(Like, when she finds out she's dating a vampire, she tells him to get out of her life, instead of … Even before she became a vampire she had a sort of cruelty to her when it came to protecting the people she loved. 10 Differences Between The Vampire Diaries Books & Show, Want Real Fangs? Beyond the Damon issues, Elena is a hypocrite and has that indecisiveness and self-centeredness comes from being a protagonist in a genre show: “It’s because of me, everything is because of ME!” Which yeah girl to a degree because you are a doppelgänger, but there is also plenty of supernatural baggage in the town that you could avoid if you just got the hell out of there. Tyler’s last name is originally Smallwood, not Lockwood. It made me to want to be her friend. In the book, Elena’s parents have been dead for three years when the story starts. People are boring, dad is boring, but there are pasty hot people at school and one of them is named Edward Cullen and he is down to clown, once he gets over sending her mixed messages. She's really sweet and caring, and tough! Best Qualities: Elena has always done her best to be a proactive heroine. And there were no consequences for that behavior when it came to Elena. Via Pinterest. TV Show: The actress who was cast as Elena is quite the opposite of the books' description. There were many changes made to L.J Smith's The Vampire Diaries books when it was adapted into a television series. I remember when they first announced the show and I read all the differences, I got so pissed! Something you’d like us to write about? Die! Meredith has a vital role in the group and is one of the only characters to resist Damon's charm. Part of Elena’s character is that she suffered huge trauma and wanted to be a better person. He came from Italy. He is romantically involved with Meredith in both mediums as well as being a caring and compassionate figure in the series. Especially when we are talking about straight couples. Was it Damon Salvatore or his younger brother Stefan Salvatore? I know that heroes have the call to action and even Aang was awakened by Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but there is a story about why Aang is asleep. Do you have a vampire-related question? After awhile they became friends though. In the tv show there is no mention of the “Underworld” or any “Guardians”. Luckily, The Originals drops the "emotion switch" and focuses on real problems. Related: 15 Things Most People Don't Know About The Making Of The Vampire Diaries. On TVD, the doppelganger storyline became nauseating, with Nina Dobrev playing 3 different characters and Stefan randomly being a doppelganger too. 2. The CW's The Vampire Diaries is based on a series of books, but what things were changed when the book was adapted to a hit television series? (Books are ALWAYS better than their adaptations.). It's nice to have a break from that on The Originals. As someone who actual dates now, there is something really attractive about the idea of a soul mate, someone who is yours and drawn to you more than anyone else in the world. Katherine's book counterpart is much different. Let’s start off with the fact that Stefan and Damon are brothers. After all the hell that has happened in fells church. They left out so much detail and just took this story at a whole new level. Yes, Bella is a true self-insert character and is poorly written. I believe Katherine had the ability to turn into a white tiger? There are no kitsune. Damon and Elena's relationship is the heart of The Vampire Diaries, but how is the book version of their romance different from the TV show? Become a subscriber and support the site! In the book, Elena told Mia that she knew about the birth father and she used it as leverage to get them out of the rental apartment, but Mia was the one who told Pearl about her dad. it really isnt vampire diaries without jeremy :/ for me anyways. Goals? Without TVD, there would be no Originals. Yet, ugh these shows really do not know how to produce heroines that can think beyond two steps forward. 3. Throughout the series, Sookie, due to her telepathic abilities and gumption, gets brought into a lot of vampire politics and is “vampire bait” to pretty much every character with fangs. Stefan and Damon pursue Elena in The Vampire Diaries' book and television show. Way, way better. :”D i would have just been confused. At one point Stefan disappears, and Damon actually tells Elena that Stefan has died in the hopes of getting her attention all to himself. But luckily for Damon, she winds up dying with a bit more of his blood in her than Stefan's, so she develops a sire bond with him instead of with Stefan. The Salvatore brothers originally lived in the same town during the 1800s and, over a thousand years before that, the Original family settled there and became vampires. and hating her because she is a brunette is really stupid. The show does feature a Fell’s Church, but it’s just a structure in the cemetery. Damon raped her best friend. Have a tip or story idea? Attention TVD fans… about tht sixth difference in the article, its kind of incorrect! In the book, Vickie isn’t his sister. Again, Damon has quite a few powers in the book series that are missing from the TV adaptation of The Vampire Diaries, and one power that he possesses and uses against Elena is the power to manipulate her dreams. The Vampire Diaries ended before The Originals did, so it was nice to see some characters from TVD pop up on The Originals after its finale. Also Caroline is totally different than on tv. Learn how your comment data is processed. On The Originals, there's no Elena Gilbert, and it mostly revolves around saving Hope Mikaelson instead. Actually we know why are elena and katherine really look like eachother in book too. Yes she gets kidnapped a lot, but so does Damon (he gets chained up at least once a season), and she always finds ways to get information during her capture. L.J. Who is your favorite of the vampire love interest squad? U would know if u have read all the volumes of TVD. So this one is for you guys, here’s a list of some of the big differences between the two: 1. Stephan doesnt come/didnt live in mystic falls(fells church) in the book. When we meet Elena Gilbert at the beginning of the series, she is still dealing with the death of her parents in a car crash, where she ended up surviving. 9. Love Triangle: Honestly, Sookie’s love triangle is one of the saddest of them all because it is filled with so much manipulation on the parts of both Eric and Bill. Still lives in Brooklyn with her over 500 Pokémon that she has Eevee trained into a mighty army.