A lot of people may be wondering, "Can I have dual citizenship in Australia?" We're not around right now. The temporary Special Category visa (subclass 444) (SCV) does not limit how long you can stay in Australia. It makes them think there is something wrong so they have to check more thoroughly. If your child is born in New Zealand, they might have to wait until they are 18 to give up their New Zealand citizenship and become a citizen of your home country. The reason you need to use Aus Passport when entering and leaving Australia, is if you enter Aus on NZ Passport, your status is automatically SCV444 – as in temp visa. Can I apply for post-study work visa without my graduation certificate? When does my residence status become activated? Sarah is a kiwi and a licensed migration agent. It made me smile. What is the difference between a New Zealand resident and a New Zealand citizen? New Zealand Government | Te Kawanatanga o Aotearoa, find out how to enable JavaScript in your browser, Types of citizenship: birth, descent and grant, Register as a citizen by descent and get a passport, Privileges and responsibilities of a citizen, Creative If you want to become a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, you can choose to give up your New Zealand citizenship. Log in here to apply online for your Work visa. translation request from me in a super tight time-frame, and they delivered it to me very fast. Dual citizenship if you have a baby in NZ If you give birth in New Zealand and you or the other parent is an NZ citizen or permanent resident, your baby is automatically an NZ citizen. This might be by requiring a candidate for naturalisation to revoke all current citizenship, or by pulling back its citizenship from somebody who intentionally gets another citizenship, or by some other means. How long will my student visa be valid for, if granted? The issue of dual citizenship attracted the most attention through both the 1994 JSCM inquiry and the Australian Citizenship Council's 1999 inquiry into Australian citizenship. Some laws may apply to citizens of that country regardless of the country in which they now live, including New Zealand. View our detailed guides for VisaView. Put together all of your supporting documents - including ID proof, proof of residence and your birth certificate, among others. Where can I get immigration statistics from? Get help to use our online services. The current fee for citizenship application is $285 AUD unless you are eligible for a concession. By Geoffrey Migiro on July 17 2019 in World Facts. A few nations don't allow double citizenship. Can I travel to New Zealand without a visa? Disclaimer: The information displayed on these pages is intended to provide a general overview of some Australian visa types. Request or change your personal information, Options for the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident. What are the requirements for photos submitted with visa applications? What happens to my work visa? What is NAATI Accreditation and Recognition? I did this once and the Customs guy said ‘welcome home’. Can I buy property in New Zealand as a non-resident? Can I stop them? Informally, individuals may "hold" dual citizenship; at the same time, every country makes a case that the specific individual is viewed as its national. Sorry, this button doesn’t work without Javascript. How do I contact Immigration New Zealand? or will I need to apply for Permanent Residency first? I was born in New Zealand, but I've been living overseas. What were the previous selection points for Expression of Interest? If you're from a country that allows dual citizenship, you can also apply to the other country for citizenship for your child. Where does Immigration New Zealand use Visa Application Centres? Year 12 & 13 students wanting to work while holding a student visa. They were kind, respectful and informative. Wellington 5045 Log in here to apply online for your Student visa. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. How do I contact Immigration New Zealand? Migration policies and regulations change frequently. What should I do? Fortunately this has only happened to me once, which happily shows that most Australian Border Force staff are good reasonable folk. My employer has closed the business. Can I enter New Zealand on a one-way ticket? If you were, for example, a dual UK/Australian citizen you wouldn’t be able to travel to Australia on your British passport because as an Australian citizen you wouldn’t be able to be granted a visa in your British passport. Australian citizenship used to follow the principle of jus soli (right of the soil), where anyone who was born in Australia was a citizen, but since August 20, 1986, Australia's citizenship is primarily based upon jus sanguinis (right of blood). Do I need to travel with my family if we have all been granted visas for the same period? Do I need to be sponsored by my family for residence? Your child is automatically a New Zealand citizen if: If you want your child to have citizenship with another country as well, this will depend on that country's rules. Log in here to apply for your Visitor visa. VisaView allows New Zealand employers to check the details of a worker's current visa. While Australia does not have any limits on this, and even allows triple citizenship or more, many countries have restrictions on this. Think about it. All Rights Reserved. Can I come to New Zealand to volunteer or volunteer once I am in New Zealand? Australian Translation Services were epic and delivered our Birth certificate documents flawlessly. