I have heard that blue dye tests are bad for evap lines but usually only after the time limit as the dry. Pregnancy testing urine and serum. Why Should Early Pregnancy Tests Be Taken in the Morning? Due to this chemical makeup of urine that some women see evaporation line immediately after taking the test, while others see it after an hour or two. This is one of many reasons mothers choose to use a digital pregnancy test. You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Generally, at three to five minutes, you can interpret the test results. In some cases, they can however likewise develop a little bit of color. Some women may see an evaporation line after five minutes while for others, this line may appear in an hour or so. Are You Pregnant If the Test Shows a Positive Line After 10 Minutes? The best thing is to repeat your test if you get a faint positive result. What If Evaporation Line Shows Up in the Time Limit? A light line can be caused by a few things besides an evaporation line. This can include a diluted urine sample, meaning somehow the concentration of hCG wasn't high enough to give a full-blown positive. Health (London). Often, you test too early when your hCG levels are a little too low to show on the strip. With most home pregnancy testing products, the "reaction time" of the test is a minimum five minute interval to verify a negative result for pregnancy. The true meaning of an Evap sort of speaks for itself– it’s a Line that develops as the Urine vaporizes off of the HPT. However, women have a number of concerns about these pregnancy tests. It is most likely to be a positive result. This is also a great reason not to pull out a pregnancy test from the day before. The best thing is to repeat your test if you get a faint positive result. An evaporation line develops when the urine on the test area begins to dry, leaving a faint, Now, an evaporation line will not be confused with a, Breastfeeding: the trick to a comfy latch. The evaporation line is basically caused by reading a pregnancy test after the time limit advised by the manufacturer has passed. For the fastest help on, Hiya, I wouldn't have thought an evap line would have come up that quickly?? So you may take a pregnancy test and read it within the above time period as unfavorable. fingers crossed. You just can not ignore the faintest of lines you see on the test. Light Blue, Clearblue, Pink Lines as First Response. It is also possible for the second line to look like an indentation. Attention. If it is within the reaction time, even the faintest line might imply a positive result. If another line appears hours later, it is an evaporation line and not a pregnancy indicator. As the Urine dries, it can cause the antibody strip to appear somewhat more noticeable, and sometimes can in fact appear like an indentation on the test itself. Pregnancy Test Lines: Does It Matter If One Is Darker? It is generally possible to interpret a negative result within 3-5 minutes. If you see a faint line after 5-10 minutes of taking the test (according the test instruction), then it is an evaporation line and IS NOT an indication of pregnancy. These are lines that shows in the result window of the test. One of the most typical problems they deal with is concerning the evaporation line on pregnancy test. Just keep in mind that the line need to appear within the timeframe or response time mentioned on the test. 2020. If you’re strict on reading the test just within the timeframe per the producer– the test must still be wet and no Evap Lines will have had time to produce.