Multiple broadcasts of the same item or fluid are additive: If there are two connected Storage Tanks with 1000 Crude Oil each, the value of the Crude Oil channel within the network will be 2000. Improvements to circuit network connection, one can connect multiple wires of the same color to the same entity. For example, 3 chests A, B and C connected in a row (A -> B -> C) with green wire will output the sum of their contents along any green wire connected to any of the chests. Added additional operators to the Decider Combinator and Circuit Conditions. However, if a red wire connects chest A to an inserter, that inserter will only be given the contents of A as its input signal. Also every time you connect both red and green wires to an entity, their signals are summed inside the entity and this sum is considered the "input". For example, a Storage Tank containing 1000 Crude Oil will broadcast 1000 on the Crude Oil channel. You can use the T = 1 signal to trigger other circuits. For this setup, we need the inventory to be a negative value. Here is decider combinator with a connection running to the Signal Receiver AND to the Cargo Rocket Silo. B. The right path PREVENTS items from being loaded by subtracting one million from all signals, however, if there is NO signal for an item, like if your outpost had run completely out of iron plates, the iron plate signal would be null and get pastmy method of filtering. Set the roboport to read logistic contents AND robot statistics. Up to 25 times less CPU usage and 10% less memory usage. In addition, it can handle the Everything and Anything signals, and performs more complex functions than summing when attached to multiple networks. I have to go hunting (for example to the constant combinator that defines L or the accumulator that defines A). One of those combinators is shown in the picture on the right; if there's a green check then pass the threshold signal along, allowing items to be requested and loaded like normal. In the example image, the decider combinator in between is an on/off switch, I'll go over that in the next section. All unused channels have the value zero. One can copy paste circuit network conditions between the. B. Before I succumb to space madness, I wanted to transmit what I've learned about automating rocket loading. This will be the source of all inventory for the planet. Significantly improved circuit network performance. In practice there were a lot of extra protections I had to implement to get accurate filling of a cargo rocket. A. All chests can send their contents to the circuit network. To connect wires or cables to a power pole, simply click on one entity, then on the base of the power pole. All mining drills can send the expected resources, either from the drill itself or from the whole ore patch the drill is on. If you mouse over these chests you will see a negative signal for all the items. Rail chain signals can send their state to the circuit network. When used in both the input and output, it makes a combinator perform its action on each input signal individually. This timer uses one decider and one Constant Combinator. You have 4 oil extraction outposts. For example: Rate, comment, or suggest better names for the combinators at the forums. If there is no rocket among the inventory signal, it will go down the right path. Receiving devices sum all signals from each wire connected to them, even red and green wires. The logistic network used by logistic robots is essentially a third network (a wireless one), along with the green and red wired networks. Going into this I had never used combinators, so the solution took hours, but it really leveled up my knowledge. Here is decider combinator with a connection running to the Signal Receiver AND to the Cargo Rocket Silo. Your orbital base or remote planet sends a signal containing all logistic inventory. The decider outputs 1 when condition is true, 0 otherwise, and arithmetic outputs signal * output of decider. be set to launch with full cargo, A dedicated cargo silo per outpost is required. The lamp can be enabled on a condition. Multiple wires of the same color will share & sum their signals. Each can only be used in left input side and output of decider and arithmetic combinators. The post is very fresh: Albert worked overnight to bring you the awesome combinator graphics and I integrated them in the game just minutes ago. You will need to set the receiver building to the right channel the connect it to the decider combinator shown. Transport belts can send their content to the circuit network. D. The constant combinator shown here is where I set 'demand' for items, or thresholds (more on this in this next section). The rest of the chests don't have a positive iron signal, so they won't request any. When entering a number in a combinator it can appear to exceed the 32 bit limit until the GUI is closed, at which point the number will overflow/underflow. B. The Decider's input logic is "raw fish < green science pack". Here are some entities that are planned to be connectible to the Circuit Network: The circuit network has been modified a bit. I love it. The signal can only be used as an output when also used as an input. Now we finally set up our item thresholds! This means that the everything signal behaves as universal quantification. If red and green wires happen to touch the same power pole or device, the red and green networks will remain separate and will not link up. Here's the finished product and a BP string: --- Even when I click on it, it does not give me the input or output values. This can result in feedback if care is not taken; see Feedback (under arithmetic combinator, below) for discussion. The silo connection accomplishes two things; it adds the cargo silo inventory to the signal, so that it is no longer counted as demand, and the silo sends a "rocket complete" signal when the rocket is built. Now we're getting complicated! Anything can be used on the left side of conditions. They manipulate the signals on the Circuit Network. Keeping that in mind, this is how the logic operations are implemented: One neat thing we can do is connect the output to the input. The numbers wrap around on overflow, so e.g. Modify the signal type for the available bots to match the bot type. For example, if an inserter is connected to a red wire carrying a signal for 20 copper plates and a green wire with 10 copper plates, the input signal set for that receiver will be 30 copper plates. You will need to set each chest to "set filters" based on signals. Train stations can send the contents of the circuit network to the train to use it for wait conditions, as well as enable/disable the stop itself. The condition will be true when the condition is true for at least one signal. In this example I use raw fish and green science packs as my items. If the power signal is greater than zero, pass everything. It may not be obvious at first, but these combinators can really do cool things, especially after many more entities become connectible to the Circuit Network. It can output the current oil mining rate. (I think). Did someone order 8 extra nuclear reactors, with a side of 200 heat pipes? Comprehensive and detailed. Important thing to note, you need to use the same color wire AND channel at the receiving end, to get the signal, so just be consistent anytime you build these. I plan to detail every step in the hopes you can make it yourself. The decider combinator functions much like an arithmetic combinator, but is designed to compare values. I learned a lot from your design. In terms of connecting, feedback, and the Each signal it functions as specified above. Train stations can send the contents of a stopped train to the circuit network as well as read a unique train identifier code. The constant combinator sets the number of items I want in the chest as a negative value. If a rocket signal is detected the signal goes down the left path. Use different colored cables to separate networks in close proximity. The information on the network is just a list of items and their count. C. On the accumulator, set the signal type to anything easily remembered. It can send its charge level in percent to the circuit network. C. The on/off switch. - The right path is designed to ensure NO item is requested. It only passes signals 0 or greater. I'd love to see what layout you go with. Power switches can connect power networks on a condition. This will take some time; I send about 40 different items to start up a new mining outpost, so I have to use at least 3 combinators. This way, we can make a timer. Positive signals are sent to requester chests, which automatically request those items and then load them into the cargo rocket, Rocket can (and should!) Rail signals can be set to red on a condition. This is connected only to the RIGHT path shown above in step C, and using RED wire so that it does not chain the signal to the left path. This extra signal is to ensure there is SOME value for all of these items, so that the filtering can occur.