The shot at the balcony was far enough to disguise that it was Park Bo-Gum...the kiss scene at the balcony was intense compared at the scene where taken outside the park with Park Bo-Gum. I mean, does it get better?I watched ep 1 and thought it was so boring!! It was so beautifully done.. I think the reason he doesn't talk much about himself or his goals is because he tries his best to takes things one at a time, and he enjoys the moment a lot. Beautiful scenes of Cuba captured..... Only negative was PBG hair in opening..he has such beautiful face it made him more beautiful (feminine looking) than the exquisite face of his leading lady's! It didnt excite me to move on to the next episode. I never see any drama with PBG..but i like SHK so much..after saw this drama..PBG seems so natural and the drunk scene is very cute.. Pfffff so boring drama, kpoplovers Dec 14 2018 10:05 am Lou Jan 17 2019 9:37 am But I can't stabd watch him so I started watch it. This drama so classy , genuine, and bring us to roller coaster emotion. Besides of her super duoer cutie face....Bogum your always gorgeous and more handsome how come you are a gifted talented actor..Two versatile actor/actress together in a drama series......grandslam same with the Dots....... Joyce Nov 30 2018 7:21 pm Do it, it is highly recommended. I'm so up fo this! I never expected she will do it after she got married but boy she prove me wrong! Wonder if there will be more seasons. I love the lead actress, she is definitely one of the prettiest Korean actress. So his family could be a problem. Their emotion, their chemistry is most excellent n fit in every way they develop... such an amazing actor n actress... It has a very nice story and very deep conversation, with meaning and a lot to learn from. Sara Dec 11 2018 11:52 pm But after my first encounter with PBG, I just fall in love with him!!! Jinhyuk is the one that soo hyun needs. How can anyone want to hurt him. Really this is my one of the osm drama I ever watch really nice both the actors do great job the main character lines are very good before this drama I really don't like park bo gum but in this drama I really like him the way he is acting and as always song hye kyo is very very good actress and she is as always perfect in any drama and also she is very very lucky that she got very loving , caring , trusting & understanding husband, Monar Jan 20 2019 7:35 pm Samlia Jan 26 2019 5:28 am It happen again to me after several years , skip bed time for Kdrama... while waiting 7th ep, I am gona reply it again and again. They don't make my heart flutter. I don't know but i adore more relationship between Cha Soo Hyun and her Ex husband?? IDK if I should start watching it again. Noona Jan 23 2019 1:58 pm Tesu Jan 04 2019 11:46 am then the love story can be convincing, Sheila Dec 12 2018 4:03 pm I fall in love with this story since episode 1. I wish SHK and PBG will have another collaboration in the future coz they're so perfectly fit with each other. I like Park Bo Gum since Reply 1988 and I have been a fan of Song Hye Kyo since Full House. freddie highmore resemblence XD, shin Oct 20 2019 5:38 am They are attracted to each other, yet only their fate will decide whether they can live with each other. So I'm super excited for the drama.. All the best.. Please accept it song hye kyo.. cross finger, Black pearl Jun 15 2018 7:57 am Of course, both the lead actors are brilliant too. Beautiful scenery and the two leads have GREAT chemistry together. After watching the whole story Encounter. Still waiting T.T, TamTam Nov 14 2018 10:52 am CaliforniaLove Mar 23 2020 12:19 pm If you are hesitating on watching this drama, I would say give it a shot. You see, people also said the same thing abt the synopsis, cast, etc of dots, but what happened? Guiltypleasure Dec 15 2018 1:04 am Cmon! However, I'm giving it another go with ep.2 cos the 2 leading stars were really good in other dramas. So sad because i like pbg so much since i've seen him in love in the moonlight and reply 1988. Every angle and shot had some sort of symbolic meaning and the colors and aesthetic was incredible. Give it 10/10. Other name: Overall it's a romantic drama which tugged at your heartstrings and one that would make you fantasize of having such a perfect boyfriend like Kim Jin Hyeok lol. Required fields are marked *, Tags: Daebakdrama – Encounter, Drama3s – Encounter, Dramacool -Encounter, Fastdrama – Encounter, Kissasian – Encounter, Kissdrama – Encounter, Most Popular, Myasiantv – Encounter, Newasiantv – Encounter, Viewasian – Encounter, Viki – Encounter. Am really loving it. would you wear a bright red attention-seeking formal dress, high-heels n carry a Lady Dior handbag in a place like Cuba? I like this story..?? This is the best drama that i feel so touched to see what the love can do... He is a joy to watch. He is is really a superb kisser. I wait anxiously for each new episode to air. It's good to see Hye Kyo again after her wedding with Bogum's chingu ??? Joy Jan 21 2019 9:42 am I just want some SPICE. It requires a bit of life experience. Thank you PBG and SHK. This drama hasn't started, yet you guys keep on complaining just because of the synopsis and the writer? Her character is so relatable and she smiles a lot here! So that's it. Huhuhuhu, Black pearl Jun 15 2018 7:58 am Of course, they are not going to act like wild young lovers because she is older, is the CEO and is divorced. I think if they gottogether they would become bored. She had received this failed hotel as alimony from the owners of a powerful business group after an unpleasant mariage calculated by the parents that was soon followed by a divorce from her spineless husband, heir to the chaebol.. SHK, the 37-year old actress, and PBG, the 24-year old actor, are "walking on eggs" and appear very uncomfortable in developing the love relationship scripted for their two stereotyped characters. as i'm staring at the light you hold Many of their lines were quotable quote, that really make sense! I'm falling in love again, this drama is such a wonderful and giving me a chance,, PBG and SHK are great actors love by the viewers.Bravo!!! lord Jun 14 2019 3:21 pm Both PBG and SHK performed well. I give a nice 10 of rating. They are not toys and objects for fans to play with and it is so worrying how many people don't realise this. Very good solid romance that really focused on the main characters instead of unnecessary plots and side characters. Digna Dec 19 2018 5:50 pm Guiltypleasure Dec 20 2018 9:36 pm Highly recommend this drama. For the past two years i had been anticipating and getting excited about his comeback in small screen. I wish the ratings are higher though. PBG and SHK are really acting well. I don't feel anything after watching this drama. You’re very pretty as always. I just can't get around her expressionless face. I never see male character like this before. k-drama fan Jan 25 2019 10:29 am Ger Jan 11 2019 3:25 pm Park Bo-Gum has a great smile and sweet face which matches his character role. mimzy Apr 24 2019 11:43 am BUT it’s a good drama..I just finished watching it and I liked it. I love this drama. Waiting for the next episode. My first time to watch a Korean melodrama ...I must say I was hooked into it immediately ....I had watched it repeatedly more than 10x .....I loved it ....I just hope there will be a season 2 ....I would like to see both of them paired again in the near future ..SHK is beautiful and a great actress as well as PBG ....I highly recommend Encounter to watch ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I 'm very happy now. Also, Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum’s chemistry is 100% ❤️❤️❤️! It's worth it. @Fv dont wven dare to compare my ahjusshinwith this drama?!! What more SHK was going to some beach area to look at the sunset? about it. The chemistry between the two of them is good.. Can't wait till the next episode.. Lebah syantique Dec 01 2018 3:23 am She is experienced in this field.. Nov 29, 2018. I think the story itself is too much with so many conflicts that is why it doesn’t seemed to be realistic. The May-December affair could have been more unique in terms of injecting it in the storyline.