74L of storage accessible from front and top. Everything has pros and cons. However, the problem was solved once I replaced them with rubber bushes. Some hard lids can be fitted with accessories such as cross bars and other load-carrying solutions, allowing you to stow some items out of the weather (under the lid) and additional stuff up top, such as bicycles and other gear that can get wet and dirty. Now, this issue was self-inflicted, but also had a quick fix so I thought I’d include it. Our Isuzu Dmax, setup for touring Australia. Building a 4WD up to explore Australia is becoming increasingly popular all over the country. The vehicle was now handling like an overloaded ship in a swell and I made a call to Mike’s Shock Shop (the agents for King Shocks Australia), where I spoke with Brad Cannon. ARB even makes a one-piece sport lid with a clever hinge action that allows the OEM sport bar to be retained. I have looked through your site and you don’t mention anything about long range tanks. These containers are exactly as described. Here's a new custom system for a Mazda BT50, which would definitely be suitable for any dual cab or wagon set up. If you want to fit roof bars or a roof rack to your canopy down the track, you might have to fit a model with additional bracing, so make sure your canopy is future-proofed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Slide In Camper. Yes, the ladder can be removed, but so far I have used it far more often than I have used the second spare tyre, so the arrangement works in my books. Keeps your fridge down low at user-friendly height, plus drawer, water and table storage are at your fingertips. You won’t find any 4WD off the factory floor that is well set up for travelling, camping and exploring Australia, and the ‘build’ refers to various modifications, accessories and changes made to make the vehicle more suitable for touring. The radius arm bushes were replaced at around 20,000 kilometres. Buying a 4WD Ute Canopy; the ultimate guide, Fitting an aftermarket transmission cooler, How to care for your 4WD’s automatic transmission. Of course, a moulded tub liner will offer the best protection and there are various types on the market, including one- and three-piece designs, and some that sit below the tub’s upper lip and others that sit over it for complete protection. First off, let’s touch on some of the overall maintenance and issues that I’ve attended to with this 79 Series dual cab build. ute storage ideas - Google Search. Two insurance claims with Club 4×4; my review, Snowys; the best place in Australia to buy your camping and outdoor gear. Shane from Decked Out Fabrications and I have been playing with some ideas of building our own fridge. Hi Russell I’ve never looked into it I’ve only ever had manual transmissions. By that, I mean in comparison to where the pedals are. The sky (and your budget) is the limit when it comes to accessorising a 4×4 ute and as these types of vehicles grow in popularity so too does the amount of gear available for them. In this instalment, I’ll cover off the good and the bad as I have experienced them and I’ll take a little look forward to what I’d still like to do with the vehicle in the future to make it more driver-friendly. Single drawer with heavy-duty fridge slide/table combo. This is the ULTIMATE TOURING package! Added fridge box included plus two drawer stack that’s fully removable from main system. Unique design allows users to add and remove rails around all four sides to suit all storage needs. Our touring vehicle is a Toyota Hilux 2007 SR5 dual cab manual 3L turbo diesel D4D. He said that since that time – more than three years ago – they had refined the valving a few times to what it is now. Many of these canopies are strong enough to hold a Roof Top tent, which is a great way to conserve space. Within 12 months it was showing hundreds of small cracks and burst soon after. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So I think the benefit is marginal but really I don’t know. First-rate service for sure and everything is good with the world again. Hey Nicholas I wrote a bit about my long range tank about 2/3 down this page: https://outbackjoe.com/macho-divertissement/our-hilux-setup/hilux-after-market-components/. 2021 Isuzu D-Max SX 4×4 dual cab-chassis review, Testing Bluesteele’s 1000Nm Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmakcMcwd1w&fbclid=IwAR1Ho9eep_nz7fYynjHbJ2ncdf0Amgt5Vz49HSrM802mQxR1Urekbi_AVQ0, Slot car sets you can drive to survive lockdown with, Five best trick dual-cab utes for fifty-odd grand. Then you simply transfer some of the negative cabling over to the lug and you’re sorted. Versatile drawer systems suitable for just about all popular 4WD makes and models. Seat Covers; are you looking after your 4WD’s interior? Some of the problems that arise when 4×4 utes are tasked with recreational four-wheel drive touring include harsh ride quality, a lack of security when gear is loaded into the tub, excessive tailgate effort and insufficient dust and weatherproofing. Hey Josh glad some articles were useful wow that’s a big list is that the culled list? That’s why I love the approach that Kelvin at Metalink. Saves you money since you fuel up at major centers and allows you to confidently go further into remote areas. I guess I could mount the old one to the wall in the shed…. Dual work platforms with additional sliding sink. There are several types on the market including three-piece lids that are compatible with OEM sport bars and one-piece lids to suit vehicles without sports bars. Available in three different sizes to suit all popular 12V fridges. Tray is 1200mm wide and comes in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm lengths. I love these