back in Season 2. But Beverly’s persistence in plying him ego-flattering lines, like “Einstein was a visionary — you’ll be a god” and “together you’ll be unstoppable,” seemed to persuade him. SARAH is an artificial intelligence that runs Carter's house. Eureka (2006-2012) was a science fiction TV series, that aired on the Sci Fi Channel, about a remote town in the Pacific Northwest where the best minds in the U.S. are tucked away building futuristic inventions for the U.S. government's benefit. Charles was willing to let Adam Barlowe die, whereas Jack could not simply stand by and let that happen. Was it his altruistic motive to shut-down this dangerous project once and for all? During the same episode in an attempt to banish the hallucination, she finally returns Zane's ring, to which he asks her, "Why do you have my grandmother's ring?" Jo: Zane, let it go. The writers need to get them back together stat. But Zane doesn’t learn the lesson. They start dating after being forced to work together on a high school science project in Season 2. In the "Jack of All Trades" episode, Grace decides to take a sabbatical from Eureka, citing difficulty resuming her life outside "Matrix Eureka", and essentially leaves Henry as a result (his virtual counterpart attempted to kill her, which was the focal point of her adjustment difficulties), though the two remain married, and in regular contact with each other. I'm sure Jess will add you when she gets a chance. Later in Season 4 she infects Allison Blake with nanites so as to take control of her mind, and to enable Beverly (acting as Allison) to steal the GD main computer core. (This was the end of the first season, for those wondering.) At the end of his debut episode "E = MC...? In the series finale, she and Zane become engaged. New Forum Poll | Request a Forum | View New Forums Her death cannot be prevented, and Henry mourns her loss. He also does work in. She does not like Zane. Violation of the time-travel protocols is the least of our heroesproblems. Kevin does not appear again until season four, where he "accidentally" (although this is uncertain) activates the 2010 side of the bridge device. This is a chance to restore your legacy.” Interestingly, he responded, “Impossible. I love them. In the fourth season Zane seems to regress behavior-wise, presenting the same snarky, sarcastic "bad boy" attitude he displayed in "E=MC...?" Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka. It is mentioned that this program was in turn based on a war games simulator. Zane Donovan & Josephina Lupo Even though time travel changed the world, he still remembered her kiss. They subsequently 'renew their vows'. Is she truly done with Charles Grant? His character is a major part of the artifact story arc in season two. Cobb was the previous sheriff of Eureka. Here's a sneak peek: Warehouse 13 (Syfy) 9 p.m. - "The New Guy" Season-three premiere! Though a bit of a trouble maker, he is actually incredibly intelligent, having been accepted to MIT at 13, (only to be kicked out), Yale, Columbia, and other top schools, all around the age of 15. The audience knew that while Zane spent previous episodes claiming that he wasn't serious about Jo, but his actions went in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Zane pesters Jo about why their kiss didn't feel like a first kiss, and an accident of astronomical proportions takes Fargo and Zane on an unscheduled trip. Thank you for this thread! It was highly entertaining watching the episode unfold. He kisses her and then asks her why it didn't feel like a first kiss but Zoe walks in before Jo responds. Jo: Nothing. Zane and Jo's relationship is filled with ups and downs throughout the series, mainly due to Jo's doubts about her intelligence when compared to his, as well as his reluctance to commit, problems that slowly become irrelevant at the end of the third season and the first part of Season 4, episode 1, when he proposes to her. I'd take my picture with that Santa. Got past the DoD firewalls to inspect, Advanced Electronics (Hacked a TV Remote in order to connect to the Sheriff's Office Computer, in order to place internet purchases), Flying (Has flown advanced experimental aircraft in season 4), Robotics (Was going to take apart Martha, has modified a gun to evolve Bob Nobb back into fully human form), Astronomy, String Theory, and Theoretical Physics (He helped to stop the 'Big Bang Problem' in E=MC...?