That means, for beetle breeding/rearing enthusiasts, that the male of this subspecies has a potential of growing up to 111.3 mm long or even longer. Figure 3.1 An example of decaying woods (dimension: 15 cm in length; 5 cm in diameter). They are a quick, aggressive beetle. They are very easy to look after if you keep the males and females separate. 2.1  Description: Male 32.0-111.3 mm including mandibles; Female 36.5-54 mm. Head of a large male reaches nearly the length of its prothorax and abdomen combined. Duration of larva: Compared to other titanus beetles, their mandibles are also much longer. Figure 3.2.1 Eggs in cups to maintain for about one month, Figure 3.2.2 An example of a 1,500 cc glass bottle, which is filled with substrate, When changing substrates, it is safer to stuff unused (new) substrate first from the bottom of the bottle, and then used one. In contrast, the palawanicus and the tatsutai do have mandibles that look very similar, but their body sizes are different. The female above is the titanus tatsutai which is from Japan. b) Captive reared individuals: 3.3  Larva sexing. 1,500 cc with at least 15 cm diameter). Then, pour water into them and stir them well. This is important. STEP 1: Make mulch completely dry under direct sun or by any other means. Figure 5.2 Shown in the picture is a 101 mm long male imago that emerged on March the 10th in 2004. Haltung: Die Temperatur sollte zwischen 20-25°C liegen und die Luftfeuchtigkeit zwischen 70-90%. The humus you use in the egg laying container is also important as the female will also lay eggs in the humus. STEP 4: Keep it at 25 or more degrees C. This makes the substrate well fermented. If so, transfer them singly into plastic/glass bottles of an about 800 cc capacity, which is filled with substrate (see 4. These titanus beetles are found around the main island of Japan, Honshu. 4) Substrate for breeding; and sorry, i do not have any spare specimen to sell. A substrate for rearing Lucanid beetles. Besides, an L3 male reaches to 50-70 grams in weight when it is fully grown. They are, however, a much smaller size than the palawanicus.The male pictured above is 76mm long, which is quite big for this subspecies. 111.3 mm may be the recorded maximum length of a wild-caught male imago of Palawan Is., Philippines. 3) Natural water (avoid tap water, if possible); and Dorcus titanus is a beetle of the family Lucanidae. This moistens the log and kills beetle’s predator organisms in it. 2) Wheat flour; They can live up to 2 years. or Quercus sp. Females lay eggs on the underground part of fallen oaks. They are one of the smaller titanus beetles. * Capacity ratio of each, 1), 2) and 3), respectively: 10 to 1 to 1 (unit: liter) It is common to see males between 55 to 65mm long. With a huge size difference between the male and female, it can be difficult for them to successfully mate, but it is possible. After larvae turn noticeably yellowish in colour, stop changing substrates. However, most are imported for sport, decorative show, or to be kept as an exotic pet. It is believed the Dorcus titanus beetles ended up being separated onto islands after lands moved apart a long time ago. : Check if there is no scar, injury or missing part. PS  The following pictures are a male and a female Dorcus titanus palawanicus imago captive reared by the author. A male is vicious and may hurt a female in a stressful environment. Make sure to keep replacing the beetle jelly. Elongate, somewhat flat. My special thanks are indebted to the following organizations and individuals: ‘The Beetle Ring’ ( by Cameron Campbell, Administrator of ‘The Natural Worlds’ (; ‘The Kanagawa Stag Beetle Club,’ a local chapter of Japan’s largest beetle hobbyist club, ‘The Stag Beetle Fools’ (, and its members including Hiroshi Kojima; Benjamin Harink for sharing this wonderful hobby together and allowing me to contribute this article to his great beetle website; my father who has inspired me to pursue this interest; and my mother who has been patient enough for this unusual hobby of mine. 4) Active dry yeast (2 teaspoons / 5 liters of mulch). The male was placed in a small tube. Dull black with blackish anntenae and legs. * If you wish to obtain more eggs, let the female into another breeding container. Palawanicus can grow up to 110mm, but the tatsutai can grow up to 80mm. If you are unsure of it, you can ask someone who knows it. Do you sell a pair im from philippines i want one …pls reply..- jaaron, Your email address will not be published. Note that these two criteria are for imagoes. Below are pictures of all the Dorcus titanus subspecies I have owned over the years. Hiroshi Fujita, a Japanese coleopterologist studying stag beetles, described over the 20 subspecies separating some subspecies to 11 subspecies in Japan. 