Mr Spry said he wrote the book, Child C - Surviving a Foster Mother's Reign of Terror, to put the horror behind him. For a year we shuttled back and forth between our house and Eunice’s until the inevitable day when my father called us into the living room and said he had something important to tell us. Use Chrome or Firefox for Better Experience. But this time I’d had enough. Today, he recalls his bewilderment and mixed emotions on learning that the woman he still knew as his mum was being questioned by police. For me, the real issue is whether or not other people – in this case, a jury of 12 complete strangers – will believe the extraordinary story that I, my younger brother Thomas and our foster sister Sarah are going to tell them. They’d do their best to make it a fun outing for us, taking us for lunch in the canteen and going to the park on the way home. When Victoria was 18, a younger brother — another foster child, favoured by Spry — began attending Jehovah’s Witness meetings and Victoria was asked to accompany him in her wheelchair. “You look nice, Alloma. Slaps on the mouth and punches continued as before, albeit well out of John’s sight and hearing. Pure evil.”. A social service report, after her arrest, found that several professionals who had seen the children had raised concerns, including a dentist who saw broken teeth, but no action was taken. After a trial lasting five and a half weeks, Spry — who continued to deny all the claims made against her — was convicted on 26 counts of child abuse and imprisoned for 14 years, which was subsequently reduced to 12 years on appeal. In sentencing, the judge told Spry that it was the "worst case in his 40 years practising law". In sentencing, the judge told Spry that it was the "worst case in his 40 years practising law". “But we did – we saw her brother and sister.”. Im September 2020 nahm sich Victoria Spry das Leben. It was a real battle of wills, and I became so weak and sick that I was hallucinating. Suddenly, Eunice bent over and I felt a most enormous “clunk” across the toes of my right foot. Eunice Spry was jailed for 14 years in March 2007, after being convicted of 26 charges including cruelty and wounding. ‘Being in Eunice’s care killed Victoria — I don’t think anyone could argue with that,’ Christopher, now 30, tells me. God I hope you’re right, I think, because if she can see me, she can get me. The pain seared through my bare feet, and I screamed out loud. Very smart.” DC Martell is smiling encouragingly, as the car nudges through the heavy morning traffic towards Bristol Crown Court, where I will shortly be giving evidence in a child abuse case against my foster mother of ten years, Eunice Spry. You’d think someone had stolen the crown jewels from the fuss Eunice made. Eunice Spry, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, had two children living with her in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire when she was approved as a foster carer in 1984. most despicable and unthinkable actions. Charlotte was generally in her good books, as was Robert, a baby taken on by Eunice shortly after we went to live with her. He was a lovely black labrador puppy called Jet, and I was given the job of house-training him. Ihr ältester Pflegesohn, Christopher Spry, mit dem Spitznamen "Kind C", veröffentlichte ein gleichnamiges Buch über seine Kindheit bei Eunice Spry. She has never admitted her guilt or expressed any remorse. It was all very confusing. And so I starved. Then she took an old chair leg and began whacking the top of the children’s bare feet, one by one. “They were just friends.”, Charlotte said nothing and looked down. Im Februar 2007 wurde Eunice Spry vom Staatsgericht Bristol zu vierzehn Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt. We slowly but surely became trapped on the farm, our only outings being to Jehovah’s Witness meetings or the local shops to run her errands. But to see her up there made me so incredibly proud, it was so moving,’ he says. She also reached out to Alloma, now a mother of three, who had not been in contact with Victoria for several years. However, she stressed that during our occasional visits to see our parents we had to remember to call her Auntie Eunice. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Chris and his older sisters Victoria and Alloma were taken into a bedroom where they stood in a semi-circle as Eunice quizzed them on the missing treat. The damage is very real.’. Eventually, maybe after a week, Eunice handed out some food at a mealtime to me, as well as the other children. Whack. (Listed if other than Religion News Blog), This post was last updated: Friday, December 16, 2016 at 9:32 AM, Central European Time (CET), Religion News Blog is a service provided by, The term 'cult expert' is not protected. That is one reason why we can provide this service free of charge. That is my worst memory of being with Eunice Spry.' “It was the first time I’d felt real pain and I remember dropping to the floor straight away because the pain was shocking. I don’t think she was mad. [5] Victoria Spry published Tortured in April 2015. It was Victoria’s way of trying to survive the daily catalogue of horrors they suffered at the hands of Eunice Spry, who had adopted Victoria as a toddler, then fostered Christopher and his sister Alloma, only to systematically inflict a litany of abuse that is almost too horrific to comprehend. This punishment happened more times than I can remember. To my horror, Eunice thrust the wood into my mouth, past my new front teeth, until it hit the soft tissue at the back of my throat. I just said: “Something fell on my feet.” Young as I was, I knew somehow that I was not supposed to tell the truth about Eunice’s behaviour. I quickly settled in to my new routine, however, and I liked my new school and classmates. