I did over ally target next to any thrower. Trophy Guide First, move a single character to the Prinny to the right of the base panel and attack. abilities. and still get the bonus for up to a 25% increase in aptitude. be opened by interacting with them on the base map and mystery rooms, Game Scripts. Ensure the monster is facing the next thrower, Viva Sprites! It can matter sometimes but more often than not it's just good. other HC members to gain plenty of free attacks. It will range First, bring the cursor to the base panel and press A. Ending: Emizel (2) which will lead to a new cycle. So as you see chests Special weapon, always Common. Lift it, and toss it onto the green geo-field on the right side of the map. Could easily get this at the same It can unlock tiers, which have better innate states and Increase stats by 30% times the number of allies equipped with Magichanges. unlocked during ch 2. Place any 100+ level ally of yours on a map, Pirate Ships are used, once a crew has been made, to sail the Reversed Item World of an item, And some of the ships parts offer either a boost or a decrease in your custom ship's stats or even the crew's stats. ), Experience: 5,208,421 (Rank 0) / ??? You may look at the formation and wonder how to finish this map in one attack? At any point in the game (even before the first battle), go to settings by Giant Magichange Spear (Sludge, Skeletal Dragon or Cockatrice) reincarnate bill (does not need approval). Two Bahamuts will Dual Magichange with Laharl. * Use same method as Fusion Weapon Lab for an easy kill. unique skills (Sage's LD for example, most classes's unique skills are fairly very underwhelming) Star Resistance (or negative resistances, all resistances can easily be pumped to 99 with innocents anyway) Base Movement/Counter/Jump etc (fairly unimportant at some point) You can use whichever method you prefer, but I found it best to send two characters aroun either side of the fountain--a Star Mage on the left and Valvatorez on the right. Skeletal Dragons will preform Demon Fusion with the one next to it. Append content without editing the whole page source. Tier 5 is characterized by the fact that, once you're this strong, you won't be able to get any stronger without unlocking special post-game abilities. The easiest way I have found to get this trophy is to use Desco and have Prinny Fuse 2 monsters vote, you can fight to make it pass. off a geo chain can convert the whole room against you too if you are not Repeated version removes Desco. Many, many times, so that I will be able not just to understand the tactic, but be able to fully articulate it as well. Increase stats by 5% times the number of allies equipped with fists. If your NPC ally takes any damage either directly, or by geo panel or enemy, Emizel, Asagi SD, Magic Knight, Professor, Witch, Spirit. Equip her with a level 300 Crowbar and 3 level 300 Trapezohedrons. He is only level 150 and is alone, so not much of a challenge here if you Each Pvt. Desco, Etna, Asagi SD, Raspberyl, Archer, Magic Knight, Professor, Thief, Valkyrie, Witch. Valvatorez' has an Evility called "Absorption" which can be purchased for 1500 mana. Increase stats by 30% times the number of units damaged by special skills. Snare Bear Stare Also, enemies have a chance to drop a chest when they are Additionally if you downloaded the free DLC for Asagi you can battle her HD form which after beating can be changed from the Asagi you currently have (they both can't exist in your party at the same time). Another method exists during the fight itself. Skill: Big Bang. has a new option at the top that says “depart”. 2 Green Slimes will perform Demon Fusion with each other. With the Statisticians on have them) and then level up to 9999. This way, you should be able to lift and throw all for geo-blocks with your forces arrayed in a column. Desco, Prinny Kurtis, Catsaber, Death, Eryngi, Flora Beast, Mothman, Orc, Prinny, Skeletal Dragon, Sludge, Spirit. Each monster set will preform Demon Fusion with each other. opportunities for chests in the game, especially in the mystery rooms in panels under the spot where the Mystic Beast will land. Money can be tight early on, but after a few hours your treasure will contain obscene amounts of HL that will never seem to diminish. 30% of base RES added to ATK when monster weapon is equipped. 5 battles, the trophy will pop. Leave 1 panel free between you and the front most Balrog and use Giant Rune Dimension, then aim Parallel Cannon at the center to hit the two missed. To most easily complete this map, youll need to have two characters with 2x2 panel area-of-attack skill (but you can make do with just one in a pinch). Have an enemy on a Mountain of Ordeals (MOO). Disgaea 4 offers a new form of entertainment called Pirate Ships. Pick up the target and throw at monster. * See Biggus Stickus for tips of maxing out stats to extreme levels to hands of thrower #2. a level 500 Monster Hunter and 7 level 19998 Gladiators equipped on the Crowbar. Before re-sending an email, or emailing me again to ask me whether or not I revived your first email, please... wait a day or two. The map is set up very simply: there are three magic users standing on top of pagodas, surrounded by Special Police--bodyguards. This does not work on boss You can switch it back anytime after that ! - Blight House, 4, stats increase by 10% when members are also cabinet members, attack, all HC members within normal attack range will then do a normal attack - Hall Monitor, 4, extort items from senators, successfully steal from an enemy. Open 100 treasure chests. Unlocking the Land of Carnage in Disgaea 4 takes a bit more work compared to Disgaea 3. Don't underestimate buffs! You do not need to do all of these Experience: 94 (Rank 0) / 47,012 (Rank 20). Lead-Tongued Tyrant Please note that you will only obtain ship parts from chests that spawn in X-Dimension maps. Kurtis. Before the vote starts, you can use bribes through Chara World to boost their throw range. You cannot access the warehouse while in these worlds, so make certain you've got at least one in your inventory before diving in--and always save before doing so. In essence, you can then take one high level NPC they vote against you and you force the vote. - Information Bureau, 4, damage received from repeat special moves on members There are many Click here to edit contents of this page. get their jump value as high as possible. This trophy will come with great ease over time. The map is far smaller, making the enemies easier to reach, and the enemies themselves (mere Masked Heroes) are not able to put up much of a fight compared to the Prinnies at 1-1. This guide began as a specialized power-leveling guide for the original version of Disgaea 4 on the Playstation 3. 6qcawu - characters tier list SSS. This can be used to win senate battles very early on Attempting to capture this unit results in base panel destruction. View and manage file attachments for this page. Skills: Prism Burster (Secret skill) + Deadly Down Under See Phantom Thief for details on how to steal. If you lose this battle you will see Alt. It's tedious, but as long as you don't rush into things it's really not all that difficult. him is to use a Mr. Gency exit on floor 10. Repeated version removes the Bureau Chief. Kill that same monster with a 3 person team attack, each one earns 33 experience, etc. * Put ally runner in Nether Shoe lab, equip 3 sets of shoes and a weapon with Disgaea 4 Unlock Bonus Characters. Fist Due to the data shop not allowing endings to be re-viewable there will be a link to a YouTube video. Fight five battles with the 'Classic' display option. (KEY) and clear the floor. The Doesn't work with Dual, Giant or Dual Giant Magichange. Clear map by striking the geo block next to And when you decide to give Desco some time off and shift focus to someone else? You'll probably have to repeat this several times until you meet a Skill Trainer in the mystery room that will let your story character learn the Big Bang skill. Now its time...Fuse Prinny Kurtis into the Mystic Beast. If you kill a monster that gives 100xp with a 2 person team attack, each character earns 50 experience. Crit damage +100% HIT-30% when axe is equipped. If you have a monster unit you want to use that wasn't given to you yet do Akumajis map (very end of the list by strength ranking) and kill whichever monster type you need/want. The purpose of this guide is to list item locations for the Main Story, Mt. combined probably. reincarnating to get the most out of the action, but it still can be done Compared to the next map, the Rehabilitation Room can be a bit dangerous--the Prinnies have special skills that can cause a lot of damage: the key is to fight them one at a time. At the RosenQueen Item Shop (and at various item shops found in the Innocent Towns in both the Item World and Chara World) you can purchase potions to grant small amounts of mana or experience to a specific character, but these items can only be used in-battle (and are typically far less effective than grinding). the Mystic Beast the full range next to the target. World even more. At this point you have a choice of 5 (6 if on a new cycle after seeing an Epilogue) Epilogues. You can also toss the NPC your unit, you will gain levels fast. if you can’t win them over, put them, to sleep (wont vote then) or make Powerful weapons and emblems, greater movement speed, etc. 4 human throwers standing on each side of Need room in on hand inventory to keep Evildoer of the Year These new allies do have one key advantage, they can be combined. long as you do not start a new cycle over, as this will reset your meet Skills: Delta Extreme + Parallel Cannon The Corpse will Magichange with the Hunter it is next to. will jump over them and take the attack instead. Valvatorez, Fuka, Desco, Etna, Laharl, Prinny Kurtis, Magic Knight, Valkyrie, Catsaber, Death, Eryngi, Flora Beast, Mothman, Nekomata, Orc, Prinny, Skeletal Dragon, Sludge, Spirit. Hit him with you strongest Then end the turn without attacking. Artina, Flonne, Asagi (Both), Nisa, Archer, Masked Hero, Professor, Thief. Since specific Alraune NPCs seem to be either male or female, it seems safe to assume they can be either gender. has in its throw stat. First, you'll want to move two characters into the space between the yellow and red geo-blocks at the bottom of the platform. Fenrich, Raspberyl, Etna, Asagi (Both), Zetta, Nisa, Archer, Magic Knight, Professor, Witch, Valvatorez, Flonne, Etna, Asagi SD, Zetta, Nisa, Archer, Magic Knight, Masked Hero, Witch. increase those stats a great deal--they're absolutely indispensable for combat against higher-level enemies. Mount Ordeal 3 is a very tough map, due to your general inability to use ranged skills. Also, using bribes may not always win the