Their behavior change in 1.1 makes them vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics. This is especially true if you happen to have forgotten about a hive, which given time can build itself into a giant mega-hive. The optimal method of dispatching them is by melee blocking, with the added effect of luring the other mechanoids closer to your base. They also come in smaller numbers than regular raids. Pirates can range from only wearing a tattered pair of pants to armor vests to full sets of power armor. The VC8 offers good stopping power at short range, but quickly becomes less accurate over larger distances. Provided they don't stray too far, they won't receive friendly fire as the shooters simply fire over them. It does have a weak spot that can affect the operator, however. Manhunters packs can arrive in great numbers, afflicted by the deadly disease. The downside of this approach is that it makes it impossible to farm any insect meat or jelly from the infestation, because it will all burn, and it is usually too hot inside the spawn room to manually extinguish the fires to save the goods (unless there is a way to quickly vent the heat, which is usually not feasible to set up). The explosive nature of them is very helpful against swarms as many enemies can be killed with a single shot. However, this also means that access to the premier weapon, the Genocide Gun, cannot be achieved until the entire Inferno difficulty has been cleared. Mechanoids are also part of crashed ship events. They will also attack prisoners if they are captured from their enemy factions. B3J3778 Rifle Platoon in the Defense 3 Basic Officer Course Topic Page Characteristics of the Defense 6 ... crew-served weapons range cards, a map, and an overlay, prepare a platoon fire plan overlay, to report the unit’s ... rules to be adhered to without exception. Explosive, incendiary or area denial weapons are excellent at room-clearing, but are not recommended except in dire situations due to heavy collateral damage. They are also adept at combat, with many being acquainted to some combat skill or another. Same situation but with melee blocking; only 1 colonist downed, and all elephants defeated. Sights: Iron Sights The StA-3 is an LMG with a sizeable ammo drum and a tremendous fire rate. It also works well with melee blocking to lure enemies into trying to jam themselves into your chokepoints, rather than beating up your base. Class: Rifles Good for defending the objective, you can easily defend any spot that makes enemy come in close quarters and when they does – you can easily pick them off. Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms Once your defenders intercept them, they will turn to engage you. They may also attack random furniture and structures in your colony. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Raiders take their sweet time to exterminate any trace of your tamed animals on the map. It is ideal for sweeping rooms or clearing out enemy entrenchments. Besides actual assistance, traders may also come with around 550 - 1000 points, enough to hold their own against a smaller raid. Faction: ISA No cheats - Be the first to submit one! Watch out for fire and heat spreading to nearby rooms, and put out fires immediately once the raiders are well done. Launcher, it has a relatively fast reload rate. Raiders will prioritise firing on colonists or turrets that are actively engaging, but will otherwise attack random objects. However, if the enemy catches up, your colonist will be slowed and on his own. The fire created will usually last several hours, which is more than enough time to kill everything in the spawn room. Missile Launchers: Very powerful and useful at almost any range, missile launchers can be used for a variety of tasks. Your other colonists should be closer to the enemy to draw fire, but out of the rocket's path lest it hits your colonists instead. Note that charging at entrenched ranged attackers can also divert their attention from your own entrenched forces to your charging brawlers. Ranged mechanoids have a long attack range (at least 27 tiles), making them troublesome to deal with. Spread out colonists so they don't take collateral damage, even if it may mean some will fire out of cover. If you aren't afraid of friendly fire, it can be combined with a firing squad from a distance for devastating effects. Firing at a greater angle; 2 stone chunks block 37% total. Gunners should stay out of range of rockets until all rockets launchers have been used. The LS13 is a pump action shotgun with devastating close-range damage. Blocking can be used to slow down prison breaks, seal off escape routes for enemies, or more aggressively to devastate melee only raids, detailed below.