The court will issue the grant of probate to the next of kin if the named executor fails to apply or renounce. Court’s will refuse to remove an executor when good-faith is taken on behalf of the estate. The main duty of an Executor is to administer the estate and distribute the deceased’s assets as per the deceased’s Will. On As regards XXXXX XXXXX must be very serious in nature, leading to the Estate suffering as a result of the misconduct. If the executor is in possession of the original copy of the Will, a subpoena must be served on them telling them to hand it over within eight days. Failing to Follow the Terms of the Will. If after that you are still not satisfied with how the executor is performing their duties and you are a beneficiary or next of kin, you can apply to court to remove and substitute the executor. Executor misconduct in the UK takes a variety of forms; the most common examples are where the executor fails to remain neutral and acts for his or her benefit, and where an executor fails to account to the beneficiaries of an estate adequately. Executors can also be removed where they have failed to administer the estate with due diligence or have been guilty of undue delay. After this form is filled, it needs to be logged at a probate registry along with the will. What to do if you’re unhappy with an executor. Take advantage of a FIXED FEE half hour telephone assessment with Human Law for £60 inc VAT. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Executors have formal authority from the probate court to spend money from the estate and distribute assets. Can you challenge a Will if you feel that it is unfair? What happens if you feel an executor isn’t performing their role properly? My friend has died and I’m executor. Failing to provide each beneficiary with his or her entitlement as per the Will, not more, less or different – could lead to a claim by a disappointed beneficiary. If that is the case, you must first ask the executor to make an account of the estate’s administration. The Court is likely to consider the following examples of misconduct: Stealing from the Estate UK property worth £70k or more? Take away: Even if an executor, in good faith, attempts to sell a property within the estate, and it does not go as planned, a beneficiary can’t merely say they were acting in a non-fiduciary capacity. Once you have this, you should take a look at this in detail. Get your first 3 months of Saga Magazine for just £3 and enjoy access to Saga's membership programme, Possibilities. If the beneficiaries feel that the executor has been rude to them or does not provide them with sufficient information, then this is not enough for a court to remove an executor. Provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited. If the reason is misconduct, the court will only consider to remove an executor if the beneficiaries can provide proof that the misconduct is very serious in nature and the estate is suffering as a direct consequence of it. This process cannot be done in case the named executor has already started dealing with the estate. If you have been appointed as an executor on a person’s will and does not wish to act or cannot act, you have the choice of renouncing, which happens when all of the following are applicable: In order to renounce, you will have to fill in a document called form of renunciation – which can be bought in a specialist legal stationary retailers, such as Oyes – and signed by a disinterested witness. One of the most common examples of misconduct is failing to file the will with the probate court. To make this application, you will need to provide certain documentation. If the reason is misconduct, the court will only consider to remove an executor if the beneficiaries can provide proof that the misconduct is very serious in nature and the estate is suffering as a direct consequence of it. Executors sometimes think it is fine to ignore bequests they disagree with and distribute on what they believe the deceased would have wanted. e.g. Unsure whether your dispute could be settled through mediation or need employment/probate legal advice? The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. The proposed executor’s signed consent to act. A conflict of interest or some form of serious misconduct make the executor unsuitable to perform his duties. There are many discussions about whether an Executor of an estate has the power to sell specific properties, sell to themselves, etc., so in short, the Executor of a will cannot self-deal and sell the estate assets below market value. Missing filing deadlines and not taking advantage of exemptions  could result in additional costs to the estate. If the beneficiary is still dissatisfied with the executor’s explanation, they can apply to the court to remove and substitute the executor. Section 116 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 can be used to ‘pass over’ the executor if they haven’t yet been officially appointed. We deal with executor disputes on a nationwide basis. We are often consulted by beneficiaries who are in dispute with an executor or executors who are in dispute with a fellow executor. The High Court has a discretionary power to appoint a substitute personal representative. Eight days after the subpoena has been served, the next of kin can file a citation at court, which requires that the named executor accepts or refuses the grant of probate. If it is as a sense of duty they decide to go it alone then the obligation they feel is misplaced. The simplest example is failing to follow the instructions of the will. An Executor becomes unsuitable to perform his duties if there is either a conflict of interest or some form of serious misconduct. Comprehensive listings to compare funeral directors near you, A Guide To Woodland Burials & Green Funerals, You have been appointed as an executor and do not wish to act, You do not want to appoint someone else to apply for probate on your behalf, You have not started dealing with the deceased’s estate, fails to keep accurate accounting records, wastes or does not manage the estate properly. Question about your subscription? What are the things to look for which will lead a lawyer to think that legal action should be taken against the executor, be that an inventory and account(very easy) or removal of executor. Telephone: +44 (0) 1279 215580Fax: +44 (0) 20 8364 3414 Email: Failure To Pay Out -  - The executor has one year to distribute the estate(The Executors' year) and the failure to make the distribution within this time can be a big tell tell sign of executor misconduct and possibly fraud. If you have concerns, your first course of action should be to write to the executor and ask them to provide an account of the administration of the estate. Keeping all Beneficiaries “in the Loop”. Inexperience, lack of knowledge including various laws may end up costing the estate dearly. Doing it yourself can prove more costly in the long run. It is a good idea to appoint at least two executors, or a main executor and a substitute. Some executors fail to live up to the expected standards. Before dealing with that question, we should start by explaining that an executor is someone appointed under a will to administer a deceased person’s estate. Remind the executor of their legal duties and obligations and advise them of the consequences of failing to cooperate. See if equity release could be the option for you. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation.