Your motto? Others experience them as open, receptive, and peaceful. An enneagram nine is situated within the action center. Weekends are made for getting ahead and being uber-productive. They are caring and generous, aiming to please. They are highly optimistic, future-thinking, and energetic. A career choice for an enneagram eight should be based on their freedom to lead and make difficult decisions. If The Peacemaker is aware of that and can mentally prepare themselves, then it is a good choice. You leap at the opportunity to wield control over a situation. Ask them what they need, remain calm and patient, and express yourself gently. Therefore, enneagram type six careers that provide an opportunity to work in a team environment with consistent expectations and security will allow them to naturally lean into their giftings and personality traits. Therefore, enneagram type four careers that provide an opportunity to leave an impression, be creative, share their insights, and be expressive in their work will allow them to naturally lean into their giftings and personality traits. There is a good chance that the one who you know that has a cake business is in fact, The Peacemaker. Therefore, concerning enneagram type 9 careers, I believe the best question to ask is, “How can an enneagram nine allow their giftings and healthy motivations to influence work they believe is meaningful. Subscribe Now And We’ll Send The Ideas To You Right Away! Below is a list provided by The Enneagram Institute of famous people who could be considered to be enneagram nines. Listening and responsive to peoples needs. The information provided on this website is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships. Writing is the best way of communication for them. The most basic desire of the Enneagram Type 9 is to have internal peace. Encourage them to be open about their personal needs and ideas; create an environment in which they feel safe to communicate honestly. Enneagram Type 9 Careers: Best Jobs for Enneagram Type Nine The Enneagram is a categorization of personality types based on how people perceive and respond to the world and information they gather, as well their own emotions. For those who want to find a fulfilling career it might look something like this: Do you see the problem? Their direct reports work are warm, respectful, and appreciative. They prefer simple pleasures, which are always at hand – ready meals at the nearest fast food restaurant, watching replays of their favourite TV shows or relaxing in a comfortable chair. Therefore, the human resource manager role is a great fit for those who have the Enneagram Type 9 personality. Agreeable: Nines are easy to get along with. Below you’ll find advice about each enneagram type to help you learn how to experience a meaningful career doing work that you love. Eights thrive in an environment where their can-do attitude is appreciated and have the ability to drive positive change by standing up for others. Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why, suggests that often we know WHAT we do and HOW to do it but never fully understand WHY we do it. Please try again. This describes 9 different enneagram or personality types, and each one possesses certain core beliefs which are what […] Through the Enneagram, you can explore new paths and discover hidden talents, to your surprise! RELATED: Enneagram Type 5: 10 Best Careers For The Observer. Supportive: Others feel accepted, heard, and understood in the presence of Nines. This can translate into Type Nines being content in most any career field, however, Nines tend to steer clear of high profile, stressful, or leadership jobs. The nine enneagram numbers are divided into three categories of expression: Action, Feeling, and Thinking. We champion the narrative of being proactive about looking after the mind. Those who have the Enneagram 9 personality type really do care for others. Connecting your key motivations with career options, Assess if there is room in your current job to capitalize on your key motivations and giftings, Evaluate if you are in a field that you feel is important, Consider if the work you are doing is meaningful to you and helpful to others. To further explore and learn more about each number and the career choices available, use the links titled: More Career Ideas & Advice For Enneagram Type…. Using the enneagram to help you align your passion with your work is a worthwhile endeavor and know that I am cheering for you. With these three initial career tips, use the guide below to navigate enneagram careers and options related to your type. Enneagram Nines are often the glue that holds relationships together. Nines excel at adapting and coping and tend to be extremely flexible in their careers. They would be able to sit with the care recipient and listen to their needs. Not only will they provide kids the best education that they can get, but they can teach them in a nurturing way. Type Nines can be supportive, understanding partners, especially to those who feel disconnected or misunderstood. The enneagram is a powerful tool because it provides a clear understanding of what motivates each type. The message a two most wants to hear is, “You are so loveable and wanted.”. To further explore and learn more about Enneagram type 6 career choices available use the link below: Sevens love variety and like to keep their options open.