Find an item, bring it back. and "Last night I dreamed we would meet again."). then "Some digimon enjoy the freedom" then "You could come just to help out in emergencies" and he'll ask for 10k luck coins. The entrance to this area is south of the Meaty Troops Fort on the lower area of Guts Wastes. Veemon and Togemon had a battle Togemon told him he was missing something in his attack so he ran off. Updated Justimon section in Faulty Ex Machina section. Indicaesquetrine (UlforceVeedramon digivolution stone), 50x Impudentine (PlatinumNumemon digivolution stones). You will also get a new lure and the ability to fish at the city. Download the free DLC "From the Malevolent Fist" from the PlayStation Store. Check the toilet in Absolute Zero Frost Cathedral and give the password PlatinumSukamon told you. Gaomon, Tyrannomon, Goblimon, Lillymon, Vegiemon. Take the warp straight back from where Piedmon and Myotismon were (between two buildings, near a red sign) to warp a couple levels up. Located in MOD Cape - Inlet Cape, near the vending machine. Meet Kouta and Himari in Ch1 for the first time. Go back to Veemon and tell him what Togemon said. There will be a couple short cutscenes along the way. I had to use a couple of 150 moves on him but he went down quick enough. Go to Nigh Plains Old Cableway for a cutscene. MegaSeadramon does something once you increase the Fishing area to level 4. After recruiting Taomon wait 1-2 days and he'll join at the same time Floatia upgrades. Enter King Sukamon's Room in Faulty Ex Machina for a cutscene. He'll then have you go talk to Myotismon in Floatia (Entertainment-Museum). After talking to Youkomon go back and talk to Boltmon again. Talk to the Youkomon in Corpseway and she'll ask you to fight Boltmon. Check out this article to find out How To, Digimon World Next Order’s Digivolution mechanic is both complex and rewarding, which can seem a little overwhelming at times. The next is a Speed Chip, which I am still looking for because I used all mine. Once have you have at least 1 rotten meat, you can also plant it in the fields in Floatia to get more each day. Return to Floatia when you have met the prerequisites and you'll get a digimail from Jijimon. Once he has joined the city Darkdramon spawns on MOD Ship 3.0 down at the end of the dock covered in Seadramons. Gives you wisdom chips if your digimon meet certain stat requirements. You don’t have to fight him, just grab the picture and he joins the city. They will give you stat requirements to meet. (Note that. Talk to him and hand over Stingmon's letter and he'll join. Old Telescope is located in Captain's Cabin near Vikemon. These can be found at a special search point behind the house in Power Plant #2. He says he is at a place with cables, grass and trees. Head to the location marked by the player icon in the image above. His brother is always marked with an exclamation point on the map. There are three located in special search points around Bony Resort. HiFight’s FOOTSIES Rollback Edition breaks the genre down to its core, boiling things…, A retro throwback in more ways than one, Ultimo Games brings drifting, pixelated graphics, and CRT filters to the masses with their isometric racer Interstate Drifter 1999. His hiding places are listed below. You can give him up to three ingredients. She'll buy pirate stuff off of you. After you fight and recruit RustTyrannomon, come back and talk to him and he'll join. He'll ask you to get the skull ring from SkullGreymon, who can be found in the Graveyard. The game will tell you when you're close, and if you look at the map you'll see a blue NPC circle where he is hiding. You can get these from enemy drops, but most likely you won't be able to get these items until you recruit. He is located in the vegetable field in the north of the Palace of Thorns, near the prison. In the area where you beat Rosemon there is a rainbow shiny on the floor. MagnaGarurumon will give you 10 distinct items to deliver back to KaiserGreymon, so make sure you have at least 10 open item slots. This will lower the bridge near Rapidmon and you can cross it to get his Cellphone, its on the floor right across the bridge. After the fusion I was able to beat him and he came back to the city after. I included a somewhat chronological list of recruitable digimon for Chapter 1, but after Chapter 1 the game opens up a lot more and there is no specific order in which you have to recruit the digimon. This How To Make Digimon Lose Weight In Digimon World: Next Order guide will tell you the best, There is a choice during the story of the new Watch Dogs. Exchanges liquid type materials on Mon/Wed/Fri or wood type materials on Tue/Thurs/Sat. Just go up to him and speak to him to have him join. He requests 20 best meats. Speak with him and he joins the city. Talk to him and he will ask you to find Garurumon for him. Gaomon can be found just outside