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Eunice had spotted an opportunity to inherit the farm and make herself a lot of money. ‘Victoria tried very hard to do what she could for the sake of other children. She seemed to have grown in size and was towering over me, her face white and taut with barely suppressed rage. I don’t know whether it was my outrage at all the previous punishments, or just growing older and more defiant, but I utterly refused to admit to something I hadn’t done. I didn’t like it at all. None of the children attended school, instead teaching themselves to read and write. Several curious events from that time stick in my mind. The car pulls up outside the imposing court building and I’m hastily shepherded inside. To this day I believe Jet was probably responsible, but Eunice refused to believe it, and set out with ruthless determination to pin the crime on somebody else. When the inspector came we’d be sitting at the table, writing, with clean hair and scrubbed faces. Many of the things that unfolded — some at Spry’s Gloucester home, some at a ramshackle farm in Eckington, Worcestershire, that she had inherited — are hard to believe and even harder to stomach. “Open your mouth,” said Eunice. In the early years, Victoria had intensive physiotherapy, went to college and worked as a nursery nurse. One of the most terrifying things about Eunice’s discipline was that it was never doled out in temper. I looked up at her mean, hard face. To delete it, please cancel your subscription first by selecting "Cancel/Unsubscribe" on the Manage Account or Subscription page. But I looked up at Eunice’s stern face and I knew I had to choose. It’s this confidence you project. For other inquiries, Contact Us. You are here: Home | Eunice Spry | How I survived being starved, beaten and tortured by my Jehovah Witness foster mother. “We’ve got a lot of scar tissue both inside and outside and for me some of that, in my mouth, turned cancerous recently and had to come out. Biden surpasses Obama’s 2008 popular-vote total (with asterisks). Click ok to take advantage of the offer! Eunice started to keep the curtains closed permanently, so no one could see in from the outside and, of course, we couldn’t see out. Eunice suddenly leant forward and tapped me sharply on the mouth. ‘It was all so bad, all of it,’ she recalled at the time. The rest of us were almost invariably in some sort of trouble, especially if we didn’t go to sleep when we were supposed to. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Their sporadic contact ceased altogether following a family dispute — although Christopher says that because of his social work contacts he was still able to ‘keep an eye’ on Victoria — and he recalls watching proudly from the audience in 2016 when she took part in a panel discussion helping to teach social workers to spot signs of abuse early. Her credentials seemed perfect. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; I retched hard, tasting the wood. Eunice pushed my face into the mess and rubbed it back and forth, round and round. I crawled over to her and she put her arms around me. My parents were Eunice’s victims, too. Finally, when Chris was 16, his older sister Victoria broke down at church and told the congregation about the house of horrors, and Eunice was arrested. She’ll be brought into court after you’ve arrived, so you really won’t see her face. She taught me to knit with needles and wool she’d brought specially, and before she left she invited us to her house for Sunday lunch. Anyone can use it regardless of ability, approach, or level of acceptance by recognized authorities in the field. She looks very determined, while I feel extremely wobbly. ONE year ago this month, evil foster mum Eunice Spry was sentenced to 14 years in prison for cruelty to the children in her care. “At that point we knew something had changed in our lives.”. Eunice gave a book to Charlotte and said mockingly: “Pass this to the Devil’s child next to you.” This, apparently, was me. Yet ultimately, she could not truly shake off the legacy of Eunice’s barbarism. Whack. “I’m sure, Alloma. She was absolutely convinced I had taken it. Eunice was glaring at me with her dead, grey eyes, her thin mouth clamped in a mask of disapproval. Victoria agreed and, three weeks later, finally plucked up the courage to go to the police. Meanwhile, John Drake’s health was deteriorating quite rapidly. You are eligible for your first month subscription at no charge. Thomas and I would visit my parents for an occasional weekend or evening, and Eunice’s house was now to be called “home”. She had triumphed. Next, I was being dragged unceremoniously out of the kitchen by my arm and into the living room, where I prepared myself for the usual beating. “It felt very wrong to put her through this, she’s my mum. At one point Chris and his sister Victoria were locked, naked, in a bedroom with bare floorboards and walls for a month.