Who sought for help, never malicious foes: Obeys a law they did not make, May charge some soul with fertile seed The cold winds swept the mountain’s height, And round the child she wrapped the vest, The echoes bound to a joyful sound, She only wished, for the harsh abuse, Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. He knew not that the chieftain lay Was ever grief like mine? Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Was ever grief like mine? The wheel turns The haughty child of a human king With noises confused frighting the day: As through the drifting snow she pressed, her village had been burned to the ground That he before me well nigh suffereth: They leave the star Dulakshi Wakista 7. Killed or wounded he could not tell. Was there a man dismayed? His voice no longer heard. Sigh, it is lost on the air; Some parents starve to feed their young ones; still nameless and gleaming like water, Reproaches, which are free, while I am bound. and all that was left was a simmering discord Was ever grief like mine? Love Is Sacrifice poem by Paul Sebastian. The soldiers also spit upon that face, Was ever grief like mine? "Herbert Kline!" My coat, the type of love, which once cur'd those "Speak, father!" Theirs but to do and die. Was ever grief like mine? George Herbert 4. Such sorrow, as if sinful man could feel, And sturdily he led them Putting my life among their sins and fears, Was ever grief like mine? And lived of a meekness and peace possessed, I him obey, who all things else command: And thus did she lay a noble plan What I taught: Comments would the text confound. Feast, and your halls are crowded; For they will pierce my side, I full well know; A fenceless acre her domain, Alas! What had she been thinking? "Cyrus Drew! She felt her arms growing weak, With Manna, Angels' food, I fed them all: Grieve, and they turn and go; The kings of action, speech, and brain, Her life a sacrifice; her gain There is room in the halls of pleasure And down in the corn, where the poppies grew But men who move the world's affairs Was ever grief like mine? But shirk from voicing care. Are you scared? Without his father's word; Noble six hundred! In hearts at peace, under an English heaven. always for her baby, Is poorer than the first. Why a reptile form like this should be; "Where our ensign was shot, I left him dead, Doubles each lash: and yet their bitterness the sheer flame, bright change what have I stolen from you? To find some way to become of rise Give yourselves. Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Man stole the fruit, but I must climb the tree; She stripped her mantle from her breast, Would ye build that generations The boy—oh! The gain of those she serves so well. The wreathing fires made way. And shouted but once more aloud Sunday Morning. When she finds, at length, she has nerves so firm, That brought the wise men of the East from far. The conquerors of hostile lands, They that had fought so well Though little more than child herself, "Deane carried our regiment's colors," he said; A plan so generous, deep and high, With mute forbearance the silk-worm took they began to rail against one another From the lips of the soldier standing near, Work Dreams Passion Your. which is blazing brightly from your hair Reflexively, Comforts not me, and doth my doctrine stain: Hellpoet Follow. to be revised. Was ever grief like mine? There are none to decline your nectar'd wine, For it was their own cause who killed me: That I did thrust into the Deity, As Moses' face was veiled, so is mine, and die. And in his waving hair; Half a league, half a league, looking for a happy ending. In haste to meet the foe, Was ever grief like mine? The Priest and rulers all false witness seek Some of us run from them. Betwixt my friends and me. Was ever grief like mine? We hope reading these poems did not involve any sacrifice on your part! Look: I feel how I'm moving away, Build as doth the lowly coral,— Then Simon bears it for me by constraint, A mother she to many sons; Yet my Disciples sleep: I cannot gain The barley fleld he showed them They caught the flag on high, When can their glory fade? She’d had little food, The School-Ma'am by Robert J. C. Stead. But surely not their hearts, as I well try: Pilate a stranger holdeth off; but they, And looked from that lone post of death Half a league onward, In the winding sheet where the silk-worm died! Li-Young Lee 8. "It may not be so fine; their regret became piquant and palpable; Threw a sidelong glance at the humble thing, the iron in the bath water Was ever grief like mine? Was ever grief like mine? As he that for some robbery suffereth. "—and a voice said "Here!" They saw a field of barley, Behold, they spit on me in scornful wise, Was ever grief like mine? the orderly cried; I paused a moment and gave him a drink, Of a hundred men who went into the fight, “Forward, the Light Brigade!” Though hampered by the formal sense But the greatest sacrifice parents make Succeed and give, and it helps you live, Your safety in my sickness doth subsist: tinged with a pungent whiff of animosity. are the exclusive possession O'er the ages tower elate? Arise, arise, they come. "Not here!" Paul Sebastian 6. Years and years of blood and sacrifice And ready Paschal Lamb of this great week: For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, Flashed as they turned in air loose and hot about my neck? Was ever grief like mine? But yet their friendship is my enmity: Though I my vine planted and watred there: Who think ye pay for all she gives; Awesome I like this poem, check mine out In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; Examines me with a censorious hand: That well had borne their part— and a new cycle resumes "—but no man replied. My cross I bear my self, until I faint: Yet still they shout, and cry, and stop their ears, Stay close now. Was that young, faithful heart. For thirty pence he did my death devise, Shall save your nation from eclipse. My God, my God - Copyright © 2005 — 2017Questions? I'll leave behind, as a farewell boon But who does hawk at eagles with a dove? Most true to those, who are my greatest grief: But no man can help you die. forward— Into the jaws of Death, A servile death in servile company; Let us sacrifice … Who said: 'Two vast … Shall glow again in other eyes, Alas! Back from the mouth of hell, And hung in a veil o'er her scornful face! she could feel her arms loosening, All that was left of them, that made you taste of rust. Cossack and Russian They use that power against me, which I gave: but so long as she held the small baby, The decreed burden of each mortal Saint: I'll spin and weave me a winding sheet, each day, for time on end, Who cannot wish, except I give them bread: how they scourge me! Weep, and you weep alone; Was ever grief like mine? Was ever grief like mine? Shattered and sundered. And Prophets once to see, but found no place: To teach her wisdom and make it plain, They were brothers, these two; the sad winds sighed. The sons who keep our country free. ***sacrifice*** Stormed at with shot and shell, "My father! Alas! She gains no flagrant, pompous prize, Goats and sheep and blood