When a part needs to be painted and or replaced, the auto info labels (VIN, tire pressure, VECI emissions, VHRD, anti-theft, air bag, warning and AC coolant) need to be replaced. I told him that I've been going to him for the past 8 years with no problem, so he was good with it. BAR Referee Label: When inspecting a SPCNS, grey market vehicle, vehicle with an engine VECI emissions and VHRD replacement labels are most often used by auto body and auto collision shops. missing or illegible APL does not constitute an inspection failure. Both of these decals should be replaced when needed. Inspectors must inspect the vehicle additional instructions. CLICK the LINK BUTTON and SHARE with your FRIENDS ! It matches the number that is printed next to it: When I move to CA in 94, I learned that they check that sticker to see if your engine is a 49 state or CA emissions certified. A missing or illegible emission control label does not Aftermarket Parts Label: CARB approved or exempted parts are subject to CARB A vehicle may have had its hood replaced and as a result may have lost its original emissions label. Information on the label includes spark plug replacement and certain testing parameters. Thanks!!!! change, or vehicle with a fuel conversion change look for a BAR Referee Label. that can be used to verify CARB approval or exemption, as outlined in section 1.3.1. Referee Label: Usually Located on the Drivers Door. The under-hood label can determine if the vehicle OBD II certified and if readiness test needs to be performed. components on this label, since emission control system technology changes and varies Labels (APL) must be affixed or stamped on approved/exempted parts or, if not practical, Smog Tech Training for a low and reasonable price with online study guide to help you PASS the Smog Inspector or Smog Technician Repair Examination. Why would that be needed for emissions testing? If your vehicle is missing its VECI decal it is critical that you order a replacement emissions label ASAP. When equipped with a BAR Referee Label, these vehicles may be 03 A4 Quattro, 1.8T, 02X six speed conversion/ GJW (4.11 final drive). I just decoded it. An SPCN, gray market, or vehicle with an engine change without a thanks! I don't have a 1.8, but my 3.0, the only emissions related sticker under the hood that I'm aware of is for the vacuum line diagram. Information on the label includes spark plug replacement and certain testing parameters. RS4 RSB, H&R FSB. ! With FREE 1-3 day shipping and overnight delivery available, we will beat any competitor and provide you with the best auto data replacement labels. These requirements specify that Aftermarket Parts Can anyone with a 2004.5 A4 1.8T (USP if it makes any difference) please take a look under their hood and snap a picture of the emissions sticker? constitute an inspection failure. Seems like something that would be too easy to tamper with to rely on for any official test. Missing Label: Your vehicle will NOT fail the smog inspection if the Emissions Label is missing. controls can be determined using other sources as described in section 1.3.1. The under-hood label can not determine if an TSI or ASM test is needed. You must consult with the appropriate manual or visually look at the vehicle. affixed to the engine. a BAR Referee Label is not present, inform the customer to contact the BAR Referee for Manufacturers sometimes have a VHRD (vehicle hose replacement diagram) label next to or near the VECI emissions sticker. I'll bring the picture from old guy's post and show it to them if they ask. between vehicle manufacturers. Now to print it out and stick it under my hood. certification type (California and Federal). The labels are required to contain an EO number If your vehicle is missing its VECI decal it is critical that you order a replacement emissions label ASAP. Please use the abbreviations below and your vehicle's emissions label to learn about your car's required smog components. I guess they need it for reference so they can set up the machine or something? All they said was that i could go down to the dealership and pick up a new one, then they could do the smog check. So you will need a separate emissions sticker for each vehicle. The cost of the sticker is likely because it is an official emissions sticker. In cases where the emission control label is missing or Home    |    Order    |    Products    |    FAQ    |    Contact, VIN Stickers    |    VECI (Emission)    |    VHRD (Hose Routing)    |    Tire Pressure Labels    |    Safety & Warning Labels, Airbag & Mercury Warning    |    Anti-theft Labels    |    A/C & Coolant    |    Misc. Here you will find everything you need to know about VECI emissions labels, why you should replace them, and where you can ORDER replacement VECI stickers. that's audi doing what they do best: highway robbery! Smog Inspector Class Training Level 1:    DAY CLASS, Smog Inspector Class Training Level 1: NIGHT CLASS, Smog Check Inspection and Repair Technician Training. Update: the printout worked for me.