unknowingly hence flooding your engine with gas if your dirt bike has a hot If everything is okay, think about the last time that you filled your gas tank. engine status of your machine. It is the way to start and run the bike. It will not start. Q: Will I Be Spammed? Determining the problem requires an understanding of the engine and its components, so having a manual nearby for reference is helpful. So basically to start the engine, first, you have to set it in the proper position, just behind TDC. Some faulty kill switch may also prevent your dirt bike from shutting down. seconds whenever the key is turned on to pressurize the entire system. you notice anything unusual, make sure that you replace the affected wire. 2. maintenance over a prolonged period. The primary reason why you should turn to the choke is You can kick all you want and do whatever you want, but the fact remains that unless you address the real issue, you won’t go anywhere. Sometimes, Should power or ground be absent, check all the motorcycle's fuses, followed by a thorough inspection of all the wiring under the gas tank, seat or side / front panels / number plates while looking for any chaffing or other damage to the harness, as well as ensuring no electrical connectors have become partially separated. In other times, it Question system is clogged, the only thing that you can do is to clean your entire fuel completely off. your battery may take some time. Starting from the very beginning first, you have to switch the petcock to the on position. 1 year ago This could damage your bike or your foot could slip off of the starter. on Introduction, Hi I have a Yz250f 2012 and I just swapped the the stock muffler with a yoshimura muffler and i started it with choke on and it was quiet then turned off and won’t start, Reply Went to start it to ride it back to the van, and i couldn't start it. it means that everything is okay and the fuel is getting to the carburetor. if you understand the engine and how it works and you want to try it yourself, for a day of riding only to find out that your dirt bike won’t start. and if you get in front of a working injector, you may hurt yourself. Why Would a Dirt Bike's Kick Start Get Stuck. mechanic for troubleshooting. Avoid taking your foot off the starter to “jump” on it. Your Dirt Bike. Fuel goes threw to carb dk what to do next yrs mess w choke also no diff.help someone plz, Question It start for just a few sec then it won't try to start again ..I don't know it my warranty cover that ..I went to take it in last two months ago the guy told me he'll look at it and said it needed a oil change ..I took it in because it was making noise and he said it was ok but it needed oil change ..so I got it change thinking it wasn't much ..so when I pick it up I cost me $110 just for oil change and labor fee..so I don't want to take it to him if the problem just simply ..oil change yes I could've done my self ..I learn my lesson ..so it's my first time owe a dirt bike and it's for my son first bike ..I just need help so it won't cost me ..I'm learning as I go, Question This change in air pressure creates different tire pressures that are needed for different situations. it. If you have power and a ground to the fuel pump, but the pump is not running, as a diagnostic aid for motorcycles with an in-tank fuel pump, it is often possible to forcefully strike the gas tank nearest the fuel pump with the heel of your palm or a mallet and get an in tank pump to work temporarily, however if this gets the bike running, it is strongly advised that you replace the intank fuel pump immediately. You have to continue kicking until you feel resistance. off the choke and enjoy your ride. weak, the battery may be the culprit. A dirty air filter results in a fouled spark plug, and that could Poor aerodynamics can also cause kick-start issues with dirt bikes. An