News on April 21. Stakes of all kind abound, just with a sun-kissed glow. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Outer Banks season 1. Confession: we are all about that Pogue life this summer. That was something that we teamed up on, we both had those ideas before we even shot the show. In terms of Stokes’ past relationships, PopBuzz reported that Stokes moved to Los Angeles in April 2017 with his then-girlfriend Xiomara Montalvo. '”, He also responded to fans who want JJ to date Kiara, which would create a love triangle between the characters and Pope. Rudy PankowCharacter: Troublemaking surfer JJ, the most erratic of the Pogues who is dealing with an abusive father and a tendency to draw first, ask questions l8r.Age: 21Where You've Seen Him Before: He briefly popped up on Ryan Murphy's Netflix series The Politician.Fun Fact: He originally auditioned for Rafe, JJ and John B., and was actually going to be John B. after Stokes initially passed. It’s not because of the fact that he got rejected, but mostly because of the fact that he’s lost everything at that point.”, @wonderland “troublemaking surfer” . Dealing with the danger of getting their friend out of a gang and friends turning into romance, danger is constant. But season 2, that could be a different story. According to PopBuzz, Cline lives by herself in an apartment below that of her costar Drew Starkey, who plays Sarah’s brother Rafe. News that "some of the cast—Drew Starkey (Rafe), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Chase and myself—and our friend Elaine are all kind of quarantined together right now. Link to the article is in my bio. OK, we added the shirtless part, but doesn't it just feel right?Instagram Followers: 629,000, Austin NorthCharacter: Topper, which is the most ridiculously perfect Kook name for Sarah's Kook boyfriend who is a jerk who is maybe secretly a decent dude? Fun Fact: A North Carolina native, Starkey has been receiving "a lot of love" from people in his home state though people in his life usually tell him, "I hate your character but I still love you." Of course, the Pogues aren’t the only ones who know about the treasure and soon learn that the others who are also looking for it aren’t as peaceful as them. They became friends in middle school and graduated high school together, with Pope writing, "I am so grateful to be on this journey alongside my childhood friend. Also: 99 problems and a Kook girl is one.Age: 27Where You've Seen Him: Stokes had a small role on Stranger Things.Fun Fact: He originally turned down the show, thinking it was a Goonies rip-off. I honestly think that Kiara was the last thing he had to lose as a person. “Some of the cast — Drew Starkey (Rafe), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Chase and myself — and our friend Elaine are all kind of quarantined together right now,” Cline … Gosh, you are a total Kook. ? Thank you @vman for letting me talk all things @obx and opening a conversation about mental health. (Chase Stokes) and his three Pogue friends as they hunt for answers about his missing father and buried treasure, all while dealing with elitist Kooks, law enforcement, other dangerous treasure hunters, and romantic entanglements. It is a fun and enjoyable show. He’s like, ‘I’ve lost my scholarship. “But I think the end game, the end game of the OBX, I can see JJ and Kiara being like, ‘All right there’s something here.’ Because it starts out with JJ saying that he had tried getting with Kiara. This is a special piece for me. News that she’s currently self-isolating with a few of her Outer Banks co-stars, including Stokes. Get ur john b out of my john b john b. No, but we dare you to stop with just one. (@hichasestokes) on Jun 14, 2020 at 3:54pm PDT, The confirmation came after the costars did several interviews together in quarantine, which led fans to wonder if the two were in a relationship because they were living together. Outer Banks 178 of 215 people found this review helpful. Like, is eating a whole bag of them the best thing for you? The 10-episode series follows John B. and his friends as they investigate the disappearance of John B.’s father, who went missing at sea a year before the events of the show. ", Stokes then explained of the decision to social distance as a group, "Through a weird chain of events we were kind of like, 'Let's do this together.'". A modern love story, set during a summer on the Adriatic coast. Looking for something to watch? Outer Banks follows John B. Madelyn Cline talks filming the 'Outer Banks' rainy kiss and quarantining with the cast. Celebrities are behaving seriously weirdly during quarantine, and I’ve never felt more seen.”, Come on babe Photo- My boy @jovisualstudios ☀️, A post shared by Maddie Baby (@madisonbaileybabe) on Apr 28, 2020 at 12:11pm PDT.