The tax cuts administered under the incumbent President can be considered typical of Republican policies. Federalists and Democratic-, each-other for many political positions, such as presidency. This leads to many, many different ideas, especially on how this country should be ran. Abraham Lincoln was the first republican president. The Democratic and the Republican parties are two oldest and most influential political parties in the US. Have Americans Lived Up To The Ideals Expressed In The Declaration Of Independence? Premium Democrats believe in a larger government where tax plans may be implemented which may help the under privileged. On the death penalty issue, the Democratic Party have a far higher percentage of opponents. Every American citizen has the right to vote. For the most part, the candidates' views conform with the political platform of their party — Biden is "pro-choice" on abortion rights, Trump is "pro-life"; Biden supports the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for undocumented … On Guam, you vote for the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the senators. Retrieved from: On Guam, you vote for the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the senators. Many people still do not really truly understand the difference of being a republican or democrat. The latter are inclined to support a proactive position for government within society as they feel it can ameliorate people’s life quality and help attain equality and opportunity. Another example is the Social Security issue. Democrats & Republicans Compare & Contrast Essay. Premium Would love your thoughts, please comment. This pair of words is borrowed from …, Defence vs Defense! These mean that people who earn more money need to pay a higher percentage of their income as taxes. Democrats are known as ‘Pro-Choice.’ They strongly support a woman’s right to choose if a safe and legal abortion is necessary. Although there are similarities between the parties, they tend to be overshadowed by individual party ideologies. This comparison examines the differences between the policies and political positions of the Democratic and Republican parties on major issues such as taxes, the role of government, entitlements (Social Security, Medicare), gun control, immigration, healthcare, abortion, environmental policy and regulation. Republicans believe that every born and unborn child has the right to live; therefore, they are against abortion. At the same time, Republicans tend to be more conservative in their views on social values and policies involving the lives of individuals. The Democrats also tend to be more supportive of various affirmative action initiatives. Points of agreements between both governmental units reflect the unity and consensus that exists in American society that accepts such values as democracy in government, civil rights, and free market mechanisms in the economy. They report that "by many measures, the performance gap is startlingly large." We are typically seen as being on the “left”, also called liberals, or on the “right”, called conservatives. However, as time has passed, both major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, have become increasingly polarized in their conquest for power. This land allows for differences in opinion, religion, and even differences in sexual preference. In the case of abortion, a number of Republicans are against abortion and the contraception mandate which forces employers to pay for plans for health insurance which covers contraception, whereas Democrats back women’s rights to abortion and legal abortions. 3  Pages, "Compare And Contrast Republicans Vs Democrats", the 1850's. Some people do not consider themselves Democratic or Republican. Republicans recognize that our nation is enriched by immigrants seeking a better life. Among the list of commonly confused words, …, Fiancée or Fiancé? 5  A study by Princeton University economists Alan Blinder and Mark Watson found that the economy performs better when the president is a Democrat. Compare/Contrast essay on Republicans and Democrats. In general, Republicans seem to enjoy more support among men, whereas women and racial minorities tend to favor Democrats because of their support for affirmative action and more socially oriented policies. 4  Pages. The first official meeting was held on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. Two words don’t have to be spelled …, Learnt vs Learned! The first official meeting was held on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. When it comes to words that are …, Laying vs Lying! They also think that the best taxes are the ones that are the same for everyone, i.e. Religion also matters in the link between voter profiles and preferences. The distinction between the two is also that the Democratic Party usually supports more significant interference of the state social matters to combat social injustice and inequality and overcome poverty. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE US3 Free essay samples and research paper examples available online are plagiarized. Three issues that can be examined as such are public health care, election process, and lack of cooperation. You can hear politicians from both parties saying that the immigration system of the United States is broken, and both Republicans and Democrats support deportations. As Republicans support the idea of a smaller government, they believe that it needs fewer taxes to sustain itself. On Guam, you vote for the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the senators. These two parties play an important role in our government, they are a source of ideas for public policy, legally opposing each other, forcing compromise of ideas that are beneficial to the people to the of the United States of America. The party on economic issues typically favors policies developed within Reaganomics: the view that lower taxes are stimulating for economic growth. Many people believe that the Republican rule is better for stimulating the economy because of adherence to private entrepreneurship and small government interference. Whereas a Democrat seems to be more open minded and they stand for government supported programs. Both parties believe that we should lower taxes. ENC 1101 5  Pages.   Thus, Republicans and Democrats represent two main political forces in the American political world. These parties go against each-other for many political positions, such as presidency. The basic principles of the Republican Party are: all people are entitled to equal rights, individuals, not government, and decisions are best make close to home.