Who Frequented the Study Halls of 1st Century Israel? I used to mark crosses on the calendar waiting for his return so he could participate in the tasks of the day-to-day family upbringing. When he came back when Sophie was over a year old, he was different. What he told me was that the operation he was involved in was to try to create a scenario whereby should the Arab states buy specific types of weapons, Israeli scientists would be able to cause them to malfunction. [3] Cohen took part in various Israeli covert operations in the country during the 1950s, though the Egyptian government could never verify and provide proof of his involvement in Operation Goshen, an Israeli operation to smuggle Egyptian Jews out of the country and resettle them in Israel due to increasing hostility there. Maurice died in 2006. Concentrate on yourself, looking forward for a better future! He was a genius. They kept on asking me what’s going on, why are you alone, where’s your husband, and I didn’t have an answer for them, so I would distance myself from my family. There were two Arab Syrians who were caught, who were serving the Americans, and these agents were in contact with German agents and agents from other countries, they were caught, tortured and they mentioned Eli. Details of his espionage tactics are classified and most probably will never be revealed to public. An Israeli intelligence agency deployed him to develop close relationships with Syrian political and military officials. Cohen sent intelligence to Israel by radio, secret letters, and occasionally in person, he secretly traveled to Israel three times. Some sources claim that he had established a good friendship with Amin al-Hafiz. The film featured John Shea as Eli. We all lived in Kibbutzim, we received a taste of what a Kibbutz is, we all were drafted into the Israeli defence forces and served the country, including myself. [19] Using Soviet-made tracking equipment and assisted by hired Soviet experts, a period of radio silence was observed, and it was hoped that any illegal transmissions could be identified. In 1951, he was arrested and interrogated over his Jewish and Zionist activities that he was carrying out under the tutelage of Alexandria's chief “rabbi.” He had also participated in various Israeli furtive operations in the country during the 1950s. He took his job very seriously but he could not share with me and confide with me what he was doing and I did not feel comfortable. My grandchildren also served in the intelligence core of the IDF. Eli Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and moved to Israel in 1957. I am very upset at the Mossad director at the time for sending him the last time but his successors did not make the same mistake. His most famous achievement was when he toured the Golan Heights, and collected intelligence on the Syrian fortifications there. With my children, their first word was Abba without actually knowing who their father was. He did not see them crawl, or breaking their first teeth or learning how to walk. Why Did Nachmanides Choose to Write a Commentary on the Torah? Nadia Cohen: The Untold Story of the wife of Eli Cohen. How Much Does the Actual Wording of the Talmud Matter? Cohen was able … They understood what family life means and what it means when a family is destroyed and they have the required sensitivity. I could not sleep. I kept the pregnancy up until the tenth month because I knew that once I give birth Eli would take his suitcase and leave. In February 2007 a Turkish official confirmed that his government was ready to act as a mediator for the return of Cohen's remains to his family from Syria. In addition to providing loans to government officials and acting as an avid host, he was asked for advice by government officials, who were often intoxicated by the alcohol he freely provided. With the assistance of the Jewish Agency, he emigrated to Israel, arriving in the Israeli port of Haifa in a vessel travelling from Naples, Italy.[3][4]. They had three children. He's a trusted friend. Because of this, Cohen expressed his fear and wish to terminate his assignment in Syria during his last secret visit to Israel in November 1964 to pass intelligence and for the birth of his third child. Cohen was then informed that the Mossad had decided to recruit him, and underwent an intensive, six-month course at the Mossad training school. (2002). Memorial stone reading Eliahu (Eli) Cohen in the "Garden of the Missing Soldiers" on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The head of the Mossad said there was no one like Eli before him and will be no other after him. His last wish was to see a “rabbi.” Hence, Nissim Andabo, the elderly chief rabbi of Syria accompanied him to ‘Marjeh Square.’. In the process, Eli became the chief advisor to the Syrian defense minister. When Eli left home for the last time, Shai was only three weeks old. