The Priority List is made up of two broad groups: Projects are infrastructure solutions to a defined problem or opportunity for which a full business case has been completed by the proponent and positively evaluated by Infrastructure Australia. It’s about giving Australians the services they are paying for through their taxes, but also driving economic growth that will benefit their children and grandchildren. Read the September 2020 issue of INTHEBLACK magazine. The casualty crash rate of 4.3 per kilometre per year is more than quadruple the state average of 0.9,” Ms Madew said. It is already 67% sealed. “The Nowra Bridge Project involves the construction of a new four-lane bridge immediately to the west of the two existing bridges. “When you’re investing dollars in public benefit, there needs to be public good delivered as well as economic benefits,” says Ainsley Simpson, the ISCA’s CEO. That’s why it is critical governments ensure that they respond to population growth with commensurate infrastructure investment or risk real damage to our quality of life. Ms Madew said that IA’s assessment of the Nowra Bridge Project’s business case found it to be a sound project that would support expected increases in local, regional and tourist traffic, and allow for more efficient movement of freight on the Princes Highway, the main north–south link between Sydney and southern NSW. New Zealand has also been proactive in leveraging infrastructure projects. A shutdown of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel for maintenance works normally sends congestion-weary motorists into a spin. Ms Madew said the addition of Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3A and three sections of the Bruce Highway upgrade means IA now has over $6 billion worth of nationally-significant projects for Queensland on the Infrastructure Priority List. Instead, oversized vehicles have to use the northbound bridge with police escort, which closes access for northbound traffic and adds to congestion along the corridor. Among the projects to gain the support of the nation’s independent infrastructure advisor was the NSW Government’s proposal to construct a new four-lane bridge on the Princes Highway over the Shoalhaven River at Nowra. Infrastructure Australia is currently developing the 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, which is due for release early next year. Players have to make sure their civilisations have the infrastructure necessary to sustain development. Three experts discuss if higher taxes are the best way forward, covering productivity, jobs and business growth, government policy and more. After the COVID-19 pandemic initially caused some infrastructure projects to stall, Azlan says Malaysian authorities stepped in to give the green light for projects to proceed under strict safety rules. However, EY Oceania’s chief economist Jo Masters thinks such projects are crucial for long-term economic growth in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and other markets in the aftermath of a crisis. The Infrastructure Priority List also recognised the strategic importance of the Bruce Highway, highlighting its progressive upgrade as a Priority Initiative due to its role in the National Land Transport Network and as the primary road transport route on the east coast of Queensland. “[And] our significant state-wide roads investment of more than A$23 billion will also help drive our COVID-19 recovery, including upgrades to the Bruce Highway and the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.”. In Queensland, Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick says infrastructure investment is one of the key pillars of the state’s economic recovery plan. Masson says governments should still take an evidence-based approach to policymaking and apply a framework to ensure they maximise the value and impact of their investments. The business landscape has undergone irrevocable change recently, but there are plenty of lessons we can learn from previous global shocks - and those businesses that thrived regardless. The outcomes of this under-investment are manifest across our big cities, most notably with traffic congestion. Features of this site require JavaScript to function. In the same period, the national population, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, increased by 1.5 million, or 6.5 per cent. Preference should be given to awarding contracts to local trades business, the submission says. “Examples of such steps include mode shift and traffic management strategies which highlight the fact that light rail will be more reliable and comfortable for passengers than the existing bus services.”. High speed rail down the east coast would completely transform the economies of the regional cities along its route, as it has done in Europe. Big or small, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) wants the rulebook to be run over any potential projects. In 2016, NBN Co. said it was on target for $49 billion, but by late 2018, the estimated final cost was $51 billion. Welcoming additional infrastructure spending, the authors suggest the government must maintain public sector investment as it contributes to productive capacity through more efficient labour and cheaper energy while providing an unemployment buffer in the short term. All rights reserved. “Proactive steps taken by the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast are needed to encourage people to use Stage 3A of the Gold Coast Light Rail, which runs through a less densely populated and has fewer activity centres than Stage 1 and Stage 2. I strongly recommend that you build and COMPLETE the sealing of the following: 1. Prefer to listen to this story? Bruce Highway – Cooroy to Curra Section D: Woondum to Curra is the final stage of a four-stage program of works to modernise a 62km stretch of the Bruce Highway between Cooroy and Curra. These actions were aimed at promoting a relatively fast rebound from the pandemic. Engineers Australia CEO Dr Bronwyn Evans says projects already in the planning phase or under way should be the priority if a short-term stimulus is the aim. A popular genre of computer game allows players to design and create civilisations from the ground up. However, safety on the interchange is a key challenge, with 255 crashes occurring at this interchange or on connector roads in the decade to 2017. The design and construction of bitumen sealed Outback Way(Winton Qld to Laverton WA )within the next 2years (it has been promised since1997, now more than 20 years. By increasing capacity and improving traffic flows, the project would reduce travel times and congestion on the Princes Highway, reduce crash rates and provide southbound access for large freight vehicles.”.