Archived. The captain's real identity is that of a frumentarius (codename Picus) planted several years ago by Caesar's Legion to spy on and sabotage the NCR Army. He can't know that you know that.You were totally right. Offer him your help. But maybe it's good you're here. All I can do is accept the ride to the strip or walk back down the steps. If the lights are on, he is already there. If a previous save is reloaded before defusing the monorail bomb and letting the monorail blow up, one get the dialogue option to complete the quest. 31. I Put a Spell on You is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Camp McCarran has been compromised, and an agent is feeding information to Caesar's Legion about NCR troop movements. Eventually I just let it blow up. set "000e790f".breportedcurtisoutcome to 0. Even though Curtis is a Legion spy, he will be hostile towards the Courier if they are Vilified with the NCR and see through any NCR disguise like a normal NCR ranger. If the player character kills Colonel James Hsu while working for Caesar's Legion, a dismayed and furious Curtis says that the Courier has set him back years in his work as a spy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They change the guard there at 0900 and 1800 hours. It is to the right and behind the right stairs leading up to the second floor. The first option, telling him about the evidence, will reward 100 caps, as will the second option using speech (both are repeatable due to a bug.) Hsu knows about the leaks, and I'm supposed to find the spy for him. PC users can alter this by typing, If the NCR has branded the player character a terrorist for working with Caesar, Captain Curtis will attack on sight, even if one is dressed as a member of the NCR. After this, it will be revealed that there is a bomb on the train, the explosion of which cannot be prevented. There should not be a problem collecting the reward and XP from Hsu despite the hostile guards outside. If one kills him without confronting him, Colonel Hsu will become hostile upon reporting Curtis' death to him without giving the option for dialogue. I know this is an extremely glitchy quest,to a point where for most people its almost impossible to finish because of the bugs.My issue is whenever I head into the tower,The Captain never shows up!Yes,before anyone asks I did wait at the right time but he never shows up.On top of that why in world are there Great Khans in the base?Soon after I decided to fast travel back to Camp McCarran … Bug #1. PATCHED. Once you've got adequate information, visit the control tower between midnight and 1:40 a.m. Sometimes if one has talked to the Securitrons on the strip after the monorail blows up, they may say something like "The monorail leading from camp McCarran has been destroyed. Return to Hsu, who will reward the player character with some caps and a reputation boost. It is possible to talk to the auto recording just above the door of the monorail by standing on the seats, although the only thing one can say is goodbye. He makes plans to disappear from Camp McCarran and tells the Courier that they cannot be seen together again, and will thereafter not engage in dialogue. The quest tells the player character to leave the monorail and watch it depart. Panoptes91 posted...To solve the problems I had with that quest, I had to stay hidden (I mean, with the [HIDDEN] indicator on screen) while listening to Curtis talking with the radio, then go as fast as I could to the train, enter from the left point of the door (if I tried from the front or right, it was like an invisible wall) and hurry to disarm the bomb.I was [HIDDEN] before walking inside and stayed [HIDDEN] for the few minutes I waited at the bottom of the steps. This will likely complete the quest and leave the monorail intact. If one does not want the monorail to blow up on Xbox, avoid the event trigger. Given by: Colonel James Hsu [The Camp McCarran Terminal building] (M25A:2). However, one can also wait until around 2:50 a.m. and enter the building, he will already be in the tower talking on the radio. Investigate the late-night break-ins at the Camp McCarran control tower. The problem is, I don't have any saves prior to talking to Curtis the second time lol. Pick up the explosives and bomb ingredients in the trash can by the ticketing counter at the Camp McCarran terminal building. If the player character's reputation is high enough they can just walk past the soldiers. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? set "000e790f".breportedcurtisoutcome to 0 Also, after completion, the evidence planted in. If one has killed the spy without eavesdropping on him, and after defusing the bomb on the monorail, but one is not given the dialogue option to complete the quest. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Codes in hand, I return to Hsu. If one gets stuck at waiting for Captain Curtis to send his radio message at the McCarran Control Tower. Go offer your services to Colonel Hsu. Now enter the monorail, turn left, and there is a vent at the end which one can activate to plant the Explosive Charge. (If one does not see him head into the tower, go into the tower at 2 A.M. and he should be heard in a conversation over the radio.). List of tribes assimilated by Caesar's Legion, Did you do that as well? Go and talk to Captain Curtis - he can be found on the first floor in his office, just behind the escalator (M25A:3).Ask him what he knows about the situation. Contreras will refer the player character to Boyd but Sterling will provide valuable information about the spy. Curtis recognizes that without someone else to blame, the NCR will sooner or later figure out it was him. I only talk to Captain Curtis over at McCarran. Usually takes four, but I made sure there was an early vacancy. Is there more than one way to get onto the monorail? Follow the map marker to Crenshaw, who can be killed in a special way through dialogue (requires a 40 Sneak skill check.) The third option does not provide anything. How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters? Go to the monorail. This will render the quest impossible to complete. Alternately, if the Courier has killed Private Davey Crenshaw prior to working with Curtis to bomb the monorail, Curtis is unable to find a proper scapegoat once the bombing happens. If you don't count the one that made Shivering Isles cannibalize itself.". This can be repeated. The bomb is located inside the train car, at the air vent, next to the inside door. The problem is that the conversation over the radio isn't taking place.Thanks for the replies, btw... My apologies, Garrett9323, I misunderstood your post! Report Colonel Hsu's refusal to Captain Curtis. If you don't take everything, you won't be able to frame. The garbage can, with items to frame Private Crenshaw, cannot be interacted with until one is up to that point in the mission.