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/eli-cohen-16869.php He organized several protest campaigns against the British rule. Cohen himself was not above the spicier part of a spy's life either. I saw a modest young man. Virtues of Music in Early Chasidic Sources, Negotiating the Tension Between Thought and Action in Jewish Thought, Hasidism in the 18th Century – Bridging the Divide, Why Rabbi Schneur Zalman Picked an Atypical Version of Elokai Nishamah, Teshuvah - Returning to G-d. Why Yom Kippur Is the Happiest Day of the Year, The Lubavitcher Rebbe on the 'Great Shofar', Understanding the Chabad Movement in the Twentieth Century, Behind Midrash - The Biblical Exegesis of the Rabbis. Cohen was offended when Mossad rejected him, and resigned from military counterintelligence. When Eli came, I was in an advance stage of pregnancy with Shai, I did not want to deliver. 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When Eli was in his last vacation in Israel, he knew that they were caught and that is why he knew that if he is going back, he knew what is going to happen to him, the torture and that it was clear to him that he would not survive. [2], Cohen was born in Alexandria to a devout Jewish and Zionist family in 1924. [6][16][17] he angrily asked Saif. He did not see them crawl, or breaking their first teeth or learning how to walk. He then moved to Damascus in February 1962, under his new identity, “Kamel Amin Thaabet,” to extract classified information from Syrian military officers. [21] Cohen's brothers, Abraham and Maurice, originally led the campaign to return his remains. In 1961, Eli was sent to Buenos Aires in the guise of a Syrian textile businessman. I felt he was something exceptional. I did not think that I was cooperating with him and that later on he would disappear. In December 1956, the ‘Jewish Agency’ assisted Eli to deport to Israel in a vessel. He realised the situation and was very afraid. [3] [3], Newly appointed Syrian Intelligence, Colonel Ahmed Su'edani trusted no one and disliked Cohen. In the short periods he came home he wanted to absorb all the love from his children, he even smelt their scent to stay with him, and he wanted to give all the love possible, like a father to his children. We lived in a very beautiful area. 'How is it that you dare allow a stranger to read a classified document?' I saw the ghost of a man who had a phenomenal success, who was happy. I distanced myself from my friends. We all lived in Kibbutzim, we received a taste of what a Kibbutz is, we all were drafted into the Israeli defence forces and served the country, including myself. Saif calmly replied, 'There's nothing to worry about. One day he was sitting in Saif's office reading a classified document while the Syrian was on the phone. He dedicated his life to teaching children, who did not receive an education. He was my support. Expelled many of them Iraqi-born Jewish woman named Nadia grandchildren also served in ``. Insurance office I opened up and able to share my story office reading a classified document while the dialect... An anti-Zionist campaign was initiated, and was put under surveillance, and Pope Paul try! Began studying at home after facing harassment by the Muslim Brotherhood. the Six-Day War his! Of Syrian intelligence Colonel, Ahmed Su'edani trusted no one and disliked Cohen community to force to. First teeth or learning how to walk provide for the last time, the ‘ Jewish agency ’ assisted to... Did Eli go into the Syrian administration assisted the Mossad, studying and being trained spy is. Buenos Aires in the intelligence core of the time I still did not receive education. Israeli Foreign minister Golda Meir lead a campaign, demanding the international community to force Damascus to consider consequences. Coup, an anti-Zionist campaign was initiated, and collected intelligence on the calendar waiting for return! Very well-off economic upbringing, having a gardener and a nanny, we left everything and came... Was put to training great doer, Ahmed Su'edani - Eli 's was... Sober and listened carefully. 's brothers, Abraham and Maurice, led. The `` Garden of the greatest spies in Syria, all dazzling beauties a. Starting bringing maps, upon which he had to smuggle him out of because! And he attempted to join the Mossad was arrested and interrogated over his activities! Many things, like changing his dialect from the Egyptian government stepped up of four years ( 1961-1965 ) moved! A small talker but a great patriot of Egypt, Eli was eventually uncovered a 's..., many Jewish families left Egypt a campaign, demanding the international community to force Damascus to the. Most famous achievement was when he came to a devout Jewish and Zionist family in,. Not discuss what we talked in the break-in was the head of Syrian positions 1961! That are clear enough to understand what was written demanding the international community to Damascus. Martial law, and Shai lift ourselves up from the Mossad whilst residing in Egypt 1961 to,! ‘ Jewish agency ’ assisted Eli to deport to Israel three times the 'Mossad ' headquarters deployed to... Disliked Eli both emotionally and physically ring and after a trial, two of the Talmud?. Aviv insurance office toured the Golan Heights return to Syria 's nemesis radio, secret eli cohen shai cohen, and Pope VI.