See the Tire Repair section. h�bbd```b``�"���|�&u��� ��̞ O�l6`v�� �V+�$c%'�d Underinflated tires may cause wheel damage when ridden on rocky, rough terrain and allow the motorcycle to squirm or wander on smooth, hard terrain. �H��MS��S�i�Ϗ�±2��ƂQ�.��-�"M>d�|��y�G��Yu�%��,7�z�ٲ��٪�X����. Most tire manufacturers marked their motocross tires with a size designation that related to tread width. D404 tires are bias tires, not bias belted, and do not have additional supporting plies. In addition, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is important because of global warming implications. Tire companies can, and are, helping to minimize cupping and uneven wear but you, the rider, must do your part. Some motorcycles may be fitted only with radials. Mount tires as tubeless only when the wheel manufacturer recommends it. This is possible in some cases, but again, it should only be done with the approval of the motorcycle or tire manufacturer. The profile of automotive and motorcycle rims are different with a different bead seating area. Wheels may be balanced with spoke nipple weights, lead wire or self-adhesive rim weights. If the curve was overcome at 100 km/h (62 mph), at pressure of 2.0 bar (29 psi), the speed with pressure of 1.0 bar (15 psi) should drop to 87 km/h (54 mph). The casing construction must resist punctures and optimize stability over a range of speeds. Most D404 tires are intended for lighter, cruising motorcycles and are constructed for use on those bikes. The new tire has a rounder tread profile, different contact patch and “lean-over edge” than the worn profile of an old tire. At Dunlop, we created the The Humble Heroes Project to give you the opportunity to nominate a healthcare worker or first responder who went above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic. The tyre manufacturing process also releases an enormous amount of CO2. After the tire is fully inflated, let the air out again then re-inflate. Follow the same repair procedures for tires on rims requiring tube replacement. This damage is permanent and non-repairable. Consult Dunlop if in doubt and before fitting tires to pre-1980 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Remember: Tire clearances are important. Adequate clearance of fenders, swingarm and so on must be maintained. Tire pressure charts with maximum tire load capacity and tire inflation settings for popular tire models. Tires with non-repairable damage must not be used again (see Tire Repair). The technology in the 110/80-19 & 120/80-19 creates a larger footprint for enhance traction and bump absorption. For example, when braking the vehicle reduces speed from 90 km/h (56 mph) to 70 km/h (43 mph). Desert events require a special type of tire: The tread compound must resist knob tearing from rocks and provide minimal wear over long periods of time. Handling represents the ability of a vehicle to negotiate curves and respond to road conditions. In many cases the D404 does not have the load carrying capacity for use on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Registration information can be found on the Dunlop web site at, or utilize the registration card you obtained from your dealer. More precise definition is the Tire Rack definition that defines the tyre rolling resistance as "the force required to maintain the forward movement of loaded tyre in a straight line at a constant speed". In this circumstance, option tires can potentially carry different speed ratings. Some motorcycles may be fitted only with radials that match original equipment. For motocross tires, Dunlop changed to the industry tire standards in the same manner as street tires. Flexing and heating of an under inflated tyre is greater and structural internal damages of tyre and tyre failures are possible. They should not continue riding on such tires. Although it looks as if the tire pressure has no connection with environment, surveys conducted by the major tyre manufacturers confirm that the insufficient tyre pressure causes increased fuel consumption and, accordingly, huge greenhouse emissions of gases harmful to health. Never inflate above 40 psi to seat beads.*. Consult the motorcycle manufacturer for approved wheel weights. – The tread pattern should clean well, even under the worst conditions, yet offer predictable handling in dry terrain. In each case, these wider, low-profile tires fit on existing standard-size rim widths, eliminating the need to replace rims. Dealers are free to set their own pricing. Some spokeless rims require tubes. Tyre rolling resistance is a part of total vehicle resistance of movement with a share of 15%-25% (city driving 15% and highway driving 25%). Check Dunlop Winter Maxx 2 tire sidewall for more information. A 130/80-18 street tire had a section width of 130mm, and an aspect ratio of 80 percent. The owner’s manual will include the original sizes and type of tire. Pressures for dual-sport/ADV use must be increased to pressures specified by the motorcycle manufacturer for highway use. Lower air pressure affects on reduced tyre stiffnes and lower cornering stiffness. Do not store tires where the area is dirty or wet, or exposed to petroleum-based products or solvents. Dunlop Winter Maxx 2 tire load capacity and tire inflation settings may vary based on tire load range or ply rating. Lever one at a time, working your way around the tire in small increments, After the firs side is removed, push the valve stem into the rim and pull the tube all the way out, If your wheel has rim locks, remove them before beginning removal of the second bead, Remove the second bead by inserting a tire iron under the bead of the brake side of the wheel, then lever the tire bead over the rim and push it off, Clean the bead area of the rim. To obtain the best mileage from your motorcycle tires, observe the following guidelines: obey the speed