3) For maintaining imagoes, you need to feed them with a pealed banana. This can be an expensive method, as the male larvae will need 3 to 4 new kinshi bottles. Often when you purchase beetles, it will give the length of the male, but just say free size for the female. * Note that these two criteria are for imagoes. After removing the palawanicus female from its egg laying container and waiting another month before disturbing the contents, I found twelve larvae in various instar stages. Among them, ssp. These pages present the breeding/rearing of Dorcus titanus palawanicus. It is not uncommon for beetle breeders to send their beetles in boxes to places around Japan. Dorcus titanus beetles have similar wide, jet black bodies. The capacity ratio varies among the users of this substrate. They can grow up to 100mm long. There are 17 known subspecies of the Dorcus titanus stag beetle, 12 of which are found in Japan. For choosing larvae, you can skip steps: – When. When changing substrates, it is safer to stuff unused (new) substrate first from the bottom of the bottle, and then used one. You shouldn't put the female back in the same container as the male after she has laid her eggs. Note that the duration of egg is about 1 month. Female titanus beetles may lay some of their eggs in the wood. * Wheat flour is nutrition and also acts as an agent to prompt fermentation which is. However, the males will need 1500cc kinshi bottles as they near full size. In hotter months, they put cool gel packs in with the beetles. The best advice I give you at this point is patience: wait until one month after their emergence, and then take them out carefully. Add more humus to the container so that only a little of the wood is exposed. The picture above shows two of these larvae. Usually the beetles are shipped overnight, but it can take two days to have them delivered. In choosing which individuals to buy, the following criteria are useful: a) Wild-caught individuals: 5) Find a fallen decaying wood in your area. Figure 3.3 Yellowish ovaries may be visible underneath the 7-8th abdominal segment of the dorsal side of female larva after its mid L2 stage. I, Huang, H. & Chen, C.-C. 2013: Stag beetles of China Ⅱ, This page was last edited on 10 July 2020, at 14:04. Put the lid on top to keep the wood submerged in the water between half a day and a day. These beetles are found in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Also, the male will spend most of his time by the beetle jelly waiting for the female to come. This beetle has some commercial value and export from some regions is criminalized. 2.5  Life cycle: The insect life cycle is said to be largely unknown in a natural setting. In colder months, they put in hot packs to keep the beetles warm. I went through the breeding process described above and left the female in an egg laying container for one month. However, the different subspecies differ in body size and also mandible shape. They are very similar to the other Dorcus Titanus beetles found in Indonesia. : Male 32.0-111.3 mm including mandibles; Female 36.5-54 mm. It is a very fast moving beetle. Figure 5.1 Shown in this picture is a 50 mm female imago. 5) Decaying wood logs (length: about 15 cm; diameter: about 10 cm). The reason for this is that the males are very aggressive and it is not uncommon for the male to kill the female. The larval period lasts about one year. Then, another layer of substrate should be added softly up to the point where the log(s) is/are almost covered. They are very aggressive. : Avoid individuals of 8 months or older. They can be found on Palawan island in the Philippines. STEP 5: Stir it at least once a day until its temperature returns normal. Also, He divided D. titanus titanus in Malay Archipelago into D.titanus yasuokai, D. titanus typhon, D. titanus nobuyukii and more subspecies. It is always best to keep your male and female titanus beetles in a container that has a divider or in two separate containers. The boxes have stickers on to warn the delivery people that the contents are very fragile. Natural history – Put substrate into the container up to 5 cm high from the bottom, and press it hard by hand or any other means. Elongate, somewhat flat. – Are they healthy-looking? oder Beetle Jelly. ​Dorcus titanus stag beetles are very popular with beetle collectors and breeders since they are large and violent beetles. 2.4  Food: Imago saps tree juice and larva feeds rotten hardwood tree. Figure 4 A container, a bottle of natural water, wheat flour and wood mulch. They feed on tree juice, especially of Quercus species. Put one or two pieces of wood in a container filled with water. They can live up to 3 years. 2. alias of pupa: 1 month. If you order online, you don't quite know how big the female is. palawanicus is the longest. It is better to place its pieces or slices on a small tray instead of applying them directly on the substrate, which causes them spoiling faster or prompts an occurrence of fruit flies or ticks. Males measure 32.0–111.3 millimetres (1.26–4.38 in) including mandibles; females 36.5–54 millimetres (1.44–2.13 in). A look at the different subspecies that I have owned below will show these variations. In the past few years some breeders in Japan, both dealers and hobbyists, have reported the rearing of males of this variety from eggs to imagoes of over 100 mm.