Optional aero and brake packages available. Subaru WRX Price Advice- If you're on a time constraint or a strict budget, don't go for a cheap donor. I … Just curious if you've had success with something like that. But like we said, having past experience driving a lowered car is a plus. Personally, I think the more important thing to consider is getting the best condition unmodified car you can find and don't really care if it's a sedan/wagon, a 2003, or a 2007. ... (Plus Air Conditioning and Defrost, Too!) Some would see this as a problem for a daily driver. The only slight drawbacks to the drivability of the car are the controls themselves. I use things like Blogger, Disqus, and Feedburner to help enhance the site. Two wheels or four, I'm all in. Also, the ride quality is actually quite good: not too harsh, but it’s sporty. It was already designed for stellar performance on and off the track with a bargain price tag of around $15K, but the newest DIY model can go topless among other things while still sliding under the $20K mark. Pricing has not been released for the upgrade kit for earlier models or for the individual parts, but it’s likely just as reasonable as the rest. We expect that won’t deter would-be purchasers too much, however, since there’s such an appeal to this kit car’s convertible nature. | Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. It actually had a very similar drivetrain layout to an 818. This is how I create all my "updates". This website is the build documentation for my Factory Five Racing 818 Coupe. Track-only builds can probably get away without doing this. Hi everyone! Pipe Trick for Axle CV- Google this for a video. Road noise is what you would expect from a permanent roadster. This spot is usually checked with a quick turn of the head, but when you do that in the 818, all you catch is a fleeting glimpse of the right hump on the rear deck. You will want a selection of sanding bits, cutting wheels, metal carving bits, and maybe a grinding bit. So if you're also an 818 builder looking for some tips maybe this page can help you out. The reason why I created a build website over a very thorough and up-to-date build thread is that this platform allows me to present the information however I would like and be free from forum interface restrictions. However, in the context of the 818 most of this stuff has less of an effect on the build than getting a car in good condition. Ford’s 310 HP 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine is standard in the Ford Mustang, and we got one of the first aftermarket engines to drop into our newest Factory Five 818 Coupe.