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. BELOW IS SOME INFORMATION ON HOW TO DECIDE IF YOUR CHILD IS AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN: As it is possible to hold dual citizenship, we recommend that you apply for New Zealand citizenship by descent for your child born in Australia, and should you continue to reside in Australia permanently for the first ten years, then your child will automatically receive Australian citizenship. If either parent is an Australian permanent resident or citizen, your child will automatically be considered an Australian citizen. Once you are an Australian citizen, you must vote in Australian elections, you will be entitled to Australian social security benefits like Centrelink and university fee loans like HECS and FEE-HELP, and can apply for work in the Federal Government. Lost or stolen passport - what should I do? And if you leave as NZ Passport it rings alarms cause you are not showing as entering… so it messes with their system. I am an NZ citizen and an AUS perm Resident since i was 2 (im in my 20s now)i have had a baby with an Aussie and was wondering how i go about getting my baby (4 mnth old) a duel citizen ship? Are printouts from the Inland Revenue website acceptable as original documents? info@australiantranslationservices.com.au, Key Findings of NAATI Translators About International migration. An Australian passport is proof of Australian citizenship. You can book a free chat with Erina, our kiwi migration agent. We only employ NAATI translators and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia. 195 Lambton Quay However, most had not even been aware of the fact. How do I know if a worker from overseas has the right to work in New Zealand? We hope you find it useful! Multiple citizenship, dual citizenship Australia, multiple nationality or double nationality, is an individual's citizenship status, wherein an individual is simultaneously viewed as a resident of more than one nation under the laws of those nations. How do I obtain New Zealand Citizenship or Passport? Their rates are also very affordable. If the other country does not allow dual citizenship, you must give up citizenship of that country. Can workers from overseas bring their family with them? If you’re an adult and you’ve received your permanent residency visa. Getting Australian Citizenship for Kiwis- Dual Citizenship, CHILD CARE & EARLY LEARNING IN AUSTRALIA (6), MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIPS IN AUSTRALIA (7), TRANSPORTING YOUR BELONGINGS TO AUSTRALIA (3), Form 1300t Australian citizenship – General eligibility (221KB PDF), Form 1290 Australian citizenship – Other situations (238KB PDF), https://www.nzrelo.com/morunga-migration/, born in Australia on or after 27 February 2001 and you held an, born in Australia between 1 September 1994 and 26 February 2001 and you held a, born in Australia between 26 January 1949 and 19 August 1986 unless you or your spouse were entitled to diplomatic privileges, or. I'm coming to New Zealand to participate in a sports event. We hope this answered all your questions on Dual Citizenship Australia! A record number of Americans have researched dual citizenship since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Log in here to apply for a visa as a dependent child. How do I start an online Expression of Interest and submit it? How do I send my documents to immigration, supporting my online application? You can submit copies, and bring originals to the meeting you'll eventually have with an adjudicator. What is the Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub? Some governments don’t allow individuals with dual citizenship to hold public offices or serve on the police force or military. If I am on a work or student visa, will my child have to pay foreign student fees to study here? Do I need insurance to travel to New Zealand? How can I get a Guardian of a Student visitor visa? Hi, I came to Australia in 1983 and have lived and worked here for 35 years, therefore I believe I am classified as a permanent resident, I am able to vote etc. Can I return to live in New Zealand? Assuming you're not already entitled to Australian citizenship by birth, you'll need to qualify for naturalisation through various means. My resident visa application is still in process but my temporary visa will expire soon. To submit an expression of interest, you will first need to create an account. Australia Dual citizenship emerges because various nations utilise unique, and not mutually exclusive, criteria for citizenship. There are dozens of Australian visa subclasses; we refer to only a narrow selection here. The only official wording from Duh-duh-Dutton’s “Border Force” I can find is …”you should use your Australian Passport”. How do I apply online for a Working Holiday?