All-wheel drive was available in the "i xDrive" and "d xDrive" models. The diesel models initially used the 4-cylinder N47 and 6-cylinder N57 turbocharged engines. [10] The 320i EfficientDynamics Edition and 316i were added in autumn of 2012. It is powered by the S55 twin-scroll-turbocharged straight-six engine. [2] A long-wheelbase sedan version (model code F35) was sold in China. [22], The F34 version was unveiled at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show in 2013. [49][50][51], The 330e features a four-cylinder petrol engine and an 66 kW (88 hp) electric motor. To make a link to "BMW 335 iA (F30) 306 hp - Specs & performance" in a forum, please use this code : Site contains technical data sheets about ~8830 cars (from 169 manufacturers) In each data sheet you'll find specifications and/or performance measures (up to 144 different) about the vehicle. Early in the car's life it became obvious that brake parts were going to be confusing for owners, mechanics, and even parts experts. Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds : Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) . [11], In the United States, the arrival of the four-cylinder models marked the first time a 3 Series was sold with a four-cylinder petrol engine, since the E36 318i of the late 1990s. [3], The exterior designer for the F30 sedan was Christopher Weil[4] and exterior designer for the F31 Touring was Michael de Bono. Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity : 306 PS or 302 bhp or 225 kW @ 5800-6000 rpm. The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series consists of the BMW F30 (sedan version), BMW F31 (wagon version, marketed as 'Touring') and BMW F34 (fastback version, marketed as 'Gran Turismo') compact executive cars. [47], The US EPA rated the 2013 ActiveHybrid 3 with a combined fuel economy of 28 mpg‑US (8.4 L/100 km), with 25 mpg‑US (9.4 L/100 km) in the city, and 33 mpg‑US (7.1 l/100 km) on the highway. BMW E92 3 Series Coupe 335i xDrive (2012), BMW F10 5 Series Sedan LCI M550d xDrive (2013), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan LCI 340i xDrive (2015), BMW F36 4 Series Gran Coupe 435i xDrive (2015), BMW F34 3 Series GT Gran Turismo 335i xDrive Aut. [9] Early models included the 328i and 335i and (post LCI) later models including the 330i and 340i. [24][25][26], A long-wheelbase sedan model having a designation of F35, was produced for the Chinese market. The first units were registered in Europe by late 2015 and North American sales began in 2016. Sedan (F30) The F30 sedan debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March 2012 and was the first of the sixth generation 3 Series models to go on sale. In March 2019, the BMW 3 Series (G20) was released as the successor to the F30. [49] The United States EPA rated the 2016 BMW 330e energy consumption in all-electric mode at 47 kWh per 100 miles, which translates into a combined city/highway fuel economy of 72 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPG-e) (3.3 L/100 km petrol equivalent). Sechste Generation des meistverkauften Premium-Fahrzeugs der Welt will Maßstäbe in Sachen Sportlichkeit, Eleganz und Komfort setzen",, "BMW model year update measures for March 2012", Introducing The All-New 6th Generation BMW 3 Series Sedan Dynamic, Efficient and Luxurious, "The exceptional: now within reach. 328d is the first four-cylinder diesel BMW to be sold in the United States. In the sedan models, the rear headroom, leg room and shoulder room increased compared with their E90 predecessors. The powertrain is rated at a total of 188 kW (252 hp) and 420 N⋅m (310 lb⋅ft) of torque. [69], Production of F30 generation began with the sedan body style on 28 October 2011. Although it features a rear hatchback, the 3 Series GT is not considered a successor to the 1993–2004 3 Series Compact 3-door hatchbacks. For the sixth generation, the coupé and convertible models were spun off to create the new BMW 4 Series nameplate. [1] The F30 also marked the 3 Series' first use of a three-cylinder engine in its 2015 facelift. The vehicle was produced in BMW's Shenyang production plant, and has chrome trim on the doors to distinguish it from the regular F30 sedans. The 2012+ F30 335i has 5 factory brake options: standard brakes, an M Sport trim package, two different M Sport upgrade options, and an M Performance accessory retrofit. F30 335i Brake Differences - stock, M Sport, and M Performance. The 320i EfficientDynamics Edition and 316i were added in autumn of 2012. [37] For the 2016 facelift (LCI), the engines were updated to the 3-cylinder B38, the 4-cylinder B48 and the 6-cylinder B58. Other engine technical informationTorque motor reserve ˜ 12 %Specific power ˜ 0.5 kW/cm²Total bore area ˜ 332.5 cm²Brake mean effective pressure ˜ 16.9 barsMean effective pressure ˜ 16.3 barsMean piston speed ˜ 17.9 m/sEngine optimisation rating ˜ 72 %, Longitudinal Front Engine : 6 cylinders in line 2979 cm³ 24 valves direct injection TurbochargerPower : 306 PS (225 kW / 302 bhp) from 5800 at 6000 rpm (Max RPM 7000 rpm)BMW 335 iA (F30) 306 PS -> : 400 Nm (40.8 mkg / 295 lb-ft) from 1200 to 5000 rpm (~ 68 to 285 PS)Ratios : 103 PS/L (76 kW/L) - 134 Nm/L, 63 results returned from 5 Sources : Action Auto Moto, Auto Bild, Auto Zeitung, Road & Track, Sport Auto, Send a link to the Data Sheet BMW 335 iA (F30) 306 PS to a friend. This extra length is partly facilitated by the 110 mm (4.3 in) longer wheelbase shared with the F35 long wheelbase sedan models.