Stories and pictures can also be shared through email, Facebook and Twitter. A secure enterprise mobile environment offers operational and strategic benefits for any large enterprise in a world where mobility is becoming the norm. The service also provides chat and email encryption capabilities. These are more complicated to vet and must go through a more hands-on process. Purdy offers advice on how to build one: Q&A: CISA’s Bryan Ware on the Pandemic's Effects on Cybersecurity, Nutanix Clusters Run Multicloud Environments Efficiently and Bring Legacy Apps to the Cloud. Check out mobile apps from the services and around the Defense Department. The risk to federal mobile apps is real. MobileIron UEM has proved an effective MDM solution for DMUC; unified endpoint management provides security across multiple operating systems and clouds, says Smith. Microsoft Intune can be used by tenant administrators to distribute apps to their workforce. Please select from the following options: How do I request military bands or color guards for a community event? Additionally, you can download the app and its dependencies. Since its inception, DMUC’s user base has grown to 130,000 military and civilian users. DMUC has dramatically accelerated the vetting procedure for mobile applications, condensing a process that sometimes took months to complete after a customer request into one that can in some instances be completed in a few hours. The app enables the transfer of text, photos, and videos through multiple encrypted data communication channels. Trusted by military and Intelligence communities worldwide, the app is also available for download by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) personnel from the GEOINT App Store. To foster federal standardization for managed apps, DOD components will use the requirements established by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), “Requirements for Vetting Mobile Applications from the Protection Profile for Application Software.”, The memo notes that the NIAP developed the baseline set of security requirements for organizations engaged in locally evaluating mobile apps, and that these requirements “are achievable, testable and repeatable, and provide a basis for technical evaluation and risk determination by authorization officials (AOs).”. MORE FROM FEDTECH: Find out how NSF, NASA and other agencies keep tech working for far-flung employees. Try FAQs for answers to … We’re here to help. DoDI 8100.04 UCR 2013 DoDIN APL Process Guide. The app is available for download on the iTunes App Store. If an administrator needs to upload and distribute a Windows app intended for a GCC High or DoD audience that is custom-made, created by third-party vendors, or as an offline app downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Business, the admin can choose to distribute it as a line-of-business app. To add a line-of-business app intended for a GCC High or DoD environment using Intune, you can follow the Windows LOB app instructions. Enterprise mobility has matured from a convenience for a few employees or departments to become a strategic necessity embedded in the fabric and mission of most organizations, says Purdy. Last summer, DMUC added the Apple device enrollment program to its offerings in order to cut provisioning time of Apple devices by as much as 40 percent and to strengthen both device management controls and cybersecurity, says Smith. DMUC’s efficiency is also saving money: DISA announced at the beginning of fiscal 2018 that monthly service costs per mobile device would go down from $7.54 to $4.31, a 43 percent decrease. Besides keeping up with the latest in technology trends, he is also an avid lover of the New York Yankees, poetry, photography, traveling and escaping humidity. Double Dog Studios is the developer of the application, which was designed as manual to be carried by Rangers in the battlefield. From information about the service branches to technical support, general questions for leaders and media queries — ask us and get the answers to your questions. In a commercial (non-government) environment, an admin can sync Intune to the Microsoft Store for Business. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and requires iOS 8.0 or later versions. Q: Will I be notified if my flight is cancelled? Federal Government Mobile Apps Directory. “To do our job well, there are a lot of invisible things that our mission partners never know about,” he says. If an administrator needs to upload and distribute a Windows app intended for a GCC High or DoD audience that is custom-made, created by third-party vendors, or as an offline app downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Business , the admin can choose to distribute it as a line-of-business app . Some requests are approved as long as the app is managed through DMUC’s MobileIron MDM platform. The results of evaluations need to be documented in accordance with the Pentagon’s Mobile Application Evaluation template, something the memo requires the department to develop. Find government native apps, hybrid apps, responsive sites, and mobile websites that offer official information and services in the palm of your hand. It also presents the data of terrain, weather and other geographical elements. Army-technology lists ten of the best military apps based on utility and features. To sync Intune to your Store for Business account, see How to manage apps you purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business with Microsoft Intune. With the new guidelines, the DOD is emphasizing that it is putting most of its resources into protecting mission-critical or line-of-business apps, Gorman says. Tommy Peterson is a freelance journalist who specializes in business and technology and is a frequent contributor to the CDW family of technology magazines. After reviewing the vulnerabilities of mobile devices and who is vulnerable, users are informed on how to protect against loss or theft, against compromise, and against malware. Warnings for Apps Not Endorsed by the Department of Defense. Review the resources here for additional guides, training materials, Q&A, and webinars on using the CVR Environment. “Whenever Apple or Android does an update, we have to test it, make sure it integrates well and conforms to our authority to operate. element for DoD CIO to manage the DoDIN Approved Product List. The application’s features include full support for retina displays, inputs on deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, booby traps, demolitions perimeter defence, counterintelligence, and much more. Some requests are approved as long as the app is managed through DMUC’s MobileIron MDM platform. We’ve been really good at enabling DOD enterprise email, but we want to take that further. There are many types of apps that can be deployed from Intune on GCC High or DoD environments. UNCLASSIFIED 5 UNCLASSIFIED TRUST IN DISA: MISSION FIRST, PEOPLE ALWAYS! Military Flashlight is an important application for vets, personnel and military fans. From simple navigation utilities to educational and information sharing tools, mobile technology is improving the life for those in the battlefield and their families by providing useful information and contacts at the touch of a screen. For more information, see How to configure the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app. Tactical NAV is a military-grade GPS navigation application developed for military, first responders, search-and-rescue (SAR) and law enforcement personnel. If you need to download an offline-licensed app from the Microsoft Store for Business, follow these steps to download the application: When shopping for apps, if an offline version is available, you can choose to change the license type to offline. The service also maintains a list of restricted apps that are banned from government-issued devices for a variety of reasons, such as that they originate from parts of the world that are centers of hacking activity, says Smith. Federal technology leaders, former government officials, podcasts and industry insiders provide key insights into an upended landscape. Developed by Australian software developer Karl Urdevics, the application is sold through his company Cascode Labs. DoD Instruction 8550.01, “DoD Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities,” September 11, 2012 . U.S. Army Europe Learn about U.S. Army Europe leadership, units and bases. Managed apps are those that are controlled and installed by an enterprise management system and/or have access to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) — or connect to systems that contain CUI. It is useful on the battlefield where knowledge of life-sustaining methods is required for survival. “We directly support our customers on their missions that can be enhanced with mobility,” says DOD Mobility Unclassified Capability Program Manager Al Smith. NARA Compliance: What Is an Electronic Document Management System? “The memo goes a long way to give common guidance so no one is reinventing the wheel when it comes to using a risk management framework. I suspect civilian agencies would start to follow the DoD’s lead on this mandatory National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certification policy.”. As many organizations within the DOD develop apps for unique mission requirements, we want to be the platform that helps them get those apps working for them.”. It is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 2.2 or later versions. Available information on the application can be shared through email or AirPrint. 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