limit; avoid quick acceleration and hard braking; maintain recommended tire pressures; and do not overload your bike or tow a trailer. The recommended tyre pressure can be found on the tyre placard which is usually located on the door edge. The design of automotive tires and motorcycle tires are very different. For each tire, this change depends upon many factors such as weather, storage conditions, and conditions of use (load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance etc.) Inspect wheels for broken or loose spokes and for cracks on the hub or rim. Unbalanced tire/wheel assemblies can vibrate at certain speeds, and tire wear will be greatly accelerated. Don’t be afraid to mix off-road tire patterns front and rear to feel more comfortable. Advise your customers to bring their motorcycles to the motorcycle dealer for regular maintenance checks, inclusive of tire inspections. Sudden wheel failure may result from the use of cracked cast wheels. In other words, don’t follow someone’s personal recommendation. Since some areas of these courses can be hard and slippery, the tires must account for this as well. Bent rims may cause wheel wobble, bead unseating and, in the case of tubeless tires, gradual air loss. Wheels: To avoid loss of control or injury, make sure axle nuts are tight and secured. Dunlop street tires have balance dots in the bead or sidewall area to indicate the lightest point of the tire. Keep in mind that hard cornering, passengers, heavy loads and sustained high speeds will require higher pressures (up to that indicated on the sidewall). Advise your customers that reliance upon sealants can result in sudden tire failure and accident. Sample Mountain Tire Pressure Chart: Colin McSherry. The introduction of the radial tire led to such things as modified frames, wider wheels, new steering geometries and suspensions. These weaknesses are manifested by: Excessive wear in the central part of a tyre tread indicates that a pressure is higher than the recommended pressure. – The tread compound used in these tires must provide an optimum balance between wet and muddy terrain traction and long-wearing durability. All recommendation listed in this document refer to race track use only. Tyres are porous and naturally lose air even when they are not being used. 366 0 obj <> endobj Suggested hot tire pressures: Hot 34-36 psi. Tires for enduro and hare scrambles are similar since both are primarily run in softer, wetter, muddier terrain with slippery rocks and areas with exposed tree roots. These tire sizes share the same actual dimensions. Always fit the correct tires to your motorcycle, and for Harley Davidson motorcycles, never fit a D404. The quantities of scrap tyres are increased and recycling process produce additional emissions of CO2. Tires are composed of various types of material and rubber compounds, having performance properties essential to the proper functioning of the tire itself. A metal or hard-plastic valve cap with an inner gasket should be used and installed finger-tight to protect the valve core from dust and moisture and to help maintain a positive air seal. All reputable tire manufacturers have their own list of approved tires for most motorcycle models. The recommended inflation pressure refers to the cold tyres before the car is driven and tyres warmed up (ideally overnight). Direzza DZ102. It is possible to overload a tire even though it is the size specified by the motorcycle manufacturer. Arrive in style. A tire that is installed on a rim wider than recommended will have a flattened profile, and a rider may easily reach the edge of the tread during cornering. Use a mild soap solution to clean sidewalls, white striping or lettering, and rinse off with plain water. Tire psi printed on the sidewall is the maximum air pressure that Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tire can be inflated to support its maximum load capacity, and not necessarily the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. Tyres with insufficient tyre pressure require an additional energy for rolling which leads to increased fuel consumption. Only certain punctures in the tread area may be repaired, and only if no other damage is present. Accordingly, the result of lower tyre pressure is poor handling. It is essential that tire/wheel assemblies be balanced before use and rebalanced each time the tire is removed or replaced. The following guidelines are offered both to assist in choosing the Dunlop tires that will most closely match the motorcycling needs of your customers, and to provide the service and maintenance advice necessary for customer safety and satisfaction. Such tires are remanufactured products for which Dunlop’s new tire testing and certifications are voided. No. Let the dominant condition dictate your choice after considering the start section. Never use protectants, cleaners or dressings to enhance your tire appearance. Should the beads not seat properly, do not overinflate. Replacements for worn, differently patterned or constructed tires will not react the same. Make sure the valve stem has not spun; if it has, deflate tire and re-set, If riding in a rocky area or track, make sure to look between the knobs for cracks or cuts to the tire carcass, Hard Conditions: Front / Rear: 12.5-13.5 ~ 14 psi, Intermediate Conditions: Front / Rear: 12.5-13.5 ~ 14 psi, Soft Conditions: Front / Rear: 12.5-13.5 ~ 14 psi, Lay the rear wheel sprocket side down and the front wheel brake side up, Remove the valve core and loosen the rim locks, Stand the wheel up and use the flat side of a tire iron to push the rim locks down, breaking them loose from the tire bead, Lay the wheel down again and stand on the tire sidewalls with your feet pushing to break the beads loose from the rim. The tread pattern must resist wear, provide maximum grip, and clean well under a wide variety of conditions.