boxes and when finances allow will purchase another three. No metal components on the hinges, so don’t have to worry about rust with all the salty gear that got thrown in the boxes. In the next part of this series, I’ll take a look at how I go with these and some other thoughts I’ve been having on the more major changes with the 79 Series dual cab build. I’ll post some updates on that when we get to it. I must say that the customer service from FYRLYT has been first-class, so it’s a real shame they have had these few teething issues. There have been no major issues and everything really has either been routine or a rectified teething issue after the major surgery on the suspension. These days most ute canopies are manufactured from plastic but some are made from fibreglass and others from sheet metal. The vehicle handled the winding roads really nicely and the damping was spot on. So, with all that out of the way, there are a few things that I will slowly get around to as I find the time and the money (mostly the money). Here you will find information about the setup of our vehicle for camping, 4WDing and long term living for touring around Australia. Large, full width storage drawer at front of tub is a perfect spot for storing your dual battery system. Many canopy manufacturers will offer options such as such as lift-up or sliding windows, security screens, air vents, lined interiors, lighting, key-fob compatible central locking and more. Impressed with the quality, not much use yet but if it performs as good as it looks I be even more impressed. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. The advice I’d been given was to keep an eye on the rear bearings, as vehicle modifications like mine can end up carrying a lot of weight that puts extra strain on the bearings. Things to look for in a good drawer system include overall weight of the set-up, the quality and weight rating of the drawers and sliders, ease of use of the locking and latching mechanisms, the strength of the handles, and the availability of accessories such as drawer dividers, side panels and end panels. The bolts on the early model linkages were slightly too short as well, which has since been rectified. When looking for the right canopy to suit your ute, style will obviously be high on your priority list, but you’ll also have plenty of options to consider, as well as taking into account the ability to upgrade the canopy with accessories at a later date. The Low Profile Seats In is the perfect storage solution for Toyota 200 Series owners who want some basic storage in the back, without having to remove their third row of seats. It increases crankcase pressure and if not drained could cause engine to blow seals. The roof rack is a flat deck arrangement. Thank God for that. In between, I need to do a bit more research. Ideal setups for weekend campers, outback tourers, caravanners and hardcore offroaders. Many of these canopies are strong enough to hold a Roof Top tent, which is a great way to conserve space. In some ways, I’ve been happy with this choice, but in other ways I’ve been pretty disappointed. At 1500mm … The vehicle has done about 65,000 kilometres, which is much less than I’d anticipated mostly due to life getting in the way of the best laid travel plans, but that is the way it goes I guess. Our range of aftermarket products are sourced from a number of quality third party manufacturers. When I was replacing the house, I realised that all of the fittings were American fittings and not Australian-standard fittings, so I had to replace all of the fittings as well – frustrating. 2020 BIRDSVILLE BIG RED BASH TICKETS SELL OUT! Check out my article on canopy roof racks. Put simply, even the most luxurious and well-appointed 4×4 utes can’t match 4×4 wagons when it comes to refinement, but there are plenty of aftermarket accessories that allow owners to improve and tailor their utes to better suit their needs. Keeps your fridge positioned conveniently low for easy access on the go. Pickup Camper . Lastly, I am playing with the fridge and how I could possibly lose the 40 kilograms of weight that the current Clearview drop slide adds. Added battery powers fridge, 12V panel, water pump plus LED lights in drawers. You can set drawers up that pull out on either side, as well as a fridge and you still have plenty of room for spares. The fix is a super easy one that involves fitting an insulated negative terminal lug nearby with a cable back to the negative terminal. Or even something could break free from it and get sucked into engine. Adding the ladder means that I have had to drop one of the two spare tyres, or relocate it to the roof rack if I really need it. I made a mad dash over to see Aaron, the auto electrician at DC Tourers, on a Sunday afternoon. Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upwards or downwards movements. Custom Canopy. USE PROMO CODE "fathersday" TO GET A 10% OFF DISCOUNT IN ALL PRODUCTS. They are great for boat, the 4wd, or around camp. After installing a brand-new compressor and using it quite extensively over the last four years, I have several gripes and recommendations. The TaipanXP Billet Catch Can continues to allow oil fumes through and I am now certain that the design, whilst it looks great, is not on par with the Mann-Hummel ProVent 200 that I intend to replace it with. Positioning ensures that the tank stays out of direct sunlight and keeps drinking water nice and cool. If you want more information on setting a canopy up for camping, check out the Buying a 4WD Ute Canopy; the ultimate guide. In addition to this, the integration of mobile phone apps and communication ability into the vehicle now should be seamless as the laws surrounding mobile phone use tighten up.