the fort. Give them to him and he'll join the city. Just to the right of the entrance is a special search point with the cellphone. Updated Kuzuhamon, Titamon, MetalEtemon, and Samudramon's Floatia roles. Once you defeat him, he will join the city. She is very strong and you will most likely need to use your Extra cross Evolution fusion to beat her. DU&I takes those…. All you have to do is beat him within a minute and he will join the city. If you can fuse you can beat him easily. If you win 3 times in a row he'll join. Check the search point in the door to Celeb Blue Room to be warped again near the bottom of the path in Bony Drive. They are tough, so come prepared. Seadramon requests a Digifry, Digikoi, and a Digicrucian. Once have you have at least 1 hunk of meat, you can also plant it in the fields in Floatia to get more each day. Gives stamina chips based on how many attack skills you've acquired. Talk to him at he'll challenge you to a fight, but he'll make you start with 1/5 of your HP/MP, so bring some good healing items. Pretty Stone is located in Flag MOD Ship near the Captain's Cabin entrance. Lets you play the roll dice minigame for luck coins. Win and they'll join. Go to Ohguino Wastelands Dori Tunnel Hub 2 and approach Shoma for a cutscene. Note that in this next section, you cannot move around Bony Resort freely. This one is easy if you are strong enough. Meet Meicoomon in Nigh Plains Old Cableway. These two are also inside the sewers. Beat ToyAgumon in the fight and they will return to their original spot. Fixed part of KaiserGreymon/MagnaGarurumon quest (picking ivy time). After you defeat them, report back and he'll join. They will both have digivolved to Greymon (blue) and Garurumon (black). If you leave Bony Resort at any time during this section you'll have to start over. Logic Volcano - Taomon's Meditation Place. Raises your digimons' digifriend and bond, but like the gym it will take 1 in-game hour and raise fatigue. MetalSeadramon fish hunt and 2000 luck coins, Crystallumagite (Sorcermon digivolution stone). Clear the Three Gods of Ruin EX Scenario. Exchanges metal type materials on Mon/Wed/Fri or stone type materials on Tue/Thurs/Sat. He will challenge you to a fight where you start at 1/5 HP and 1/5 MP. Win and he'll join Floatia. Give up 10,000 bits and she'll join. Win and he'll join Floatia. Check the toilet in Ohguino Wastelands Guts Wastes to initiate a fight with 3 Guardromon (gold). Well if you get Zudomon you get Gumdramon as well. Approach him for to initiate a cutscene and a battle against Myotismon and VenomMyotismon. However, you can obtain the ingredients required before speaking with him. Teaches you air and nature type attacks skills in exchange for bits. Talk to him to initiate a fight. Exchanges materials depending on the day. I recommend saving, fishing the 4 available spots in Vast Plateau, saving whenever you get a fish you want, and resetting when you don't. Talk to MegaSeadramon (lake) again and he'll continue to deny it until the MegaSeadramon you recruited comes over. Vegiemon and Lillymon can both be sent out to collect food from the garden. He asks you to find his shopping lists for him. Go to the southern part of Ohguino Wastelands Palace of Thorns to find a special search point with moist ivy (must be done before noon). Go to Logic Volcano Flame Lands and check the special search point to get fossilized poop and initiate a fight with 4 Sukamon. Written by: Hikari62. Talk to him and he'll tell you he lost his cellphone in Boulder Island. In order to recruit him you will need to go through the desert to the west and enter the Server Cemetery. It was during the day when I found it. Win and you'll get a BlackWarGrowlmon digivolution stone. He asks you to get his block back from Monzaemon, who you can find in the Celeb Green Room nearby. You get attacked by a group of Piddomon. Speak with Ikkakumon and he will ask you to find an excellent chef. Let you fight against Omegamon Zwart D and Omegamon Alter-B once a day. After you defeat him he tells you the password. Defeat them once and they'll ExE to Omegamon Zwart! You can sell them to her for 300 bits. Teaches you ice and dark type attacks skills in exchange for bits. I will not be posting recruitment lists for Ch2-5 because the game basically becomes open world at that point and you have a lot of options as far as what order you recruit the digimon. It seems like they have to be at least mega. Added ToyAgumon (black) & ClearAgumon to Non-Recruitable Digimon section. Teaches you Flame and Holy attacks skills in exchange for bits. Simply beat Devimon in a battle (it’s a tough one) and he joins the city. Bring this item back to KaiserGreymon and he'll request a speed chip next. Randomly modifies your stats and gives you luck coins., Enigmamoogle for writing this guide:,, Skyye06 for effects of various digimon in the dimensional dungeons (